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Express Your Love with a Rolex President

January 29, 2013

BY Paul Altieri


Play Cupid this year as you watch your sweetheart fall in love with the gorgeous Day-Date Presidential from Rolex. With Valentine’s day coming, these watches are definitely the best gifts to celebrate and distinguish your love. Although you won’t find any Heart-shaped rubies or arrow shaped designs, love will always surround the wearer of that Rolex.

Rolex Presidential Day Date.

An Evergold Rolex President.

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Know the Day, Know the Date

As many companies may design a “special” watch for Valentine’s day, it is only because of their stunning attraction that a Rolex Day-Date would make the cut for that Special V-Day gift. Lucky us, there is a Rose-Gold version of the Day-Date with the Presidential Wrist band, equipped with a stunning black face. Even if pink is the universal color for that special day of Love, we can assure you that this watch will be sported on St. Patrick’s Day: when the favored color is green! You will also find other dial colors on the Day-Date Presidential such as Silver/White, Pearl, and Ice blue. The Rolex President is a unique gift that will be adored forever, and a gift that will remind your significant other of you “time and time again.”

Rolex Presidential Day Date Rose Gold

The Rolex Day Date is an exceptional watch for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Rolex Day Date Presidential

Two different cases are offered for the face, a 36mm (which is known as simply the “Day-Date”) and a 41mm case (known as the “Day-Date II”). All Day-Date models also feature self-winding mechanics, eliminating any need for batteries. In addition to these models, since a diamond is typically necessary for a Valentine’s Day gift, you can also find the Super President which is engulfed in awe-inspiring diamonds on the band, face, and dial (also still available in Rose-Gold). Since the gifted would probably not ever remove this watch, you would also be assured that they will know the Day that February 14th would fall on (in 2013, a Thursday); as well as the day of your birthday when they may show their love with a Mercedes-Benz.





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