Rolex DateJust – The First Watch with a Date

When you look around at watches today of all kinds they have alarms, counters, heart beat monitors, everything you can think of. A much overlooked part of many watches is the ability to view the date as well as the time. Back in the early 1900s there was no such thing as the date on a watch.

Datejust History

Back in the early 1900s there was no such thing as date on a watch.

Datejust History

It simply didn’t exist; either the technology or the imagination had yet to spark to create the often overlooked and taken for granted part of the watch. This part of the watch wasn’t introduced until Rolex Datejust collection came into existence.

Rolex Datejust History

Rolex Turn-O-Graph “Thunderbird” ref. 116261 is under the Datejust collection as it still features the date.


1945 was a very important year for the world as it finally dragged itself out of one of the most deadly wars in the history of the world. The Swiss being a generally neutral country in the many world conflicts had much more time to develop its many, less geared towards war, industries and one of these industries was, of course, the luxury watch industry. It was only fitting that Rolex, the leading Swiss watch company, came out with the first watch ever to include the date as well as the time in 1945 at the very end of the war. To show the world what could be done when peace was taken advantage of instead of war. This watch became iconic all over the world rightfully named the Rolex DateJust. While it is not a military watch, it certainly fulfills another need. Class.

Datejust History

1945 was a very important year for the world

The DateJust is possibly the most widespread and popular version of Rolex watch in world. There have been hundreds of different models made with varying designs and style and the DateJust soon became synonymous with the Rolex Company. Rolex later incorporated the date into almost all of their other watches including the Submariner and GMT-Master II, but the Rolex DateJust will always be known as the first. You can never go wrong with this model of watch because you are truly buying a piece of history. If you’re not sure where to begin here is a guide to get you started. Who knows what the next innovation from Rolex will be and if we will need another World War to see it.

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