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Bob’s Watches Features Rolex Submariner Contest

Paul Altieri

Bob’s Watches is a great place to find Rolex models of all types.  Finding that perfect watch is a great feeling, but the feeling is even better when you win a free Rolex in a contest sponsored by Bob’s Watches!

Recently, Bob’s Watches offered customers a chance to win a free stainless steel Rolex Submariner watch.  This watch has been a favorite for many years for its sheer versatility and great looks.  Chris C. from Nashville, Tennessee, was the lucky winner!

The Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel

rolex submariner

Depending on the model, the small details of a Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel model can vary.  However, the basics of all Submariners remain the same.

This model features a beautiful stainless steel band that is sturdy and solid, lending a sense of permanence to this watch.  The dial of a Submariner can come in several colors but black is one of the most common.  The striking black dial and contrasting hour markers make this one of the most handsome of all the Rolex timepieces.  There is a true elegance about the Submariner that means that this “utility” watch can easily transition into other settings such as cocktail parties or dinners.

The winding crown is protected by two wings and the case is sturdy stainless steel.  The black bezel features not only 10-second interval markers but also second divisions for one through 15 seconds, making this an appropriate time piece to measure time in several different types of applications.

Depending on the year, the hands may feature a straight tip or a rounded and styled edge.  Of course, the dial will feature the distinctive “ROLEX” emblem as well as the word “Perpetual,” referring to the Oyster designation.  Submariners will also feature some set of numbers such as 1000 feet/300 meters to indicate the depth to which they are guaranteed to be water-resistant.

How The Contest Worked

Those who wanted to enter the contest simply provided their email address and signed up for Bob’s mailing list.  This allowed contestants to receive news of the latest information from Bob’s Watches on new timepieces added to the inventory as well as updates on Rolex topics and interesting blog posts about all types of Rolex watches.

Many people entered the contest, but there was only one lucky winner!  Congratulations to Chris C. of Nashville, the proud new owner of a Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner model!

Paul Altieri