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Rolex Daytona is Really Spelled A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E-R

June 13, 2011

BY Paul Altieri


Daytona Rolex

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Rolex Daytona

There are few things more exciting in life than hugging the road in a hot sports car. Whether racing along the coast, around mountainous roads, or through the heart of town one thing is certain. The soul enjoys the thrill of hearing the engine roar and watching the world quickly pass by the open window.  The child deep down inside loves to pretend that it is on a race track near victory. The checkered flag waving down the last straightaway.

This Rolex Daytona ref 116506 is made of platinum.

Rolex Annivesary Daytona ref. 116506

Rolex 24

While manning one’s sports car in his imaginary world, he may even dream of sporting a Daytona watch as famous Formula 1 drivers have for decades. Rolex developed the watch in 1963 to meet the rigors of 24 hours straight racing on tracks that are only 20 percent illuminated at night. Named after the Daytona International Speedway, the Daytona was designed as an ultimate timing tool for drivers participating in endurance races.  There are many features that set the watch apart from others including the second’s hand that allows for an accurate reading of 1/8 second and the two counters at 9 and 3 o’clock that measure time in hour and minute increments. For the fashion conscience, the watch is unbelievably sleek and classy beyond all compare.

This blacked out Rolex Daytona ref. 116500 is a watch to keep.

Rolex Daytona ref. 116500

Bob’s Watches has an extensive inventory of used Rolex watches for the adventurer, including the used Rolex Daytona. Save money and time by purchasing perfectly conditioned, used Rolex watches! You’ll be amazed at how much you can save. You will be able to put more money away for your next luxury sports car or a trip to an exciting racing event. Rolex 24 is an event worth visiting if you love the Daytona.

This Rolex Daytona is a two-tone watch with gold and stainless steel.

Any Rolex Daytona has incredible accuracy counting down to 1/8 of a second.

Ordering is fast and easy, which will inspire the racer within! Simply browse through our collection of used Rolex Ceramic Daytona and other pre-owned Rolex watches collection or call and speak to one of our Rolex Specialists directly at 800-494-3708. Bob’s dares you to never give up on the adventurer within as you navigate the many raceways of life!





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