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Certified Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

Purchasing a pre-owned Rolex offers prospective buyers an excellent way of owning one of Rolex’s legendary Oyster Perpetual watches at a much more accessible price point. Additionally, purchasing a secondhand Rolex is the only way of attaining certain vintage references that are no longer in production.

All our watches come with an optional and independent third party certification report issued by WatchCSA, the leading authority on watch certification. In order for a used Rolex watch to become genuinely certified authentic, it goes through a comprehensive certification process that includes rigorous criteria and meticulously performed procedures. Buy With Confidence. Get the best used watch buying experience when you purchase with us. 

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Certified Pre-Owned Rolex Sample Report

certified pre-owned rolex watches

A Valuable Timepiece That Holds It's Value

Much like previously owned jewelry, Swiss-made, luxury watches – especially Rolex - hold their value relatively well over time. As a result, they frequently come up for sale on the secondary market when their owners no longer want them, or are in need of cash. Rolex is the most famous luxury watch manufacturer in the entire world, and the exclusivity and desirability of their products has made them a frequent target for scams and theft.

Due to the large number of counterfeit and stolen Rolex watches in existence, it is important for prospective buyers to be able to verify that the watches they intend to purchase are authentic, and that they have not at any point been stolen from their original owners.

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Buy An Authentic Watch With Complete Confidence

At Bob's Watches, we want you to be able to purchase your next Rolex with complete confidence. All of our watches come with an optional and independent, third-party certification report issued by WatchCSA, the leading authority on watch certification. In order for a used Rolex to become Certified Pre-Owned authentic, it must go through a comprehensive certification process that includes strict criteria and meticulously performed procedures.

All certified pre-owned Rolex will be thoroughly examined by WatchCSA's team of experts, and every important component of the watch - inside and out - will be checked for both authenticity and condition, and assigned an accompanying rating. Additionally, all certified used Rolex will have their serial numbers run though both counterfeit and stolen watch database searches to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of every single timepiece.

Many places have Rolex watches for sale and prices can differ significantly for seemingly identical watches. However, when purchasing a refurbished Rolex, there is often no way to definitively verify that the necessary repair or required service was done, let alone done properly.

Your Trusted Source For Certified Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

It is important for potential buyers find trusted, reputable dealers when researching where to buy their next Rolex. Certified watches allow you to purchase a Rolex with confidence, since the specific watch – and the seller from which you are buying it, have both been verified by an entirely independent, third party entity.

Our certified pre-owned Rolex program allows prospective buyers to verify - beyond a doubt - that they are purchasing a genuine Rolex watch from a trusted and reputable source. Opting for an independent third party certification report is an excellent way to guarantee that the watch you are about to purchase meets the remarkably high standards for which Rolex is known.

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