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Rolex Wardrobe: Outfit Essentials for Busy Professionals

April 8, 2018

BY Paul Altieri


Building a professional wardrobe or a capsule collection of clothing suitable for executive functions and business travel often entails a little trial and error. No matter your age or industry experience, having an edited closet full of key pieces will make you more of a star player.

Whether you’re going to be rocking a gold Submariner, a GMT, or any type of Rolex watch, see our guide to dress like a stud.

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A Rolex Worthy Wardrobe

Here are our tips for mastering the art of cultivating a closet full of classic pieces.

Rolex Wardrobe

A set of shoes such as these oxfords can make or break your outfit. (Credit: Live About)

  1. The Oxford

The foundation of a successful wardrobe is often relegated to the basics—a simple Ivy league staple, the classic men’s dress shirt in white, pale blue or light gray is a non-negotiable.

Rolex Wardrobe

A simple crewneck is always an excellent touch. (Credit: Lyst)

  1. Classic Crewneck

Beloved by the likes of Prince Harry, David Beckham, and Tom Brady (who loves Heuer), a classic cotton crewneck jumper will be the ultimate layering piece to add to a wardrobe fit for all seasons.

Rolex Wardrobe

These suits are easily be worn wherever you go. (Credit: Groupon)

  1. Single-Breasted Suit

No man can be without the classic dark navy suit. From business luncheons to impromptu coffee meetings, a modest but mighty power suit is a must.

Rolex Wardrobe

A Gold Rolex Submariner ref. 16618 is always a nice touch.

  1. Gold Submariner 16618

The workingman’s wardrobe would not be complete without a statement-making and confidence boosting watch. Whether white or yellow gold, a classic Rolex is a near perfect finishing touch on a timeless wardrobe. The international symbol of success.

Rolex Wardrobe

A pair of dark wash jeans always adds a great touch. (Credit: DSTLD)

  1. Dark Wash Denim

Even the busiest exec needs a pair of off-duty denim in a blue wash to complete a solid professional wardrobe. A slim fit style with a low rise will tick all the right boxes.





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