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Bob's Watches is the World’s First and only Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange where consumers can buy, sell, and trade vintage and used Rolex watches at a true fair market value.  We openly publish the current buy and sell values for each Rolex model allowing us to server as an online marketplace for buyers and sellers looking, quite simply, to get the best deal. We are devoted exclusively to only used Rolex watches, including vintage and antique timepieces, and pride ourselves in obtaining the very best results possible for our customers. Our business philosophy is built on trust and integrity and in a very short time we have become the leading online destination for used Rolex watches and vintage Rolex expertise. And unlike other online watch companies, Bob’s carries an actual inventory of watches. Every watch on our site is in stock ready for sale.



mens journal

Mens Journal

Men's Journal includes Bob's Founder and CEO Paul Altieri in their latest article "Ten Classic Watches and What They Say About You" ...Continue Reading



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Just Luxe

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Susan Adams meets with Paul Altieri at Bob's Watches to learn more about the famous Exchange Concept and how it's working in favor of consumers...Continue Reading

Just Lux

Just Luxe

Don't miss this interesting pairing of Cars and Rolex watches featuring a number of pieces from Paul's Rolex collection."..."Continue Reading

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The New York Times

The New York Times turns to Founder and CEO of Bob's Watches for his expertise on the newly released  Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, scheduled to be released...Continue Reading

business interviews

Business Interviews

Paul Altieri is interviewed by Business Interviews where he gives an inside look at the making of the mega pre-owned luxury watch retailer Bob's Watches..."Continue Reading

Wall Street Journal

In a Collection of Luxury Timepieces, One Rolex Stands Out. Learn more about a very special timepiece that made it's way into Paul Altieri's collection, becoming one of the collectors favorite Rolex timepieces. Read the interesting story behind this rare gem on the Wall Street Journal...Continue Reading

TIME Money

Don't be fooled by a Fake Rolex. Paul Altieri who runs Bob’s Watches, a popular pre-owned Rolex store, says a couple of fakes pass through his store every month. "The thing that most people don’t know is that while most people can spot a cheap $25 watch, the $400 you'd struggle with. There are some really good fakes..."Continue Reading

Cigar Aficionado

While all vintage watches have stories to tell, very few have made their way out of Cuba under Castro, with this Rolex Submariner being one of the few.  Part of Paul Altieri personal collection and now featured on Cigar Aficionado. Continue Reading

Simply put, a timepiece you can wear with everything.  See the vintage Rolex watch that Airows featured as one of their top 12 items. Continue Reading

"When you’re looking for vintage watches, the list of reputable shops is short. Dig even deeper to turn your attention to Rolexes and the list gets even shorter. And one of the places sitting atop this list is Bob’s Watches out of Huntington Beach. Bob’s is unique from the other players in the market in that it’s first and only pre-owned rolex exchange, which allows folks to go in and buy, sell, and even trade vintage and used Rolex watches at fair market value." Continue Reading Money

“Vintage collecting has always been big, but in the last five years, it’s exploded,” says Paul Altieri, a watch expert and CEO of leading pre-owned and vintage Rolex dealer Bob's Watches. Continue Reading


"When it comes to any kind of Rolex, there's nobody in the business that are better than these guys. Unbeatable prices, 100% transparency, fantastic customer service, the nicest of staff, and the perfect place to snag a wonderfully terrific timepiece.".. See Airow's Best Places To Buy Vintage Watches Online. Continue Reading

Watch Patina

"Fun fact… last year a watch dealer ranked #129 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. So who is he? His name is Paul Altieri, and he’s the founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches. The company buys and sells 300-400 Rolex watches per month. The business shows no signs of slowing down – and neither does Paul – who does everything from taking out the trash to catching red-eye flights to hunt down rare watches"...Continue Reading


"Joyeria Riviera was established by Don Julio Abislaiman in 1923. At the time, Joyeria Riviera was Tiffany's Havanan equivalent: They were recognized as a prestigious jeweler, yet also as a retailer of important, luxury watches. Although a multitude of Rolexes passed through the shop, very few examples have survived to this present day. Even a simple Datejust, bearing the iconic "Joyeria Riviera" stamp, is worth significantly more than a non-co-branded GMT Master or Submariner from the same period...Continue Reading


"An all-time classic watch and arguably the greatest Rolex ever made, the Rolex GMT "Pepsi" with the iconic blue/red/black color combo is quite the looker. It's easy to dress down, easy to dress up, and Magnum P.I. wore one. Here's a few photos that will make you really want one on your wrist".. See Airow's top GMT photos from around the web with images from Bob's Watches.Continue Reading


"It’s not the volume of Swiss steel he moves nor his idiosyncratic manner that makes him intriguing. It’s that this man, since the late 1970’s has been slowly, quietly, and graciously accumulating one of the world’s most incredible vintage Rolex collections. And nobody has ever heard a peep about it.
Until now."...Continue Reading


Uncrate features one of Bob's Watches classic Rolex Explorer II reference 216570 timepieces.  This iconic watch is part of a collection for the outdoors men.  To view the list of Uncrate's Alpine Meets Asphalt collection check out the full list on their website ...Continue Reading


"Evaluating the seller is a common sense check, and if your gut is telling you no, listen. If you don't want to gamble, save yourself the grief—or the nagging question "is it real?—by using a reputable source like Bob's Watches"...Continue Reading

Last-minute gifts that will wow the stylish sorts on your list

By Ingrid Schmidt -

The LA Times published their last minute holiday gift guide this weekend, which includes some of the top gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Any watch collector can tell you that there is nothing like a classic Rolex timepiece.  Bob's Watches was included in this year's guide boasting a stylish vintage Paul Newman Rolex Daytona Wristwatch in stainless steel. Read the full story at LA Times online or pick-up Sunday's print edition.


Hot 100 Overview

By Allison Enright - Editor InternetRetailer

Behind the scenes of the Hot 100

Each year the editors and researchers at Internet Retailer generate the Hot 100 list of e-retailers they are convinced should be viewed by the industry as e-commerce influencers. These merchants do things differently or do them better than their competitors. In this issue, they welcome the class of 2015 Hot 100 honorees. “While we don't pay much attention to awards, we are truly honored to be selected on this year’s Hot 100” says Paul Altieri, Founder & CEO of Bob’s Watches. Bob's Watches was among six companies who are "Rising above the standard." InternetRETAILER cites Bob's as "using unique approaches to engage consumers and make them more likely to buy online." Click here to read the full story at internetRetailer online.


Bob's Watches is featured in Supercompressor's latest article "13 Of The World's Most Impressive Gifts." Don't miss this issue.  To get the story...Continue Reading

Inc. Magazine

Building an online business has a very unique set of challenges from building your brand, to developing a robust website, to creating a marketing plan that delivers an adequate ROI.   But "building trust online with your customers is something we never take for granted" says Paul Altieri, Founder & CEO of Bob's Watches.  Inc. Magazine speaks with Paul to bring you seven insider tips on how you can nail SEO. Read the interview here Inc. Magazine.

Internet Retailer speaks with Bob's Watches to bring you business insights from CEO Paul Altieri. Read what owner and CEO of Bob's Watches has to say by visiting Internet Retailer. collaborates with Bob's Watches to give you the scoop on Rolex watch modifications. If you are considering an aftermarket customization for your luxury timepiece it is vital that you read this article first! Continue Reading to learn more.


Paul Altieri tells all to Maxim Magazine regarding Rolex watch modifications. Before you mod your Rolex be sure to read this article so that you don't lose money on your luxury timepiece. Continue Reading

Inc. 500

Every year, Inc. 500 recognizes the top businesses in the country. As of August 20, 2014 Bob’s Watches was ranked 129 in Inc 500’s fastest-growing private companies. Companies such as Microsoft, Zappos, Intuit, Jamba Juice, Zipcar, Clif Bar, Vizio, Oracle, and many other giant businesses have been recognized as members of the Inc. 500|5000 during their early stages.

Bob’s Watches inclusion is a tremendous testament to our team’s tenacity and our clients unwavering support. - Continue Reading 

Internet Retailer

Creating Consumer Trust with an Open Pricing Model

Internet Retailer interviews Paul Altieri, founder and CEO of Bob's Watches to give you a closer look at the companies unique Rolex Exchange Concept. Continue Reading to learn why Bob's has been praised in the pre-owned Rolex watch market.

Internet Retailer Second 500 Bob's Watches

Internet Retailer

Bob's Watches was recently ranked 677 on Internet Retailers Top 1000 eCommerce retailers for 2014.  Internet Retailer ranks North America's fastest-growing web merchants annually. This year, Bob's was identified and included after passing a rigorous review that included hundreds of metrics. The 2014 Guide is a detailed look at the true up-and-comers of e-commerce - the ones that move fast and are aggressive to embrace trends and marketplace opportunities.  While we don't pay much attention to rankings, we are honored to be chosen among this select group of highly acclaimed e-tailers. 

2014 Second 500 Rank: 677

2014 Rank in Primary Merchandise Category (Jewelry): 8


Paul Altieri founded Bob’s Watches as a website where consumers could buy and sell used Rolex watches...Unlike many of their competitors in the watch market, Bob’s Watches openly publishes the sale price of used Rolex watches as well as the buying price...Continue Reading

Fratello Watches

If you have been looking for pre-owned Rolex watches on-line, you’ve probably come across Bob's Watches so we decided to interview Paul Altieri, it’s CEO, to give you a better understanding of who’s behind the Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange and how it operates. "After hearing from customers over and over yearn for a way to know they were getting a fair deal, I felt the market was long overdue for something more efficient and open...Continue Reading


“Customers are able to see both the ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ prices for each model Rolex and the website attracts over 200,000 visitors each month,” said Altieri. “Bob’s Watches serves as an online marketplace, or facilitator, for pre-owned Rolex watch customers as the secondary market was long overdue for a more efficient way to connect buyers and sellers.”

However, in the benighted world of watch retail, Bob’s is basically Google...Continue Reading

Inc. Magazine

I talked with the founders of Bob's Watches, who display their exact profit margin on every product on their website. If you have a Rolex GMT Master II for sale, for example, they'll pay you $8,000. If you want to buy the same watch from them, their price is $9,495. (They say they won't negotiate... Continue Reading

Playboy 60th Anniversary Edition - Best Place To Buy Vintage Rolex Watches

Watch styles come and go ( remember when bigger was better and digital was novel?), but nothing is as cool as a Rolex. And the only thing cooler than a Rolex is a vintage Rolex. The best place to buy (or sell) vintage Rolexes is, a serious site with a funny name. You can get a Submariner for two grand less than the price of a new one, or break the bank on a Cosmograph Daytona, a.k.a. "the Paul Newman"...Continue Reading


We spoke with Paul Altieri, Rolex Expert and CEO of Bob's Watches, who has a prime example for sale, to get the story...Continue Reading

Goop - Gwenyth Paltrow's Digital Media and E-Commerce Company

Purist's rejoice: While you won't find any crazy tricks here, you will find an impeccable range of vintage Rolexes that have held—and will continue to hold—their value. Bob's Watches also functions as a marketplace, too, so if you're looking to unload a piece that you rarely wear, you'll see what it's currently worth. For rarer models (rose gold, etc.), you can join a waitlist and they'll try to track one down...Continue Reading

Perpetuelle - First in Watches

Bob’s Watches out of Huntington Beach, CA is a company that I’ve simultaneously been aware of and been curious about for awhile.  Recently I put some questions to Paul Altieri, Chief Marketing Officer of the business with the goal of sharing these insights with the Perpetuelle audience.  Bob’s Watches is basically a consumer to consumer business model...Continue Reading

The Awesomer Online Magazine

If you’ve always wanted a Rolex, but couldn’t afford to buy one new, look no further than Bob’s Watches, an online exchange offering buying and selling of quality Rolex watches, with both buy and sell prices readily accessible...Continue Reading

AskMen Magazine - In Defense of Rolex Watches

For every Rolex, there’s a Rolex hater. There’s something about the brand that just puts a lot of guys off. Unjustly so, according to Paul Altieri. Paul is the founder and president of Bob’s Watches, a “Rolex exchange” where brand lovers can buy, sell and trade used Rolex watches at their true market value. In his position, Paul finds himself defending the Rolex brand...Continue Reading

Orange County Register - Front Page

Like time itself, the universe of high-end watches is vast beyond comprehension. Its greatest paradox is that, in an age of cheap quartz movements and ubiquitous smartphones, when no one really needs an expensive timepiece, a single watch can sell for $10,000 to $1 million or more.

Enough are manufactured to fill convention halls from brands including Rolex, Breguet, Patek Philippe; watches with hourly chimes, watches that display phases of the moon, watches with sophisticated ...Continue Reading

Men's Journal - Style

It hardly comes as shocking news that luxury watches tend to be expensive. Panerais, Patek Philippes, and Rolexes retail for thousands, if not tens of thousands, and are built to be passed down from generation to generation – which is wonderful if you're ready to make a significant investment and less-than-wonderful if you're just looking for a timepiece to flash around for a bit.High costs have traditionally led to prolonged windowshopping and capitulation...Continue Reading

Hypebeast Fashion Blog

Purchasing a finely crafted watch, for many, is considered a high involvement decision and in some cases, can be regarded as a lifelong investment in both monetary and symbolic ways. That being said, we take a look at an everyday favorite in Rolex - a brand with an unwavering presence and relevance in the watchmaking industry - to highlight a few models worth examining based on different budgets. Aiding us with his expertise is Paul Alteri from Bob’s Watches...Continue Reading

Born Rich Luxury Blog

Rolex is not a brand often associated with affordability and savings, but as the modern economy transitions away from traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts into the Online Age, cost savings on overhead are passed down to the consumer for everything from televisions and clothing, to automobiles and – yes – Rolex watches. This arrangement is a win-win for both consumer and retailer, the latter of which now has a location in every home and office in the world with a connection to the internet. For an example of how business should be conducted online with a clientele that is found primarily on the upper-ends of the income spectrum, look no further than Bob’s...Continue Reading

Luxury Launches Blog

Bob’s Watches is the world’s first and only pre-owned Rolex exchange, of which he is founder and CEO. Bob’s is an online marketplace where consumers can buy, sell, and trade used Rolex watches at true fair market value.

Besides their dedication to fair trade, what sets them apart is their devotion to used Rolex watches exclusively. This exclusivity also ensures supreme standards and only the best in quality and service ...Continue Reading

Harpers Bazaar Magazine


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American Hard Assets Magazine

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