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The Men’s Rolex Cellini Collection: An Overview

Paul Altieri

Have you heard of the Rolex Cellini Collection but aren’t sure of the details that surround it? According to the Rolex Company, the collection was developed in celebration of sculptor and goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini and the ideal timepiece for those who have a true appreciation of true artistry. Also, it is given the designation as the first watch in history that was produced in large quantities that gained chronometric certification.

Cellini is a watch nearly as old as Rolex.
This Rolex Cellini is a watch that displays two time zones.

Cellini Models

  • The Prince – First released in 1928, the Rolex Prince quickly became known for its chronometric precision and beautiful avant-garde rectangular shape. The timeless watch is a favorite of Rolex collectors seeking classic features such as manually-wound mechanical movement. Additionally, the watch includes a transparent caseback that showcases its chronometric performance. There are a number of stylistic options for those looking for the unique. The Prince is versatile enough to be worn in both dressy and casual settings.
  • Cestello – This charming Rolex timepiece features a classic round dial, genuine leather bracelet, and beautiful sapphire crystal. It is the ideal watch for those looking for handsome and classic elegance.
  • Danaos – Perfect for the luxury watch collector who desires a cutting-edge and high-style design, while enjoying its old-world hand wound watch movement.

The Cellini collection often goes unnoticed by the majority of luxury watch aficionados; however, when an individual comes in contact with one of the models, it is hard to shake the impression it leaves. Each watch is truly a work of art and transports its wearer into an age in which high-fashion was a way of life.v

Rolex Cellini Omigra Collection
Rolex Cellini: When art meets class.

In order to reveal its commitment to the arts, the Rolex Company associates the Cellini with the likes of Gustavo Dudamel, the Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and other innovators in the arts. Artists of all persuasions are often wowed by the artistry behind the collection.

While they may be hard to find pre-owned Rolex Cellini’s are a great investment in today’s market place. To learn more about the inspiring line of luxury Rolex watches, try Googling Rolex Cellini and Rolex Cellini reviews.

Paul Altieri