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A Quick Synopsis of Baselworld 2018: 5 New Models Released by Rolex

Paul Altieri

Innovations include a redesigned GMT-Master II version, two new Datejust models and a stunning Jewel encrusted Daytona and Deepsea timepieces. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

The New Baselworld GMT-Master II

For 2018, Rolex unveiled a few iterations of the brand new GMT-Master II. The new version is crafted in Oystersteel and Everose Gold. Along with these precious metals, there is a two-tone version that sports the popular ceramic bezel in a new color combination. In addition to the new bezel, there is a new Pepsi that is getting all the attention. Read about the “Pepsi” here.

From Baselworld 2018: The new-generation Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31

Echoing the improvements made to the new Datejust 36 models, Rolex also introduced a new generation of the ladies’ Datejust 31 watches with new cases and a new movement. While the ladies’ new models may not get as much press as the brand’s sports models or even the men’s watches, you can be sure that Rolex pays plenty of attention to their best-selling model! See all the updates on the new DJ 31.

Newly Unveiled Rolex Datejust 36 from Baselworld

The first new Datejust 36 models to join the collection are two-tone models—the two-tone Oystersteel and Everose gold and the two-tone Oystersteel and yellow gold. It’s interesting to note that there are no full gold or full steel models just yet, but Rolex will undoubtedly make these available in the near future. Learn more on the Datejust 36mm.

The Latest Version of the Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona 116595

Aptly nicknamed the Rainbow Daytona thanks to its use of multi-colored sapphires, the newest version of this bejeweled Rolex chronograph is the Everose gold Daytona 116595 RBOW. The pink gold chronograph now joins its yellow gold and white gold sparkly siblings and no doubt, will be just as coveted. See all the colors of the Daytona here.

New from Baselworld 2018: The Deepsea Sea-Dweller

With a new movement and slight design tweaks, Rolex updated their hefty extreme dive watch collection with the new Deepsea 126660.  Similar to the original Deepsea models, the stainless steel Oyster case of the dive watch is built to be water-resistant to an incredible 3,900 meters (12,800 feet) thanks to the patented Ringlock System. Take an in-depth look at the new Deepsea.

Paul Altieri