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Sporty President: The Rolex Day-Date 118235

May 3, 2018

BY Paul Altieri


Although the Rolex Day-Date 118235 got its nickname in part because of the President bracelet it typically comes with, the watch is also available with the Oyster bracelet. The flatter links of Oyster bracelet are more casual than the curvy links of the President bracelet. So if you’re looking for a luxury dress watch that flaunts a sportier side too, then look no further than a Rolex Day-Date with an Oyster bracelet.

Day-Date 118235

The Day-Date is all time classic watch.

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Everose Gold Rolex Day-Date 118235

This Rolex Day-Date ref 118235 is made of a unique gold. The Everose is the Rolex-patented rose gold alloy that’s characterized by its distinct look and resistance to fading. It made its big debut in 2005.

Day-Date 118235

The distinct Everose Gold by Rolex was introduced in 2005.

The Day-Date ref. 118235 also has the fluted bezel for a dressier touch—a traditional complement to the Roman numerals on this particular dial. Contrasting with the more formal fluted bezel and Roman numerals is, however, the laid-back Oyster bracelet. Running through the center of the Oyster bracelet are the polished center links, flanked by satin finished ones. Topping off the bracelet is the folding hidden Crownclasp for optimal comfort and security.

Everose Gold Day-Date.

Rolex Day-Date 36 watches all run on the in-house Rolex 3155 Caliber

The Rolex Day-Date 36 watches all run on the in-house Rolex 3155 Caliber automatic movements with 48 hours of power reserve. This self-winding caliber offers instantaneous day and date, meaning that both calendar functions “jump” to the next after midnight rather than a slow change over a longer period of time. Above that, the 3155 also provides the double quickset feature, permitting the adjustment of the day and the date independent from the hour hand. And finally, there’s also the stop seconds component. As its name suggests, this means that the seconds hand stops when the winding crown is out. All these changes through time since the start of the Rolex Day-Date makes it a watch that truly stands out.

While it’s certainly more common for the Rolex Day-Date to don the President bracelet, the Oyster bracelet offers a nice change of pace. What do you think of the Day-Date with the Oyster bracelet? Do you like it or do you prefer the President bracelet?





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