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Rolex Watches – An Epitome of Eminence

November 21, 2012

BY Paul Altieri


Rolex watches are highly revered. It is a symbol of style and luxury, which was founded in the year 1908 in Germany by Hans Wilsdorf. During this time, pocket watches were most commonly produced by Swiss watch manufacturers because technology for miniature fittings were not yet perfected and accurate. Wilsdorf, a perfectionist, has enhanced the standards hence the development of smaller and accurate movements. This marked the transition from bulky watches to smaller timepieces for the wrist.

Rolex datejust with diamonds

This Rolex Watch is a Datejust covered in diamonds.

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Delving Deep into the Legacy

The School of Horology based in Switzerland had given the company an award for being the first wristwatch with chronometer rating in the world. This particular award – Chronometer Award – emphasized the accuracy and so Wilsdorf focused in enhancing the reliability of the timepieces. This lead to the development of waterproof watch called the Oyster.

The Collection

Since the early days, Rolex has been consistent in their production of top quality watches, which continues today. The Prince was introduced in 1928 that features dual dial and rectangular case. Rotor followed in 1931, which features the semicircular plate moving by means of gravity.

In 1960s, Rolex introduced a manual-wound watch made from stainless steel for Paul Newman called Cosmograph Daytona that featured flashy dial but it did not grab its expected success. By 1980s, a new interest for the watch developed and was re-launched hence the updated Daytona was released in 1991.

Wingate’s Rolex

Wingate is one of the places that offer a variety of popular Rolex watches both for men and women such as Datejust, Cellini, President, Yacht-Master and Daytona.

This Rolex watch was produced as an anniversary model.

The Rolex Anniversary Daytona ref. 116506 is made of platinum and it is a trending item on the market.

Rolex has Both Style and Grace

Rolex has moved beyond just a timepiece as it is also a precision instrument – a part of the user and a statement anyone makes as they wear them every day. However, there is no need to be a popular icon to wear Rolex – anyone can wear this as a fine piece of jewelry, timeless and valuable.

Rolex make a Perfect Luxury Gift

Rolex is one of the best gifts to give loved ones on special occasions. It is in itself making a statement about the relationship between the giver and receiver – a timeless piece that lasts throughout a lifetime or probably even beyond.

As a gift for men, Rolex watches are statements of confidence while for women it means commitment, admiration, and faithfulness.

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Exclusive Designs and Dimensions of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are designed both for men and women and could mean style and masculinity or elegance and fashion. It is like catching a glimpse of the user’s personality and preference.

Used Rolex Watches –An affordable way to own the valuable piece

Rolex remains valuable over time and used Rolex watches are still capturing the market. A used Rolex watch is a good way to acquire these timepieces at very affordable price. Previous owners tend to take care of these watches hence quality and status is still preserved.

However, it is important to buy Rolex watches at established dealers even though counterfeits are easy to recognize under close inspection.





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