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What’s on Your Wrist Wednesday

Paul Altieri

Wrist Wednesday

If there is one thing that Bob’s is, it’s fun! That’s why we’ve started our new weekly series, “What’s on Your Wrist Wednesday”, where our the employees at Bob’s Watches share what’s on their wrist (99% of the time it’s a used Rolex) with our Instagram followers.

Each Wednesday we will be scrolling through our social media channels and hand-selecting our favorite pictures we want to share with our followers. Stay tuned and keep on playing because you might be the next one on our list.

We typically love to see sports models from Rolex, like the Submariner, the GMT, the Daytona, you’re more than welcome to shoot the Datejust, one of the most popular watches that our customers ask for.

If you’re trying to get a few more followers or if you’re trying to get plugged into the watch community this is a great opportunity to share with us what you have on your wrist. Just send a few snaps of your watch and we can

Get Noticed

Now we are opening up our weekly watch celebration to all of you:

1. Follow us on Instagram.

2. Wear your favorite watch on Wednesday.

3. Snap a shot of your wrist and submit!

Participate in "What's on Your Wrist Wednesday"!
What’s On Your Wrist Wednesday! A chance to get featured on our social channels.

Simple enough, right? We want to share a few shots that we’ve seen so far. Take a look at @rolexdiver and @rolexaholics. Two Instagram accounts that we love to see. They post great material for their followers and in doing so have garnered many followers and became a recognized leader on their respective social channels.

Send us your awesome shots for a chance to get on Bob’s Watches Instagram page and get your name exposed to +100k people.

We’re looking forward to your submissions.




Paul Altieri