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Low Price Guarantee
Low Price Guarantee

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Apple Survey Results

After Bob's Watches pulled 819 customers and the results may be astonishing. Over 66% of our customers said that they won't buy the Apple Watch. Here are some of their comments.

Comment: like Swiss watches
Comment: Obsolete in 6 months
Comment: battery life and slow charging, privacy
Comment: Way too cute for me.
Comment: it will like all my desk all the time with me.i can do company thongs on it.
Comment: There's no human value in it. It wasn't made by hand.
Comment: just a short term dimic
Comment: like to try it
Comment: not extra money
Comment: yes
Comment: Not an iPhone user
Comment: Watch is fine jewelry a work of art not a toy
Comment: I feel connected enough with my phone, and sometimes that's too connected. I don't iFeatures strapped to my body, thank you.   Also, I am looking for a wonderful Cartier Tank Solo or Large Divan, if you ever happen to get any in stock, please advise.
Comment: Prefer mechanical watch, separate from technology
Comment: I am satisfied with my Rolex. I'd sooner purchase a watch from another prestigious watch maker.
Comment: current trends
Comment: not pretty
Comment: to try it out
Comment: not interested
Comment: I am an Android user
Comment: poor battery life
Comment: I love apple
Comment: To see what the fuss is all about
Comment: because
Comment: I love apple products
Comment: I am an iPhone user so will compliment my phone. Plus it could be a good alternative for daily wear as I want to use my Daytona more sporadically.
Comment: Something new
Comment: watches should be status statment rather than a hip,multi functional.
Comment: To be able to check personally its reliability and durability
Comment: To be able to check personally its reliability and durability
Comment: Just for the fun of it.
Comment: Looks ok
Comment: I would rather have a Rolex.
Comment: I only wear a Rolex watch
Comment: lke my other watches tio much.
Comment: luddite-wanna be
Comment: Curiousity
Comment: I wear a watch to tell the time and for the style
Comment: I would like to know how it interacts with my iPhone ans if it was something I would use on a daily basis. I will be glad to wear one for you guys and write a more in depth review about it.
Comment: I like the quality and statement of a vintage Swiss watch. I also wear a new blancpain for the unique look. I don't want to wear what everyone else has.
Comment: No reason
Comment: Functions, music, sport, calories count,...
Comment: I would wear iwatch for work and rolex for fun
Comment: not interested
Comment: Not convenient usage
Comment: I like IT, and i'm a tech freak. But my vintage Rolex Is something else. And a great contrast against all modern technology I use today.
Comment: too easy to break i work in construction wont work for me
Comment: I like to have diffrent collection
Comment: It sucks and is ugly.
Comment: Dont want a digital watch - want an automatic
Comment: junk
Comment: I wear an Omega that I love and wish to add a specific Rolex to my collection.
Comment: not mechanical
Comment: Add on for me, for a women a must when IPhone in purse.
Comment: I like wearing a high end watch, plus I own a fitbit
Comment: Apple always finds a way to integrate technology into a user friendly device.
Comment: The compatibility with other Apple products
Comment: Like the classics.
Comment: rather use a real watch, but eventualy , for the sake of my curiosity would use a iwatch or any other incoming tecnplogy
Comment: do not know enough about it.
Comment: Prefer mechanical watch
Comment: cost
Comment: it's dependent upon current iphone 6 purchase/use.
Comment: When you have a Rolex...nothinbg else compares
Comment: why would I
Comment: Does not fit my style
Comment: Love my Rolex
Comment: I don't find it interesting. No more radioactive products on my body
Comment: I am happy with whlat I have now
Comment: I like my iPhone
Comment: I wear a rolex.
Comment: I need to see it first.
Comment: Like tech
Comment: I prefer vintage mechincal watches
Comment: I have a iPhone and iPads
Comment: Big apple fan and it will sync with my existing apple hardware
Comment: it's a fad
Comment: not a timepiece
Comment: Don't need the extras
Comment: Yes, I would but keep it for casual day occassions
Comment: Access phone apps from the wrist.
Comment: If price was right
Comment: Its a fad and young people would like it for a change.
Comment: I like classic watches. I don't need any more digital stuff in my life.
Comment: It's more options easy to read day and night
Comment: Techno just to be techno. Adds nothing to why I wear a watch.
Comment: I dislike Apple
Comment: I like Apple stuff
Comment: I'm perfectly satisfied with my Rolex
Comment: I carry a personal phone and work phone, perhaps convenient.
Comment: Well, it's gonna be like the iPhone - A newer and better Apple Watch will be out each year. They won't keep their value.
Comment: I prefer a high end watch and like a more traditional style.
Comment: I like a traditional watch that is not linked to my phone
Comment: iWatch is cool. Rolex has its own charm and I love it.
Comment: It is not attractive
Comment: A gift for my wife
Comment: maybe just to try it out but I might not cause then i cannot wear my own watch
Comment: possibly, extra function, easy to see messages
Comment: they are jota watch maker
Comment: Something new
Comment: I started wearing a Android Smart Watch...and 9 times out of 10 I do not need to get my phone out when I get a communication or appt, etc. It is right there to see on my watch with very minimal intrusion.
Comment: Too techy for me, I carry a burner phone under protest. I iWatch or Smart Watch craze is similar to the digital craze of the 70's in my opinion. I am, by my own admission a bit of a luddite.
Comment: I like real watches, if you want a whatch with class you will never wear an iwatch
Comment: I don't like the syle
Comment: I like to buy new watches
Comment: Having Parkinson's, I will have it for the health apps.
Comment: not interested. just a phone accessory not a legit watch.
Comment: Hate digital
Comment: I like mechanical watches. I also see it as trendy as opposed to stylish.
Comment: no use for its purpose
Comment: Only wear mechanical watches
Comment: Stylish and new
Comment: same reason I didn't but the Samsung one, fad but not necessary
Comment: Don't know enough
Comment: I have a phone to tell time.
Comment: I like normal watches
Comment: Only interested in mechanical watches
Comment: yes to have all the fuctions/ apps on my wrist, no because I want to wear an analog watch
Comment: No point .. Invasive and for younger people that love social media we talk to each other
Comment: no age,Tacky,No class,No history,No craftsmanship
Comment: like my rolex
Comment: i need to see the hands
Comment: Gimmicky
Comment: like swiss watches
Comment: piece of crap
Comment: Cool, but i bought the nodate sub for a reason
Comment: Tech geek and Apple fan. Appreciate great engineering like all good watches.
Comment: uncertain
Comment: For every day use, since we are depending on our iphone
Comment: Because I have 1/2 million$ in Apple stock , also love all apple products and own most of them.
Comment: cheap
Comment: new toy
Comment: I am more a Omega man
Comment: Trying new trends
Comment: Add a smart watch to my collection.
Comment: I love my watches
Comment: Looks (compared to an actual watch). Will quickly be obsolete. I have no passion for electronic gadgets. Don't see the value in what it can do
Comment: For casual wear
Comment: It will be worth buying and useful.
Comment: Because I personally like apple products and have be waiting.
Comment: To get rid of my phone.
Comment: apple only produces overpriced items taht are inferior to competitors'
Comment: I just couldnt see my seld wearing anything else but my yellow gold president
Comment: I like high end watches
Comment: Looks like a nice watch
Comment: not a mechanical watch
Comment: I don't like watches. They inhibit movement for ne
Comment: Let's see what is does. Rolex makes me look older
Comment: I don,t like it.
Comment: It's not expensive enough for my taste
Comment: For Communications purposes but I would continue to wear my proper watch
Comment: Big Apple fan, appreciate the connectivity
Comment: Not my style
Comment: Just to try
Comment: I love to wear it will help me track daily activities
Comment: I don't own an iPhone.Would not enjoy it.
Comment: I like watches. I like technology. It will be groundbreaking. It will not impact my love of beautiful automatic watches though.
Comment: Love different watches
Comment: My IPhone and IPad is Enough
Comment: android phone user
Comment: Prefer traditional watches or ruggedized dive/field watches
Comment: Lacks style, class
Comment: I have over 8 watches
Comment: I do not like the looks of it. I think it will be a short lived fad.
Comment: I only like mechanical watches.
Comment: other functionality outside of being a watch
Comment: I already have the iPhone 6Plus and the Rolex is the best
Comment: functionality and connectivity
Comment: Because I do not know how they look. I am particular about a watches' diameter and its thickness.
Comment: Quality watches are pieces of art; technological gadgets are not
Comment: Im a watch guy
Comment: It shares nothing in common with a true timepiece...the lack of craftsmanshiip, void of hundreds of not thousands of machined parts working in concert...alas, another dad product.
Comment: Because you cannot compare the apple watch to Rolex and apple watch is for common people and not so attractive nor they are reputed in watches
Comment: I already have an I phone
Comment: Not interested in latest technology
Comment: Easy notifications
Comment: I might, but I am happy with my iPhone. My watch is my only piece of male jewelry, and the iWatch is not jewelry.   It's technology.
Comment: Tech is in my phone, my watch will always be analog
Comment: This is a qualified "no". I am a gadget freak. Electronic watches don't excite me, but I do have a Fitbit for running.
Comment: Works great with my iPhone
Comment: It appeals to my technical/computer interests.
Comment: Curious about what it has to offer.
Comment: A watch, to me is the melding of function and art. I do not need a watch to tell me my iPhone is ringing.   The limited edition models have value solely for the melt value of the gold.
Comment: Style
Comment: It gives my iPhone superpowers. It's a computer on my wrist, not a supercomputer in my pocket.
Comment: Link to phine
Comment: cutting edge
Comment: Nice to have iPhone integration and like the option of wearing a smartwatch
Comment: Not jewelry
Comment: Might buy one depending on functionality.
Comment: I don't use an Apple phone. If I owned an iPhone I would likely purchase an Apple Watch
Comment: Because I currently use android phones
Comment: Like traditional watches
Comment: Don't like wearable tech. Love technology...have 7 apple devices in room I am in, but not a watch
Comment: To small
Comment: Coincides with a connected life
Comment: Long to be Dick Tracy.
Comment: Ill buy it for my son
Comment: There should have been possibly. I would want to see it. The only band that is attractive to me is the Milanese loop unless you wanted a very casual watch
Comment: don't need the technology
Comment: don't need it
Comment: its not a mechanical swiss made time piece
Comment: I have enough apple products
Comment: i love watches of all kinds. I also love technology and the IWatch comes both of these. Very Dick Tracy...LOL
Comment: ugly
Comment: trendy and helpful
Comment: Prefer automátic movement
Comment: Don't need all the "bells and whistles".
Comment: Don't like 'tech' watches. Prefer a real watch.
Comment: Something
Comment: first of all it's not an "iWatch" it's an "Apple Watch" secondly it's more than a watch
Comment: I don't know
Comment: I have worn Rolex for over 35 years, I see no reason to change.
Comment: Tried Android Smartwatch - not as useful as my phone, with little added benefit
Comment: It looks cool. I own Apple stock, support the brand.
Comment: its an apple product
Comment: Don't need more technology on my wrist
Comment: Unknown
Comment: Health apps
Comment: I don't like Apple products anymore, service after the sale is poor at best.
Comment: EMF exposure - not worth it
Comment: Just to have one.
Comment: dont like it
Comment: I like mechanical time pieces
Comment: as trying
Comment: Battery life
Comment: That's not a watch!!!! It's a toy
Comment: Despise Apple corporate practices and idiocy.
Comment: It's apple
Comment: I don't want a watch I have to have paired with my phone that will be outdated in 3 years.
Comment: it is a watch, not a time piece
Comment: Do not like Apple products
Comment: Hate the concept
Comment: unique update
Comment: Apple is el Diablo.
Comment: Apple is el Diablo.
Comment: No idea about it's good points
Comment: I prefer mechanical watches, which don't need me to charge or replace battery.
Comment: Waiting for subsequent models.
Comment: I don't wear digital. Period.
Comment: Because it's an Apple product.
Comment: i would probably wait for bugs to be worked out.
Comment: not an apple guy
Comment: I don't need a computer on my wrist. I have an iPhone, iPad, and iMac.
Comment: do not know enough about them
Comment: Health functionality, design
Comment: I like traditional time pieces that are mechanical without any electrical dependency.
Comment: I love mechanical watches also I want a watch different or like everyone else
Comment: Not at this time. Have   I pad. And Motorola razor phone
Comment: No because I am saving for a Rolex Explorer or Rolex GMT Pepsi...I will visit you guy's one day.
Comment: I have a Rolex and I don't want a gadget
Comment: I manage smartphones for a hospital. I need to play with it
Comment: Features
Comment: Love the Rolex
Comment: Love the Rolex
Comment: No,it does not have a soul.
Comment: Not my style
Comment: they are more of a toy. I prefer an automatic.
Comment: Much more useful than traditional timepiece
Comment: Doesn't have full function without Bluetooth center tin with phone. Pointless
Comment: Rather where a Rolex
Comment: I prefer fine timepieces and clear iWatches are not.
Comment: aesthetics, likely to quickly become obsolete
Comment: Not researched
Comment: Prefer a traditional watch
Comment: Watches should be mechanical jewlery
Comment: Cheap and Nasty
Comment: It's Just cool looking
Comment: No class. There is a market for it not the same target customer as Rolex.
Comment: I'm loyal to Rolex and Breitling time pieces. Apple is not in this class. Just another electronic gadget.
Comment: I'm loyal to Rolex and Breitling time pieces. Apple is not in this class. Just another electronic gadget.
Comment: I'm loyal to Rolex and Breitling time pieces. Apple is not in this class. Just another electronic gadget.
Comment: It's not ready for prime time. Once it can replace a computer, it will become popular.
Comment: It's too much like the iPod Nano that they conveniently discountinued
Comment: Doesn't compare to a Rolex
Comment: Personally, I like a classic timepiece. Something with a little history to it.
Comment: I don't currently plan on it even though I prefer Apple products. Just prefer a traditional mechanical watch. Maybe if they partnered with Rolex for some kind of variant.
Comment: I don't like quartz/electronic watches
Comment: Like traditional style watches
Comment: not a fan
Comment: no interest
Comment: To me ,it's just another gimic.It also looks ugly & cheap.NO
Comment: Not my style - not interested in watch technology
Comment: Rolex or nothing.... Period...
Comment: It's the future of watches
Comment: It's not something I really need, it's a luxury item.
Comment: i likee tech.
Comment: It's innovative.
Comment: I like traditional watches
Comment: Because it's an Apple
Comment: it may be a good utility device but it's not jewelry.   How would rhyme with a top notch suit, gold cufflinks, Italian shoes. i want to project an image to my prospects of success? It doesn't mstch my big Lexus.
Comment: I like to be able to disconnect from technology once in awhile. i also dont like the look of the watch
Comment: I don't see the point
Comment: Curious.
Comment: features that are available
Comment: It's probably has great functionality and I will wear it on my boat and when skiing. Still love my Rolex
Comment: Love my i phone, love new technology
Comment: New technology
Comment: I don't own any Apple products - all sizzle no steak
Comment: cool-connects with my phone
Comment: To new to know
Comment: It's not my style
Comment: I have a Rolex...enough said.
Comment: For its cool factor and perhaps functionality
Comment: For work if it interacted well with my phone
Comment: overpriced chinese garbage
Comment: Tech, looks, infinitely adjustable wristband.
Comment: old school....i don't do a watch with batteries.....automatic watches only for me!
Comment: Would never buy an Apple product . keep the earnings at home.
Comment: Only rolex
Comment: I wear a timepiece not a computer
Comment: To see if I will like it
Comment: Don't like the looks, looks outdated. Bad taste.
Comment: Love Apple products just like I love Breitling And Rolex watches.
Comment: Because it looks cool and it's apple
Comment: It's a computer. Swiss watches are desirable because of their mechanical wonder. The apple watch will never be a luxury item, but it will be consumed by the masses as a fashion trend.
Comment: Unneccessary gadget, mobile phone anyway too "present" in everyday life; watch is a tool, an expression of life style, a gentleman's jewellery...
Comment: not   tráditional
Comment: not   tráditional
Comment: It's different, a square face
Comment: Don't like 1st generation technology
Comment: Not a fan
Comment: I'm a traditional guy and appreciate the rolex quality and history.
Comment: Not sure
Comment: Check it out...
Comment: Not my style
Comment: Prefer elegance over technology
Comment: I think it's a watch based on the fad of the youth generation. It's not prestigious for executives such as myself!!
Comment: not for me, don't want computer on wrist-like my explrII & president
Comment: not for me, don't want computer on wrist-like my explrII & president
Comment: It's dorkwear like Google glass
Comment: I love all watches
Comment: For the tracking features for health and lifestyle. But with the added functionality of the iPhone-like apps
Comment: too geeky, no style
Comment: Lack of style and not a Rolex
Comment: Because it has no Class!
Comment: its fairly large, unattractive, and everyone will have one. i have no desire to fit more communication tech into my life.
Comment: Curiosity
Comment: It's current and functional with current phone
Comment: tacky
Comment: usefulness,in an everchanging world,marker of intelligence applied & elevated understanding.
Comment: My watch is a time piece and my iPhone is my phone
Comment: I'll wait and see
Comment: Just to try it out. Wouldn't replace my mechanical watches.
Comment: Quality
Comment: Saving for a Rolex
Comment: No need
Comment: It's the natural evoution of the wrist watch and current technology
Comment: i dontlike it
Comment: I like apple products
Comment: Apple is Apple.
Comment: It's not a watch
Comment: I like the reliability of a mechanical watch, no batteries to replace. However a digital analog watch tends to be my favorite for my active lifestyle where I need a stop watch and alarm.
Comment: I'm already too "connected".
Comment: The asthetics of the watch... it is simply not elegant.
Comment: happy with my submariner but don't like the need for routine service and auto winder box
Comment: I prefer a classic style watch.
Comment: It looks like a toy.
Comment: I love Apple related products
Comment: not a luxury brand
Comment: Not a luxury timepiece
Comment: No use to me.
Comment: to stay up to date
Comment: To try something new.Its features seem interesting although I believe sometimes I would still prefer a traditional watch.
Comment: I like (and wear) my Rolex. No need, nor desire for anything else (other than maybe another Rolex)
Comment: If I say yes, can I get a Rolex cheaper?
Comment: I think is has Some medical checks that I would be very interested in plus i think i can trade stocks on it.
Comment: Features, connectivity, style
Comment: Don't like apple
Comment: No appeal
Comment: not a fad guy
Comment: I can style it to my tastes with out braking thebank
Comment: It's not a watch...it's a wrist computer which I do not need nor want.
Comment: just to have one but I could only tell time where there is Internet?
Comment: It's something different and new
Comment: Don't need have iphone
Comment: Too techy
Comment: It will be just another electronic device with a battery that needs to be charged.
Comment: Utility / fitness
Comment: I like automatic movements
Comment: not my style
Comment: Don't need it.
Comment: It would work with my iPhone and ipad
Comment: Redundant to iPhone
Comment: Not interested in increasing my access to email or apps, iphone has enough of that already.
Comment: I'm about to purchase a rolex and I have a Tag and an Omega. I also think the iWatch will not look great with buisness wear.
Comment: For casual occasions
Comment: Work
Comment: but it's AppleWatch not iWatch
Comment: another piece of electronic crap......
Comment: I have the best.
Comment: Not very attractive.
Comment: Apple guy
Comment: I only like mechanical watches.
Comment: Added valuable capabilities
Comment: will go with my iPhone
Comment: My Rolex is accurate to a minute a YEAR. It's 18kt gold
Comment: apple product
Comment: Why would I want to tie an iPod to my wrist????
Comment: If it did things I need to know about that would be enhanced by the convenience of having it on my wrist.
Comment: Its not a watch
Comment: Its apple
Comment: Don't need and not young enough to want to trend.
Comment: Too square
Comment: NO. Love my Rolex watches too much to give up for what i believe to be fadish technology
Comment: Sleek design, I like the rosè gold
Comment: Technology & cool
Comment: Maybe for exercise purposes only. If I am going to spend good money on a watch it is going to be a real watch.
Comment: features
Comment: I am Sheep and I follow the flock
Comment: No reson when I have a Rolex Daytona
Comment: If everything in one decide, I hope.
Comment: For the novelty and it's features
Comment: Just want Time and Date
Comment: As a sports watch
Comment: It's a gadget, not a watch.
Comment: I enjoy technology.
Comment: Apple makes nice products.
Comment: I know nothing about them
Comment: I have a phone with same functions why do I need an iWatch?
Comment: Not classical, very high tech, if I didn't wear a Sub, then maybe
Comment: Too geeky
Comment: battery life
Comment: I want a rolex daytona
Comment: battery life
Comment: its beautiful
Comment: It's the latest gadget/technology
Comment: Id rather wear a luxury watch currently own a Tag and Hublot
Comment: dependency on iphone
Comment: I don,t own Apple products.
Comment: collector value
Comment: My atuomatic watch is the one thing I use every day that does not rely on battery power. I appreciate the simplicity of its complexity.
Comment: I already have a Rolex
Comment: Not interestred
Comment: I would like to check it out.
Comment: Wait till the bugs are all worked out then maybe.
Comment: I like technology
Comment: Too small, not stylish.
Comment: No need for such a gadget
Comment: too geeky. Does not comport to my image of fine jewlery
Comment: not interested in apple products
Comment: It's not jewelry
Comment: looks soo cool
Comment: to small for old arthritic hands
Comment: Because is the ultimate time machine
Comment: Not interested in current technology in a watch.....like a watch to be a watch
Comment: I like mechanical watched that tell me what time it is!!!!
Comment: Because is the ultimate time machine
Comment: The physical quality combined with the software design make it the best electronic watch. The contrast to an old Rolex.
Comment: Vintage collectot
Comment: cuz i wear a rolex
Comment: Poor battery specs
Comment: I wear a classic GMT, if somewhere down the road a technological necessity required it maybe I would
Comment: Low cost. Fitness applications.
Comment: Current fashion
Comment: Different than my Rolex
Comment: No appeal
Comment: an overpriced toy
Comment: I wear a smart watch now ...a Pebble...love it...screen my email and text messages..plus use apps to count my steps ect.
Comment: Assuming the battery life is decent then I might be a fun alternate watch. If battery life is short I'll pass until improvements made.
Comment: It's not a real watch...
Comment: I don't want to be connected 24 hours a day.
Comment: I have a Rolex
Comment: Looks very appealing and useful
Comment: A watch is as much a jewelry and fashion statement as a functional item. I don't t the I watch in that category.
Comment: Because I prefer a timepiece that has classic elegance and lasting style. Not a bunch of gadgets on my wrist.
Comment: Nah
Comment: unproven value or function, early adopter only
Comment: It doesn't interest me. I own mechanical movments as they don't need new bloody batteries all the time.
Comment: not for me, do not seem like a nice time piece
Comment: I have an I phone
Comment: Apples sucks balls and I'm tired of apple BS
Comment: not appealing
Comment: not traditional
Comment: for my wife. the watch will not work with my phone
Comment: I do not like a square watch.
Comment: Useful and I like hi tech and apple products.
Comment: It looks like it does a lot.
Comment: yes
Comment: Looks good, good functionality
Comment: Its a gimic.
Comment: It's a gadget
Comment: doesn't look elegant on the wrist and is similar to the galaxy gear which was more of a novelty
Comment: Not sure I would have to see what it does
Comment: ugly
Comment: versatility
Comment: I would never give up my omega for an iwatch
Comment: might
Comment: I sold my submariner to bob's about a year ago and said I won't wear another watch until I get another Rolex
Comment: Feature set is not worth the price, I can pay significantly less and get a true "Smart Watch" or alot more and get a classic luxury watch.
Comment: Please..........
Comment: I have two watches now . Rolex & Bell& Ross
Comment: rather buy another rolex
Comment: maybe, depending on features
Comment: I have a watch
Comment: I prefer more craftsmanship and less tech
Comment: Would depend on the functions, but if it's well integrated with the Iphone, it would make my life easier.
Comment: Given up watches since I retired.
Comment: Maybe, just to try it
Comment: Toooooo trendy
Comment: I've always loved watches, and an Apple watch will probably be an interesting timepiece--and compatible with my Apple devices. It will never replace my Rolex (no other watch in my collection could), but an Apple watch might be a worthy addition.
Comment: for the smart functions
Comment: Prefer a mechanical watch with some vintage. Currently 1967.
Comment: It's ugly
Comment: I have a phone that is a trinket, I have a watch for style and an auto movement
Comment: If it adds value to my daily life.
Comment: The current feature set is not slated to include a way of measuring calories burned or galvanic skin response. Unless it does more than something like the Fitbit ChargeHR, it isn't worth the extra cost
Comment: I am not a fan of Apple products in general
Comment: apps not important
Comment: i see it as unnecessary, and it would take up valuable wrist space i reserve for mechanical watches
Comment: Not fond of teh look. Also, I want my watch to be mechanical, or else I would be wearing a '70's LED
Comment: Maybe, I love my Rolex but curious to see if iWatch can free up some phone functions
Comment: I only wear watches that are mechanical because I appreciate the workmanship that goes into a movement.
Comment: When there was a need to interface with my iPhone or IPad.
Comment: It's a neat watch.
Comment: I'm not a fan of digital watches. I prefer mechanical movements because of the weight and the sound.
Comment: more features than I would need
Comment: Ugly and useless
Comment: I don't have an I-pod
Comment: To see what the hype is about
Comment: Just don't want one
Comment: its not really a watch for me
Comment: Enjoy new technology.
Comment: like my.watch
Comment: notification capabilities
Comment: For men watches are a statement piece. You can tell a lot about a man based on the watch he wears. A $350 Apple IWatch is not enough of a statement.   I'll stick with my Breitling and Patek, thank you.
Comment: It's a toy
Comment: It's a toy... Not a timepiece.
Comment: tacky
Comment: I like divers watch
Comment: looks cool fun to wear sometimes
Comment: huge apple fan
Comment: I don't see the need for anything but the time and date.
Comment: looks ugly
Comment: I appreciate the craftsmanship of mechanical watches.
Comment: Health Metrics
Comment: I'm not sure, its not very appealing
Comment: Only if solid gold and for convience
Comment: Just a trendy timepiece.Won't be here in 5 years
Comment: I have a phone
Comment: Undecided
Comment: That's why I have an iPhone!
Comment: I prefer the machanics and character
Comment: It's different
Comment: I would purchase it for the health features
Comment: I am uncertain if I need my watch to do all the things that the Apple Watch will do my phone which is an Apple already does that.
Comment: more interested in the pebble watch
Comment: junk
Comment: Like all of the apple products it will be out of date within a year.
Comment: Just not a device that I have interest in. My iPhone has all of the technology available that I require. But above all, it is ugly!
Comment: too trendy, and not impressed with craftsmanship
Comment: I wear a watch to make a statement as much as to provide a function (e.g., tell time, show date)--I have a phone too
Comment: I like watches. Might find it interesting.
Comment: technology
Comment: i would have to see it in person first
Comment: Style does not appeal tomme
Comment: While I love all my mechanical Swiss, Japanese and German watches, I also love technology and own an iPhone and iPad. Apple Watch would come in handy in many situations.
Comment: Because I'm a watch collector and curious to see how it functions.
Comment: I don't kow antything about it.
Comment: Battery life isn't great. I wear luxury watches because they are timeless, assembled by masters of their craft, and nearly indestructible. The iWatch will be outdated 11 months after its release, is mass produced in a Chinese factory, and is a fragile electronic device which could be bricked by a bad firmware update. No thanks.
Comment: i carry my cell phone what dose the watch have to offer
Comment: I like traditional luxury watch
Comment: it's a time piece not a watch
Comment: If I liked the style and features, I would try owning one...
Comment: To sync with phone and computer and use for health
Comment: Don't like the look
Comment: no soul to it.
Comment: I think most watch aficionados appreciate the mechanics and craftsmanship of a fine timepiece. Could the introduction of an apple watch have a similar effect as the quartz "crisis" of yesteryear? Perhaps, but throughout all those times fine watches have survived.
Comment: Like apple
Comment: i dont use an iphone
Comment: I love technology and watches.
Comment: I love it as a concept, but I love my Rolex far more.
Comment: I want a smart watch to take my metrics
Comment: Because of all the health tracking data.
Comment: Not now, maybe later after I know more about.
Comment: Don't need more electronics glued to myself
Comment: its different
Comment: I like the fitness integration.
Comment: I don't do i-anything.
Comment: Just want it
Comment: Junk.
Comment: Like Apple product and it works with iphone
Comment: Test
Comment: I work in software development, have Apple products and am curious about their latest product.
Comment: I have enough of toys to play with.
Comment: I have enough of toys to play with.
Comment: Love technology
Comment: The utility.
Comment: Have iPhone Why buy watch?
Comment: I'm not Dick Tracy
Comment: I don't like Apple products
Comment: A good watch should blend quality craftsmanship with quality materials and a strikung design in a durable package. It should be a precise blend of form and function that compliments the wearer and his lifestyle. Apple watch seems very functional, but it has no "form" to it, and it doesn't make any statments regarding the wearers personal taste or lifestyle.
Comment: not needed
Comment: I like the integration with my iphone
Comment: Don't need more "tech" beyond IPhone, etc
Comment: My iPhone 6 plus is too big to fit in my pocket so it would be nice to keep in my bag.
Comment: It's a gimmick, always needs to be charged
Comment: I want my watch to be functional and to make a statement about who I am and what I have achieved. A Rolex is timeless, the iWatch is a flash in the pan.
Comment: not dressy and I don't love apple products
Comment: I have an iPhone that I love
Comment: Not my style
Comment: It will be a bad investment. The watch will look dated very quickly. My other concern is that Apple will just come out with new versions i.e. iPhone 3,4,5,6 ect.
Comment: I Like my Rolex
Comment: I prefer an automatice time peice. Also, my phone will do most functions.
Comment: looks like a no frills watch appears old
Comment: It looks ugly
Comment: I like wearing a quality watch on the wrist. If I am going to the gym I put on a G-Shock. I have my iPhone - I don't need an iWatch.
Comment: just for the fun of it
Comment: Could not wear my other watches anymore...
Comment: Bob as nice as you might be, please don't send anymore fucking messages it all wearing a bit thin I've tried to cancel but to no avail. Please stop.
Comment: Bob as nice as you might be, please don't send anymore fucking messages it all wearing a bit thin I've tried to cancel but to no avail. Please stop.
Comment: Looks cool.
Comment: Dont like Iphones
Comment: New tech.
Comment: not interested
Comment: Not my style
Comment: ugly
Comment: It is a valid watch to add to a collection. It will, as did Casio with the G Shock, bear fruit as a different type of watch to add to dress, sport, fashion, etc
Comment: I lack information, but probably would not be interested
Comment: Ability to have access to data on my wrist and to pay using my watch. I would prefer it be a band vs. a watch so that I can continue to use a manual or automatic watch.
Comment: Superfluous
Comment: buying it doesn't mean wearing it every day
Comment: I love my Apple products and expect a lot from their watch.
Comment: ugly
Comment: new tech
Comment: Apple makes great products. I've always been a Mac fan.
Comment: Fugly
Comment: I prefer a mechanical movement.
Comment: I only use the watch to tell time.
Comment: I'm a longtime Apple user (since 1984)
Comment: Love my rolex
Comment: Compatibility with my iphone and curiosity.
Comment: I love my Rolex
Comment: not mechanical. Will not be able to pass it on to my son in 10-20 years
Comment: I like being able to change the face on demand
Comment: I use Apple devices and might want to wear one at times when I want something to interact with my iPhone.
Comment: To try it out.
Comment: It's called the Apple Watch. Lifestyle, technology, give it a chance.
Comment: no class
Comment: not that good looking
Comment: Because it is way better then wearing a flashy, expensive looking watch that only tells the time. Rolex is only jewelry, but "real" watches such as a Casio G-Shock and others offer superior performance at a fraction of the cost. Whoever would wear a Rolex needs to display their wealth.
Comment: Technology and ampifies my iPhone 6
Comment: Actually maybe, as a novelty. Why would I want to wear an iWatch when I can wear one of my several Rolexes?
Comment: I have everything the Apple watch can do on my phone.
Comment: i like to wear different watches
Comment: For info
Comment: don't know enough about it.
Comment: Wouldn't want to wear a computer on my wrist.
Comment: Many features and nice look to it
Comment: Because I like my Rolex
Comment: One day batt life - duplicate of iphone - reliance on iphone to function - nerd factor
Comment: Just not my thing
Comment: Coolness, tech savvy
Comment: Love watches, but also love technology
Comment: Maybe as a novelty but not for everyday
Comment: Ugly. And I already have a phone.
Comment: to add to my collection
Comment: I like Apple gear
Comment: I dont like the style

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