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See What’s New – Live Shots from Baselworld 2017

Paul Altieri

While it’s still early days of the world’s largest watch show, browsing through the Rolex booth at Baselworld 2017, we see some standout themes across the new models.  Here are some new Rolex trends for 2017 as we see it.

Some love it.
There is much chatter about the Sea-Dweller. (Credit: @RolexDiver)

A Few New Rolex Trends To Keep An Eye On

In addition to the increasing of the new Sea-Dweller from 40mm to 43mm, it’s interesting to note that most of the new Rolex models presented this year are above 40mm. The revamped Yacht-Master II is 44mm, the new two-tone Sky-Dweller model is 42mm, and the steel and white Rolesor Datejust 41 watches are, naturally, 41mm. Unlike at SIHH where the trend was towards slimmer and smaller timepieces, Rolex’s emphasis this year is on their larger offerings.

The new Sea-Dweller got the most attention at Baselworld 2017.
This is the new Sea-Dweller from Rolex as they celebrate the 50th Anniversary. (Credit: @RolexDiver)

More accessible price points on some Rolex collections

“Affordable” is a matter of perspective in the world of Rolex, but there were indeed some more accessible price points across some collections. For instance, both the men’s Datejust 41 and Lady-Datejust 28 lines welcomed full stainless steel models. Rolex also added steel with 18k white gold fluted bezel models to both the men’s and women’s larger Datejust lines too. The Datejust 41 steel models start at $7,350 while the models with the white fluted bezel are retailing for $9,350. All of these are, of course, priced well below the preceding full gold and Everose gold two-tone models.

Furthermore, the Sky-Dweller—which was previously only in full gold—now has a Rolesor two-tone version in yellow gold and stainless steel. While $17,150 is still plenty of money, that price is much less than the $45,000+ retail cost of the yellow gold Sky-Dweller.

New Rolex Trends from baselworld 2017
A stunning Rolex Sky-Dweller with a blue dial. (Credit: @RolexDiver)

Cross-pollination of Rolex collections

The most notable trend, however, across the 2017 Rolex models was the cross-pollination of different collections. Translation: borrowing design elements from one collection for another. For example, the Sea-Dweller now has a Cyclops lens, just like all other Rolex date models (except for the Deepsea). Also, the Yacht-Master II now houses new Mercedes-style hands like the Submariner and the GMT-Master. What’s more, gold Daytona chronographs are now available with a flexible Oysterflex bracelet—a strap originally reserved for the Yacht-Master line. And finally, the Yacht-Master 40 now looks a lot like the Pearlmaster jewelry watch with its multicolored gem-set bezel.

New Rolex Trends
Two Rolex Daytona watches side by side with an Oysterflex band. (Credit: @RolexDiver)

There were some definite hits and some misses for Rolex at Baselworld 2017. It’ll be interesting to see what Rolex enthusiasts and the media have to say in the coming weeks. What are your thoughts on the new 2017 Rolex models? Which are your favorites? Which are your least favorites?

Paul Altieri
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