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Gold Rolex

There's something to be said about a person wearing a gold Rolex watch. For starters, the Rolex name itself is synonymous with executive, luxury, and sophistication. Add 18k and words such as prestigious, honorary, and high stature are commonly used. At Bob’s Watches, we offer a large selection of pre-owned gold Rolexes, inspected and verified 100% original.

Why choose gold over silver or platinum when selecting a metal? You are an amazing person. Therefore, you should be complimented by a color and metal that reassures your confidence in that fact. Try on a Gold or Stainless Steel Submariner, vintage silver Rolex, a platinum Yachtmaster or President, and then try on something in gold. Look in the mirror, walk around a bit. How do you feel? Which watch, without a reasonable doubt, gives you that feeling you’re looking for?

Still not sure if a gold Rolex is right for you? Fashion consultants spend their entire lives matching people to the clothes and accessories that maximize the radiance and attraction a person have and draw to themselves. Search Google, Yahoo! or Bing for “fashion consultant you_city_here” to find a list of experts in your area.

Gold Attributes on Rolexes

Maybe you're not interested in your Rolex being 100% gold. It's possible that you're primarily interested in a Rolex with a gold band or a gold face. Here are a few favorites we recommend, but feel free to search our store to find a special model or attribute you have in mind.

Ladies Gold Rolex

Womens Rolex watches are warn by wives of presidents, women executives, and ladies who truly understand and value fashion. No ladies luxury watch stacks up to a womens DateJust, a womens Yacht-Master or especially to a womens President. See for yourself by viewing everything we have in stock for ladies.

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