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‘Watch in the Box’ Video Series: Episode 6

Paul Altieri

You know what time it is – it’s time for the latest installment of our Watch in the Box video series! Episode 6 is out now!

Every week, countless packages get shipped to our Newport Beach headquarters from all around the world, and inside each box is a different luxury watch. Join us for Episode 6 of our Watch in the Box video series, where we pull aside one of the incoming boxes and open it up on camera, so that you can be part of the big reveal.

Episode 6

Watch in the Box: Episode 6

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Join us today for the 6th installment of our Watch in the Box video series, where we unbox a different luxury watch in each episode. Here at our Newport Beach headquarters, we receive thousands of timepieces from all over the world. Each watch has a story to tell, whether it be a classic Datejust or a modern Submariner. We never know what exactly will be in the box, so make sure to subscribe to see what we receive next week.

Today we unboxed the king of all dive watches, the Rolex Submariner. The iconic brand introduced the original model to market during the Basel Watch Fair in 1954. The first reference featured a stainless steel finish, a black bezel topped with a 60-minute diver’s scale, and luminous plots on the dial. Over sixty years later, the core design of the original Submariner remains, although it has evolved to make room for numerous upgrades.

The Rolex Submariner 116610 Features a Number of Welcomed Upgrades

The reference 116610 is the newest stainless steel Submariner that came to market in 2010 and was the first Submariner produced with a ceramic bezel insert. Patented by Rolex as “Cerachrom,” the ceramic insert is highly resistant to sun and saltwater and will not corrode, scratch, or fade as easily as its aluminum predecessors. This material will hold a rich hue and brings a crisp, contemporary aesthetic to the line, making it a popular choice among Rolex enthusiasts.

While the bezel is what attracts many collectors, that isn’t its only noteworthy feature of the ref. 116610 Submariner. The re-designed “Super Case” features larger crown guards and wider lugs, along with a “Maxi” dial that boasts wider hands and larger luminous plots in white gold, creating a slightly larger presence on the wrist than its 40mm diameter might suggest.

With the new case comes an upgraded bracelet with solid links and a folding Oysterlock safety clasp that won’t accidentally pop open while in the water. The clasp also features a Glidelock wetsuit extension system that allows the wearer to adjust the length of the bracelet without the use of any tools. Whether you’re using the dive extension to slide your Submariner over a wetsuit or to accommodate your wrist as it fluctuates during hot or humid weather, there’s no denying that the Glidelock is a pretty cool feature.

The example that we have here today also features Chromalight lume on the dial, which offers a bright blue glow for up to 8 continuous hours. Previous models were equipped with Super-LumiNova, which has its own redeeming qualities but takes a back seat to Chromalight in terms of favorability among avid collectors.

Within the case beats Rolex’s trusty self-winding Caliber 3135 movement, which has been around since the late 1980s and features a 48-hour power reserve and a blue Parachrom hairspring.

Aside from the iconic Datejust, the Submariner is one of the most common used Rolex watches for sale that we receive, and for a good reason. The line has seen many upgrades over the years and remains one of the brand’s most successful and instantly recognizable models.

Paul Altieri

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