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The Most Expensive Rolex Watch Ever Sold

August 10, 2012

BY Paul Altieri


Curious as to which Rolex watch has sold for the most cash in history? According to the Business Insider, the Rolex Chronograph takes the cake as the most expensive Rolex sold. Selling for a reported $1.16 million as part of a Christie’s auction in Geneva in May of 2011, the 1942 Rolex Chronograph is one of 12 developed and only one of eight in existence. This

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Got Money?

Originally designed for famous racecar drivers in Italy, the Rolex 4113 allows for its wearer to split seconds and keep precise time while zooming around the track. The watch’s durable stainless steel case was exceptionally made and it continues to tick with perfection 70 years after its inception. This along with a few other details make this watch cost more than just a pretty penny.

rolex chronograph sells for $1.16 million, the Most Expensive Rolex.

This Rolex Chronograph sold for a whopping $1.16 million.

Pin-Pointing The Value

It is believed that the 12 Rolex Chronograph 4113 watches were given as gifts to the likes of Stefano La Motta, Barone di Salinella, and other famed racers who sat behind the wheel of exotic cars such as the Ferrari 166S Spyder. Racers depended on the split second time markers found on the watch’s classic dial to track their lap times with perfection.

Racecar drivers around the world continue to be impressed by Rolex’s race-specific watches such as the pre-owned Daytona 116528, Rolex Daytona 16518, Rolex Daytona 11653, and several others. Beyond the racetrack, the Daytona Rolex is a favorite of professional athletes, innovators, and entrepreneurs around the world.

As proven by the most expensive vintage Rolex Chronograph, the pre-owned luxury watch market reveres history-rich vintage Rolex watches. This is why it is extremely important for Rolex Collectors to understand the history of their Rolex watches and how to properly maintain them.

There are a wealth of sources on the Internet and several Rolex experts out there to help. Whether you currently own a vintage Rolex DateJust, vintage Rolex Daytona, vintage Rolex Day-Date, or other model, you may be surprised as to its worth. You also may have the power to sell pre-owned Rolex for a substantial amount of cash.

Each Rolex watch tells a story…we dare you to dig into history and discover the history of your Rolex!

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge on the top 5 most expensive watches from Rolex that were sold you can read more on therichest.com.




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