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How To Find The Serial And Model Number On Your Rolex

By Paul Altieri
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Your Rolex model (style) number can be found on your Rolex paperwork listed as a model or style number. If you do not have your paperwork please follow the instructions in the below video to find your model number.

how to find a model number on a rolex

The most common question we get at Bob’s Watches is, “How do I find the serial numbers on my Rolex?” or “Where can I find my model number on my Rolex?”. It’s easy! All you need is a push pin, your watch and a little patience. If you are a visual person or like video tutorials, be sure to check out are latest “how to Rolex” video that gives you step by step instruction on how to find these vital numbers. Knowing what the serial or model number is will help you sell your Rolex and help appraisal the Rolex’s worth.


rolex serial numbers database - Bob's Watches


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