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A Closer Look at the Rolex GMT Root Beer

October 24, 2017

BY Paul Altieri


The Rolex GMT Master comes in several bezel, metal, and dial options. The popularity of the GMT Root Beer has grown considerably in the decades since its release and is no longer in production, making the two-tone Root Beer GMT 16753 an incredible find.

GMT 16753

A GMT-Master 16753 is a has a Root Beer bezel.

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The first Rolex GMT Root Beer enters the scene

Rolex developed the GMT Master in 1954, as a solution to the aviation world’s need for a timepiece that could track time as pilots traveled through various time zones.  The result was a sports watch that included a 24-hour bezel that could be set against the GMT hand on the dial to track local and home times simultaneously.  Since its release, the GMT Master has grown into an impressive collection of feature sets.

Prior to reference 16753, the GMT Master pilot’s watch was only available in either stainless steel or yellow gold. With the development of the GMT Master 16753, however, the GMT Master became available in a steel and gold variation and was found with either a black or brown bezel.  Today our focus is on the brown bezel, or what is commonly referred to as the “Root Beer” bezel.

GMT 16753

The GMT 16753 has a 24-hour hand, the perfect solution for travelers.

The Root Beer bezel is distinct, utilizing a brown and cream insert.  Its resemblance to the popular soda was the inspiration behind its beloved nickname.  The bezel is often accompanied by a brown dial with gold accents, lending itself to a few other nicknames as well.  First is the “Nipple Dial”, named after the gold nipple hour markers that adorn the GMT Master 16753.  Another nickname, however more uncommon, is the Tiger Eye or Tiger Augen after its resemblance to the precious stone by the same name.

The two-tone Rolex GMT Master reference 16753 is also referred to as the “Clint Eastwood”.  The legendary actor’s favorite Rolex model, Clint Eastwood was often spotted wearing a Root Beer GMT Master.  In fact, he loved his Root Beer GMT so much that it even made an appearance in his 1982 flick, Firefox.

A versatile and affordable option

The Root Beer bezel looks striking when paired with a sophisticated leather strap.  A versatile choice, the leather strap Root Beer GMT Master reference 16753 is suitable for the boardroom or the cockpit of a commercial jet.  Additionally, the Rolex GMT Master price that will appeal to a broad range of customers, from those who are looking for their first unique Rolex purchase to experienced collectors.GMT 16753





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