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Five Adventurers Honored in the 2012 Rolex Global Awards

June 27, 2012

BY Paul Altieri


The Rolex Company recently honored five exceptional adventurers for their ability to explore, conserve, heal, and/or catalog the natural world. The honorees were provided a prize of $105,000 and valuable Rolex chronometer watch to help them further their world-changing causes. The 2012 Rolex Global Awards went to Sergei Bereznuk of Russia, Mark Kendall of Australia, Erika Cuellar of Bolivia, Barbara Block of the United States, and Aggrey Otieno of Kenya. Each of them has decided to give their all to make a difference, and Rolex is proud to honor their efforts.

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5 People

Grab the Submariner as it can be taken deep into the waters. Bereznuk has dared to protect Siberian tigers through the Fund, Kendall is a bioengineer and is currently developing a “nanopatch” to eliminate syringes and needles for vaccinations, Cuellar is a conservation biologist working to preserve the Gran Chaco wilderness, Block is an explorer who has been focused on developing technology used to monitor marine predators in North America’s Pacific Coast, and Otieno is dedicated to helping pregnant women and babies gain access to obstetric care through a telemedicine center.

Not only are they honoring those who make the world a better place, there are also those who are pushing the limits of the world.

Rolex Global Award

The Rolex Company has developed the yearly award as a commitment to honoring the many great minds and adventurous souls who work to better the planet on a daily basis. In providing a unique Rolex chronometer to each award recipient, the goal is to help each individual further their cause, while keeping precise time.

Rolex chronometer watches on the Rolex Submariner, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Explorer, Rolex DateJust, Rolex DeepSea, and more. Award recipients received the watch that best fits their needs. For instance, Block may have been provided a Rolex DeapSea because of its waterproof case technologies that make diving deep into the sea a possibility.

The Submariner was awarded for the Rolex Global Award honoring five people. (img: Bob's Watches)

Rolex Submariner No Date ref. 114060 is an excellent watch for measuring time.

On the other hand, it is possible that those whose missions are accomplished on land were given a Rolex Explorer or Rolex DateJust. Regardless of which watch each award recipient is now wearing on their wrist, they can be sure that their chronometer timepiece is precise, versatile, and durable.

May the world be inspired to look further into the lives of the 2012 Rolex Global Award winners, as they are an example of excellence and dedication!




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