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Rolex – The Mark of Perfection

April 12, 2013

BY Paul Altieri


Perfection. Man has been in its pursuit since time immemorial, but rarely if ever has it been achieved.  The Declaration of Independence, Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier, and Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” all come to mind, but only in the game of baseball is perfection so cleanly defined.  Truly the rarest of feats in all of professional sports, since the advent of the modern era of baseball in 1900, the list of pitchers who have thrown a perfect game numbers 21, the most recent of which coming off the arm of Felix Hernandez and the Seattle Mariners.

Mariners Felixs Gift Baseball

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Perfect Game

For a pitcher to be credited in the history books with a perfect game alongside such legends as Don Larsen, Sandy Koufax, and Cy Young, he must allow no base runners – which means no base hits, no walks, no hit batters, and no errors.  This endeavor requires perfection from not only the pitcher, but from his teammates, as well.  Of all of these teammates, none is more crucial than the catcher, the one who throws down the signals for each and every pitch.  It is customary for the pitcher of a perfect game to give a token of his appreciation to his catcher, so what did King Felix give his catcher following an offseason where he was rewarded handsomely with a seven-year, $175 million contract?  A Rolex watch, of course.

What would be a more fitting gift from a Mariner than a Submariner? The catcher, John Jaso, was traded from the Mariners to the Oakland Athletics during the offseason, and – wouldn’t you know it – Felix’s first start of the 2013 season would be against his former batterymate’s new team.  Before the game, Jaso, whose salary during the perfect game was less than 3% of that of his pitcher, could only guess what the gift could be.  “Maybe a fastball in the back?” he joked.  Imagine the 29-year-old’s surprise when he un-wrapped a Rolex Submariner 116613 engraved with the words “Perfect Game – 8/15/12” on the back.

Felix Hernandez John Jaso RolexAccording to Newport Beach, California-based Bob’s Watches – the first and only e-commerce site to focus on both selling and buying used Rolex watches in a user-friendly and secure platform – the waterproof Swiss timepiece features a lustrous, scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and engraved markings.   ”It is pretty heavy,” Jaso opined, “It’s got to be real.  The watch I own, I think it’s a Timex, so this is a bit of an upgrade.”

Whether you have ascended to the top to the field or are currently ascending the summit, the Rolex watch is the perfect accessory.  For some, it serves as a source of inspiration to keep striving for perfection; for others, it serves as a reward for a life’s work.  The truth of the matter is that no mere mortal is capable of achieving perfection, even in the game of baseball.  But that should never prevent us from continuing to try, for that is at the essence of the human spirit.  The list of luminaries whose wrists were graced with a Rolex watch is littered with legends who strived for perfection – Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, Arthur Ashe, Paul Newman, Chuck Yeager, just to name a few.

As perfection is difficult to come by, Felix trained hard to join the MLB.

King Felix is a pitcher who was able to throw a perfect game.

While we all define perfection in different ways, the reward is always the same: Rolex.  There are countless professions that influence the world in positive ways but do not receive the publicity or nine-figure contracts common in professional athletics.  Now there is a way for the teachers, scientists, and engineers of the world to look down at their wrist and see exactly what President Eisenhower saw.  Bob’s Watches is the world’s first and only pre-owned Rolex Exchange where consumers can buy, sell, and trade pre-owned Rolex watches at true fair market value.  They openly publish the current buy and sell values for each Rolex model allowing them to serve as an online marketplace for buyers and sellers looking to get the best deal.

Felix Hernandez did not achieve baseball’s version of perfection, hang up his cleats, and call it a day.  He continues to go out there every fifth day in order to try to recapture that enticing, elusive encounter with perfection.  During his first start of the year, he retired the first ten A’s in a row before the no-hitter was ended by a double to center field in the fourth inning off the bat of who else but John Jaso.

”He broke up the no-hitter,” Hernandez recounted.  ”I was going to say, `Dude, what time is it?”’





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