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The Space Shuttle Endeavor, NASA, and Rolex GMT-Master

October 24, 2012

BY Paul Altieri


On its final mission from the East Coast to California on the back of a 747, the Space Shuttle Endeavor thrilled observers prior to landing at LAX. Current and former astronauts held back tears prior to the ceremony as the shuttle was bussed by the massive NASA airplane to its final destination.

Space Shuttle Endeavor is something to be remembered by all.

Space Shuttle Endeavor was a very emotional event for those involved with this project.

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Space Shuttle Endeavor

The day was undoubtedly poignant for former NASA Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao, one of the most respected and talented astronauts alive today. Throughout his 20 plus years of space adventures, he was spotted wearing a Rolex GMT Master. Chiao’s missions were aboard the Space Shuttle STS-65 Columbia in 1994, Space Shuttle STS-72 Endeavor in 1996, Space Shuttle STS-92 Discovery in 2000, and Expedition 10 to the International Space Station.

Upon further investigation into his trusty Rolex GMT, it was discovered that Dr. Leroy Chiao sports a GMT Pepsi Stainless Steel with Jubilee Bracelet. The Pepsi-Bezel Rolex is a classic vintage watch that was originally designed for military and commercial pilots. The watch allowed for them to keep track of the Greenwich Mean Time, along with a second time zone. According to scientists, there is a direct correlation between jet-lag and a lost perception of time. Thus, it has been proposed that pilots greatly benefit from keeping track of time within both their current zone and from their original point of departure.


Dr. Leroy Chiao has been seen with a Pepsi GMT.

Dr. Leroy Chiao has been spotted with a Rolex GMT-Master ref. 1675.

Additionally, the Rolex GMT-Master is noted for its ability to keep precise time at high altitudes and withstand the elements. The watch’s feature set also includes automatic movement, waterproof stainless steel case, and ruggedly handsome stainless steel bracelet.

As mentioned within the telecast of the Shuttle Endeavor’s last flight from Edward’s Air Force Base, space pioneer Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier in 1947 at Edwards. Rolex enthusiasts will be the first to reveal that he wore a Rolex GMT as he accomplished the feat. There are numerous pictures of Yeager that feature the Rolex GMT-Master.

Because of its rich history, the Rolex GMT is a favorite of collectors around the world – pilots and non-pilots alike. As the future of space and air travel progresses, Rolex will undoubtedly play a role in the adventure.




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