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Rolex Watch Fact Sheet

If you currently own or are considering purchasing a Rolex timepiece, it is likely you have questions about how the watch works and how to use its different features. We have gathered information on some of the most common features as well as suggestions for proper maintenance of your luxury timepiece.

Setting the Time on a Rolex Watch

While Rolex models are known for their precision, there are times when you may need to adjust or reset the time on your watch. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Unscrew the Crown - The watch’s crown is the round stem that is located on the side of the watch case at the 3 o'clock position. Gently rotate the crown to unscrew it.
  • Gently Extend the Stem – Once you have unscrewed the crown, extend its stem by gently pulling the crown away from the watch case. You should feel the stem extending across several notches. Note that the time-adjusting notch is at the end where the stem stops extending from the case.
  • Adjust the Time – Once the stem is fully extended you can turn the crown gently to more the watch’s hands.
  • Return the Crown to Its Original Position – Once the time has been set gently push the stem back into the case and screw the crown in completely. Be sure you completely screw the crown in to maintain the watch’s water-resistance ability.

If you reset the time, there is a chance you might need to wind the watch. If you find that the watch is not running, gently unscrew the crown and extend the stem to the winding position. Turn the stem to wind the watch then gently push the crown back in.

Using the Rolex Quickset Feature

The Rolex Quickset feature is an extremely convenient innovation. With this feature you can set the date without turning the hour hand, saving you time. This feature was added to many Rolex watches beginning in the 1970s and since the 1980s is standard.

Without the quickset feature you would be left to make multiple 24-hour rotations of the hour hand to change the date. Similar to the time-setting function, the quickset has a notch, or position, on the crown stem. The quickset feature notch is closer to the case than the time-adjusting position. When you place the stem at this position, turn the crown clockwise to quickly change the date.

Understanding the Rolex Automatic Movement

Rolex has been an innovative watch making company since its foundation. The Rolex automatic movement is one of its greatest innovations, allowing the watch to run without requiring manual winding each day. Unlike many modern and cheap watches, the Rolex automatic movement does not rely on battery power. Instead, it is powered by the simple movement of a wrist. The way the movement is intricately designed keeps the watch going as long as it receives some sort of movement within a 48-hour period. Even if you only wear your Rolex for a short time every day, it will keep itself wound.

If you do not wear your Rolex watch every day, the automatic movement could stop working. However, once you move it gently for a few moments the movement will begin running again. If it does not begin running, you will need to wind the watch.