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Rolex Becomes Partner of Formula 1 Racing

Paul Altieri

It has just been announced that Rolex has become a major partner of Formula 1. The leading luxury watchmaking brand will be the Official Timekeeper and Official Timepiece of Formula 1 beginning in the coming 2013 season. Rolex Company leaders are very proud of the partnership and are committed to the sport for the foreseeable future.

Rolex partners with Formula 1
Formula 1 Racing and Rolex Team Up to provide the best.

Formula 1 Racing

The partnership arose from the two organizations’ dedication to precision, performance, and innovation. The Rolex Company’s commitment to the professional sports world extends into golf, tennis, Daytona racing, sailing and equestrian sport.

Chief Executive Officer of Rolex SA Gian Riccardo Marini shared the following statement: “This is an exciting step for us at Rolex as the fit between Formula One and our brand feels very natural. In our respective fields, Rolex and Formula One embody the spirit of adventure, superlative engineering and a strong desire to push the limits of technology.”

The exciting partnership will highlight the true benefits of self-winding mechanical watches, and especially chronograph for race car drivers. It is expected that the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona will be the featured timepiece. In today’s world Daytona watches are one of the most highly sought after collector’s items on the market. The watch’s popularity grew tremendously after Paul Newman was seen sporting the ruggedly handsome timepiece. Very few Rolex Daytona’s are produced on a yearly basis, making the model a rarity.

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Formula One’s CEO Bernie Eccleston echoed the sentiments of the Rolex Company’s leadership, “Without a question, Rolex is the partner of choice for a world class sporting series like Formula One. The Brand’s prestige, the excellence of its watches as well as Rolex’s passionate and long-standing commitment to motor sports gives it true credibility.”

Formula 1 and Rolex partnership
Formula 1 Racing and Rolex are teaming up for something special.

At each Formula 1 Grand Prix, Rolex will provide the official time throughout the venue. Additionally, the Rolex logo will be positioned around the circuit and at the corners of the racetrack. According to key representatives of both organizations, as the years progress, the Rolex brand’s presence is expected to grow considerably.

Paul Altieri

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