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Rolex Explore 16550

Rare Rolex Explorer Cream Dial

The history behind every single Rolex model is really amazing. There are so many interesting stories, people, places, and events associated with Rolex it is really astounding when you look at it all. How this watch has made such a huge impact on our entire world I will never know but it certainly has. The Rolex Explorer is no exception to this rule there is a rich and full history behind this watch first introduced in 1953. It has since become a very popular model among explorers and average Joes alike and as all Rolex watches are, is an extremely good looking watch.

Like most other Rolex models the Explorer received its name in an interesting fashion. The story behind the explorer is a little more interesting than behind most Rolex models. In the true epitome of exploration Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first men to ascend to the peak of Mt. Everest the largest mountain in the entire world. This was one of the greatest feats of man ever and on par with the lunar landing and Columbus’s journey to the New World. Norgay and Hillary were, of course, both wearing Rolex watches in their ascent of the mountain because at the time they were among the only timepieces that could handle such extreme conditions. In this expedition a new model of Rolex was born, the Explorer. Now every Rolex Explorer is made in the spirit of this great feat, but you don’t have to be an explorer to wear and enjoy one.

Certain types of Rolex Explorer watches have become extremely rare and sought after by collectors worldwide. One particular model is the Explorer 16550 with an all cream dial. These watches, if well kept and with the original paperwork can be worth thousands of dollars. The Rolex Explorer is truly an amazing watch and has become another iconic model for Rolex after over 50 years of existence.

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