Hit The Slopes With These Powdery White Watches

Paul Altieri

It might feel like spring is around the corner – or that it should be, at least. But in terms of ski season, there’s still a good chunk of time left to hit the slopes, feel the wind on your face and crush some serious pow. Is that right? I don’t ski. But if I did, these are the powdery white watches I’d want to be seen wearing for the occasion.

white watches
The Rolex Daytona was designed for the race track, but it will look just as good on the slopes this winter.

Rolex ‘Polar’ Explorer II

white watches
Ready for adventure and fitted with a crisp white dial, the Rolex “polar” Explorer II makes a perfect timekeeping companion for the ski slopes.

C’mon, did you really think I could start this list of white watches with anything else? It has polar in the name, after all. Now, this here is an awesome ‘Polar’ Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570 with all the features we adore from this model including the stark white face and those luminous markers outlined in black. Did you check out that orange 24-hour hand too? So sharp. This watch was also just built for adventure – featuring a durable stainless steel exterior, reliable automatic caliber 3187 movement, and a highly visible crisp-white dial.


Omega ‘White Side of the Moon’ Speedmaster

white watches
With its white ceramic case, the Omega Speedmaster ‘White Side of the Moon’ is one of the post powdery white watches currently available (Image: Omega).

This watch might be inspired by the gleaming white moon in the night sky, but I can’t help but be reminded of slippery ski slopes when looking at this watch. What’s really cool about this watch is that the entire thing is white – from the uniquely white oversized 44.25mm ceramic case, to the face, bezel, and strap. The hour markers have been kept white too, with the minute track in black for an utterly simple and clean look. But, I do love how they kept the red ‘Speedmaster’ name up top at 12 o’clock, along with the matching red second hand. If you want to get really cool – opt for the icy version with a bezel encrusted with 74 diamonds and a shimmering mother of pearl face.


Rolex Daytona with White Dial

white watches
Whether you wear it to the slopes or the race track, the Rolex Daytona is an absolute classic.

This racing watch was built with a tachymeter bezel to help measure driving speeds, but you might as well use it to time out your runs down the mountain. Plus, that beautiful white face featuring those beloved, world-famous sub-dials may be enough to distract the competition as you zip by. This Rolex Daytona ref. 116520 is a newer model with the caliber 4130 movement that totally embraces this watch’s symbol of speed and high style – so if you’re heading a chalet in the Alps or skiing down to a cabin in Aspen, this is the white watch you’re going to want to wear. Plus, since it’s built to withstand the wear and tear of racing, you can bet this watch will be a great companion for the slopes.


Paul Altieri

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