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Sports Watch: Federer’s Eighth Wimbledon Trophy!

Paul Altieri

In a dramatic Wimbledon final, tennis champ and Rolex ambassador, Roger Federer came back on top by defeating Marin Cilic, 6-3, 6-1, 6-4. This Wimbledon win for the Swiss native is his greatest achievement yet. Federer is now the only player to have won his eighth Wimbledon Trophy—surpassing Pete Sampras and William Renshaw. Plus, at 35 years old, Federer is the oldest man to win Wimbledon in the Open era! Taking a seat after his point to win the championship, Federer was visibly overcome with emotion, showing the world just how sweet this triumph was for him.


Cilic wanted Federer’s Eighth Wimbledon Trophy

Federer wasn’t the only shedding tears during the Wimbledon finals. Earlier in the match, Cilic was sobbing into his towel with his trainer and doctor by his side. It later came to light that this was due to a blister on his left foot. His painful sore rendered Cilic weak and pretty much defenseless against Federer, who took the victory after only one hour and 41 minutes.


Roger Federer’s Rolex Datejust 41 “Wimbledon”

As Federer proudly raised his eighth Wimbledon trophy above his head, his Rolex watch was in full view. For the occasion, Federer appropriately opted for the two-tone Rolex Datejust 41 with what is often referred to as the “Wimbledon” dial. This particular version replaces the now discontinued two-tone Rolex Datejust II with the “Wimbledon” dial.


Federer’s Rolesor Rolex sports a 41mm stainless steel case topped with a smooth yellow gold bezel and yellow gold winding crown. It’s presented on the matching two-tone Oyster bracelet. The gorgeous slate dial features black Roman numerals outlined in green—the official color of both Rolex and Wimbledon. It’s the perfect Rolex for his triumphant moment. In fact, at this moment, it perfectly encapsulates the Rolex slogan: “It doesn’t just tell time. It tells history.”


Mirka Federer’s Rolex President

As Federer’s proud wife, Mirka, cheered from the stands, we couldn’t help but notice her Rolex watch too. With her arm wrapped around their children during the trophy giving ceremony, Mirka’s wrist gleamed with a platinum Day-Date President. And not just any Rolex President, but a very special edition. Mirka’s Rolex is a Day-Date 40 that not only boasts precious platinum, but it’s also outfitted with a full pavé diamond dial and emerald bezel. Also, there are the stunning diamond and emerald baguettes as hour markers.


With 19 Grand Slams to his name, Federer is at the top of his game despite his age. He’s well on his way to claim another victory at the US Open in August later this year. Will the tennis legend get back the No. 1 world ranking? It’s a battle we’ll be watching closely!

Paul Altieri