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Gold Rolex Women’s Watches Ultimate Buying Guide

Gold Rolex Women's Watches
Paul Altieri

Women’s models are some of the most successful watches in the Rolex lineup. The Crown has included smaller-sized editions of its pillar models, including the Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, and even Yacht-Master, in its catalog for decades to cater to its ever-growing female clientele. Of the many metal finishes available to those models, gold is among the most sought-after because it transcends time and fashion and often adds value to any watch collection. This buying guide will explore the many gold Rolex options available to women today.

Gold Rolex Womens Watches Lady President

Types of Rolex Gold

The Rolex catalog currently consists of White, Yellow, and Rose gold, the latter of which Rolex refers to as “Everose.” Each metal is forged in-house to ensure the highest possible quality on the market. From there, Rolex pairs each precious metal with stainless steel – a combination the company refers to as “Rolesor.” Stainless steel and yellow gold are called Yellow Rolesor, stainless steel and white gold are called White Rolesor, and stainless steel and Everose are referred to as Everose Rolesor.

Metal finishes include:

  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Everose
  • Yellow Rolesor
  • White Rolesor
  • Everose Rolesor
Gold Rolex Womens Watches

Case Sizes

The way women wear watches is ever-evolving. Until recently, the standard case size for most women’s Rolex watches was 26mm, although the Oyster Perpetual was as small as 24mm at one point. The 26mm case size has since been discontinued and replaced with the 28mm case to accommodate modern watch tastes. Mid-size options that occupy the space between a traditional woman’s Rolex and the men’s catalog have been a fixture of the Rolex lineup for years as well, giving collectors the option for a slightly larger case. While women also wear men’s watches, we’re sticking to traditional ladies’ case sizes for the sake of this article.

The full range of women’s Rolex case sizes includes:

  • 24mm
  • 26mm
  • 28mm
  • 29mm
  • 31mm
  • 34mm

Yellow Gold Watches

Gold Rolex Womens Watches 18k President

The Rolex Residential – 69178

The President bracelet is distinguished by semi-circular links and, in many cases, a hidden Crownclasp. The luxurious bracelet is always produced in precious metal, making it one of the finest in the Rolex catalog. The President bracelet debuted on the Day-Date in the 1950s and is also a fixture of the Lady-Datejust collection, including ref. 69178. Lady-Datejust watches that bear the iconic bracelet are called the “Rolex Presidential” in many watch-collecting circles. Ref. 69178 is a classic iteration of the collection featuring a flattering 26mm case, automatic winding, and a waterproof crown.

The Rolex Yacht-Master 29 – ref. 169628

Rolex released the men’s Yacht-Master in 1992, furnished with a classic 40mm case. Two years later, the brand would add a mid-size 35mm and a women’s 29mm edition to the lineup, making the Yacht-Master one of the most versatile watches in the Rolex tool watch collection. Ref. 169628 is a modern edition of the yellow gold Lady Yacht-Master 29mm with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof screw-down crown, and high-beat movement. With the tapered, high-polish lugs, flattering size and weight, and bezel with high-polished graduations, this Rolex makes an elegant statement on the wrist.

White Gold Watches

Gold Rolex Womens Watches Diamond Pearlmaster

The Rolex Presidential – ref. 179179

Here, we have another lovely example of the Rolex Presidential, this time in white gold. While yellow gold is absolutely timeless, some might find white gold a little more versatile. Features include the famous three-link bracelet that drapes beautifully around the wrist, a fluted bezel that glitters in the light, and a 26mm Oyster case with a waterproof screw-down crown.

The Pearlmaster – ref. 80319

Rolex released the Pearlmaster the same year as the Yacht-Master in 1992. Just as the Yacht-Master is essentially a buttoned-up edition of the Submariner, the Pearlmaster is an elevated edition of the Datejust, even going so far as to bear the Datejust logo on the dial. It’s a luxury-oriented model solely crafted from precious metal and sporting a Pearlmaster bracelet exclusive to the collection. The bracelet is unlike any other in the brand’s catalog, featuring softly curved five-piece links. It wears like fine jewelry on the wrist while providing the unparalleled accuracy the Rolex brand is known for. At 29mm in diameter, the Pearlmaster 80319 is a larger alternative to the Lady-Datejust.

Everose Watches

Gold Rolex Womens Watches Everose

The Rolex Presidential – ref. 179175

There’s just something about the warm tones of Everose that are hard for anyone to resist. It’s contemporary, sleek, and undeniably luxurious. Rolex has had a few rose gold watches peppered throughout its history, but we didn’t see the official release of Everose until 2005. Today, Rolex furnishes many of its most sought-after models with the sophisticated rose gold finish, including the women’s Rolex Presidential Datejust 26. We can just picture ref. 179175 tucked under a sharp blazer for work or paired with a simple white tee and jeans as a stylish weekender. 

Two-Tone Watches

Gold Rolex Womens Watches Two-Tone Jubilee Bracelet

Everose Rolesor Lady-Datejust – ref. 279171

Everose Rolesor is a modern interpretation of the classic two-tone Rolex watch. The 28mm case and external links on the bracelet feature 904L-grade stainless steel, while the bezel, center links, and crown are crafted from lustrous rose gold. Not only is Everose Rolesor an affordable gateway into owning a rose gold Rolex watch, but it’s also versatile. Dress it up or down. The Everose Rolesor Lady-Datejust always looks phenomenal.

White Rolesor Lady-Datejust – ref. 79174

Ref. 79174 is an older-model edition of the Datejust, featuring an older-style bracelet and 26mm case. It is also one of the most affordable gold Rolex watches on our list, with an average price of around $5k. The case and bracelet are crafted from stainless steel, while the bezel surrounding the dial is made from flawless 18k white gold. The white metal finish is versatile, flattering, and timeless.

Yellow Rolesor Lady-Datejust ref. 179173

The pairing of stainless steel and yellow gold is one of the most iconic two-tone Rolex finishes of all time. On contemporary editions of the Lady-Datejust 26, such as ref. 179173, Rolex’s proprietary 18k yellow gold adorns the fluted bezel, crown, and center links on the bracelet, while the rest of the watch is presented in 904L-grade stainless steel – aka Oystersteel. Yellow Rolesor exudes the opulence of a gold Rolex watch while also providing the wearer with the durability needed for daily wear.

Mid-Size Watches

Gold Rolex Womens Watches Midsize Datejust

Yellow Rolesor Mid-Size Datejust 31 – ref. 278383

The mid-size case is just a few millimeters larger than the 26mm and 28mm Oyster cases. It’s just big enough to suit larger wrist sizes and make a fashion-forward statement without weighing down the wrist or appearing too larger. The mid-size Datejust is a happy medium growing in popularity among collectors of all lifestyles. Ref. 278383 takes the mid-size Datejust’s versatility to the next level in stainless steel and 18k yellow gold.

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