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Get the best deal on a used Rolex watch at The Rolex Exchange – Bob’s Watches.  We have a wide and constantly changing selection of pre-owned Rolex watches like the iconic Submariner collection for sale to fit any lifestyle or budget.  And while we do not guarantee the absolute lowest price on a particular watch, they almost always are.  So if you are looking for a reputable dealer of authentic used Rolex watches, we invite you to browse through our selection and compare our prices.  We are the only online retailer that both buys and sells used, preowned Rolex watches with published prices.  This offers transparency to anyone looking to sell a Rolex watch or buy one for that matter.

Why Buy From Bob’s?

  • Value:  We offer the best values of any retailer. Our Rolex watch prices are the best guaranteed.
  • Trust:   We place customer satisfaction ahead of profits so your complete satisfaction is paramount.


Since we first launched this site and this page back in 2010, a lot has happened.   First and foremost, Bob’s Watches has become the largest and most trusted place to buy or sell a vintage or used Rolex watch.  Sales in 2018 exceeded $45 million growing over 40%. And secondly, worldwide demand for these amazing timepieces have skyrocketed beyond supply making it impossible to walk into an authorized Rolex retailer anywhere and buy a current model like the new Rolex GMT 126710 or the Rolex Daytona 116500.  This now makes price a secondary consideration when buying most of these popular sport models.  Availability is now what is driving our Rolex marketplace.

An Interview with a Rolex Expert About Buying Used Rolex Watches

At Bob’s Watches, we are surrounded by “Rolex Experts” that can give you a laundry list of Rolex facts. As people who love the Rolex brand, they don’t mind sharing some of their knowledge to help our customers buy the best used Rolex watches on the market (for the best price). This is a brief interview we conducted with our one of our experts about used Rolex’s in general.  So if you are searching for “used Rolex watches”, or even  “used Rolex watches Los Angeles” you have found the best place.Used Rolex

Bob: Asking the Questions

Rolex Expert: Giving the Answers

Question #1: What is the most important thing to look for when you buy used Rolex watches?

Answer #1: That’s a great question, with a very simple answer. TRUST. Especially when you are investing in something as monumental as a Rolex, you want to know that the person or company you are buying the watch from is reliable and honest. The worst stories I hear are people getting taken for a ride with a fake. It’s just sad. When you are looking to buy used Rolex watches, you need to see the companies credentials, make sure the photo’s are of the actual watch you are buying and look at customer reviews, there is no better way to get an honest gauge of a company then to Google what people are saying about them.

Question #2: Which used Rolex is the best investment?

Answer #2: It’s hard to say… the way I look at a used Rolex’s worth or value, is like the stock market- your investment will go up and it will go down. Right now the used Sub is a hot ticket item, we have a lot of calls and emails everyday at Bob’s Watches asking if we got any new used Submariners in- and once we get them they fly off our shelves. Other then the Submariners, the used Rolex Presidents are also very popular, a great Rolex to buy and then hold onto for a long time.

Question #3: How often do you come across fakes and how long does it take for you to discover that a Rolex is authentic.

Answer #3: Surprisingly enough, 99% of the time we only see real Rolex’s at Bob’s Watches… I like how serious our clients are about selling us the very best, and I think they know that we have a very meticulous eye for what is real and what is not. If we do come across one, we send the watch back and advise the client to return the watch to whomever they bought it from. It doesn’t take very long to figure out if a Rolex is real or not. There are certain things that you can look for, such as the serial and model number of the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock side of the lug.

Question #4: If you could buy any used Rolex on the market today, which one would it be.

Answer #4: That’s tough, it’s like picking a favorite among your children, but if I had to pick I would say the used Rolex Milgauss 1164006V. The watch is beautifully made; the perfect size and it comes in a really sharp green anniversary color. It’s just a great addition for any Rolex collection.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with our Rolex Expert about used Rolex watches, if you have any questions feel free to call us at the office, 800-494-3708.

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Used Rolex Watches at Bob’s

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