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Bob’s Watches Summer Sunglasses Guide

July 24, 2018

BY Paul Altieri


Unless you have a massive amount of watches to choose from, chances are you won’t be switching out your timepieces that often…

Sunglasses are an incredibly easy, cost-effective, way to change up your look with minimal effort. After all, more people are staring at your face than your wrist. Every year, it seems like there are more and more styles of sunglasses making their way to the mannequins. Unfortunately, not every style of sunglasses can work for everyone. So, to make sure you look your best, we have compiled our shortlist of the top sunglasses to wear this summer.

Pink Round Evolve Sunglasses from Ray Ban

Ray Ban “Round Evolve” – $180

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The New Classic – Ray Ban “Round Evolve” in Pink and Gold

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Really? Pink?” To which I say, “Yes – Pink.”

It may have been a while since you’ve rocked something with pink, but there’s no denying this color is having something of a renaissance as of late. And, even tough we tend to gravitate toward timeless and understated elegance around these parts, the rose-colored hues paired with this classic gold-trimmed style make for something special. Pair with an oversized, floral-patterned shirt and your most comfortable chinos, and you’re set to take on any summer-time soirée in style.

Raleigh Raen Sunglasses

Raleigh by Raen – $200

Something Old, Something New – Raen “Raleigh” Sunglasses

Raen might not be a household name yet, but they have been killing the sunglasses game for years. The Southern California based optics company is firmly rooted in surf culture, making them experts in summer-time eyewear. The Raleigh style of sunglasses blends the classic aviator bridge with a hint of art-deco influence and a dash of minimalism. These sunglasses may not be for everyone, but for those bold enough to try to pull them off, they will be perfect.

McQueen 714 Persol Sunglasses

The King of Cool Persol “714” – $500

King of Cool – Persol “McQueen 714” in Tortoise

Steve McQueen’s signature sunglasses are undoubtedly one of the most memorable parts of his persona. Persol makes sunglasses honoring his favorite style of sunnies, featuring a rounded bridge and key-hole nose cut out. What’s more, these sunglasses can fold up for quick, easy storage. Whether you are laying out at the beach, or driving around town in a convertible, the 714 sunglasses from Persol will never look out of place. Wearing these iconic sunglasses won’t make you as cool as Steve McQueen, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.


Durand Sunglasses Warby Parker

Durand by Warby Parker – $100

Do It For The Kids – Warby Parker “Durand”

For every pair of sunglasses you buy from Warby Parker, they donate a pair of glasses to child who has none. If that doesn’t warm your heart you’re dead inside. But aside from doing good, you get to save money without compromising your aesthetic. These sunglasses ooze cool, and are built to last. They may not carry the same gravitas as Ray Ban or Persol, but they are every bit as stylish (maybe more so). Pair these sunnies with a t-shirt and shorts or with your favorite seersucker suit.

Watts Sun from Oliver Peoples

Watts Sun from Oliver Peoples – $600

Aviators Done Right – The Watts Sun from Oliver Peoples

Aviator style sunglasses have been the unofficial sponsors of summertime for forever. Previously the exclusive dominion of motorcycle cops and Top Gun fanatics, aviators have undergone some much needed refinement. These sunglasses were designed by Oliver Peoples in collaboration with one of Instagram’s original influencers: Jordan Watson. The result: an incredibly sophisticated and understated version of the classic style first introduced to us by Ray Ban. Not only are these sunglasses ridiculously cool, but the filigree on the bridge, eye-wire and arms, gives these shades an added depth the wearer can appreciate.





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