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Rolex Cellini

Named after Renaissance sculptor and goldsmith, Benvenuto Cellini, the Cellini collection features elegant dress watches that produce a high standard of perfection that epitomize luxury. Every detail is meticulously crafted to balance weight, comfort, and feel. 2020 update: suggested retail prices start at $15,200 and increase depending on the model. Shop all models by visiting our used Rolex Watches for sale page.

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Rolex Cellini


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Rolex Cellini 50509
White Gold, Rolex Leather Strap
Rolex Box & Warranty Card (2016)

Vintage Rolex Cellini 356
Ivory Dial, Diamond Hour Markers
Rare Vintage, Yellow Gold

Rolex Cellini 5109
18K Yellow Gold, Ivory Jubilee Dial
Rolex Box & Paper, Circa 1995

Rolex Cellinium 5241
Platinum, Glacier Blue Dial
Rolex Box, Circa 2001

Ladies Cellini Danaos 6229
18k White & Rose Gold, 26MM
Rolex Box & Papers, Circa 1999

Used Rolex Cellini 4083
Blue Vignette Dial, 33MM
18K Yellow Gold, Leather Strap

Rolex Cellini 50515
Guilloche Dial, 18K Everose
Rolex Box & Warranty Card (2018)

Rolex Cellini 50505
18K Everose Gold, Pink Dial
Rolex Box & Warranty Card (2019)

Rolex Cellinium 5241
Platinum, Rolex Leather Strap
Rolex Box & Papers, Circa 2001

Rolex Cellini 4651
Exotic Wood Dial, Diamond Bezel
Rolex Box & Papers, Circa 1977

Rolex Cellini 6622
Champagne Jubilee Dial, 33MM
18K Yellow Gold, Circa 1994

Rolex Cellini Danaos 4233
Rolex Leather Strap, 33MM
18K White Gold, Circa 2001

Rolex Cellini 3800
Champagne Dial, Rolex Strap
18K Yellow Gold, Circa 1969


Recently Sold Rolex Cellini Watches

Rolex Cellini 4133
18k White Gold, Roman Markers
Rolex Leather Strap, Circa 1999

PreOwned Rolex Cellini 4233
New Rolex Leather Strap, 33MM
Rolex Box & Papers, Circa 2001

Rolex Cellini Prince 4243
18K Yellow Gold Case
Rolex Box, Circa 2006

Rolex Cellini 5115
18k Yellow Gold, Rolex Strap
Rolex Box & Books, Circa 1999

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About Rolex Cellini Watches

While Rolex is most famous for its Oyster Perpetual range of watches that includes icons such as the Datejust, Submariner, Day-Date, GMT-Master, Daytona, and others, the Swiss watchmaker also produces another, somewhat lesser-known, collection called the Cellini. The Cellini collection is Rolex’s line of elegant dress watches where design and aesthetics take precedence over durability and practicality. 

Rather than sticking to a specific design blueprint, the Cellini range has evolved over the years to reflect different fashion trends throughout the decades. As a result, the Cellini collection has included an eclectic assortment of designs from classic slim round cases to avant-garde and asymmetric silhouettes. Furthermore, depending on the model and era, Cellini watches have been powered by manual-wound movements, quartz movements, and automatic movements. However, what has remained constant throughout the history of the Cellini collection is the exclusive use of precious metals and the topnotch quality that we’ve come to expect from Rolex. 


The mid-20th Century was a boom time for the creation of Rolex tool watches. From the Explorer adventure watch and Submariner dive watch to the GMT-Master pilot watch and Daytona motorsport chronograph, Rolex filled its catalog with timepieces built to serve specific needs. Perhaps recognizing the need to remind clients that the company still made slim and dressy gold watches alongside its range of robust and waterproof stainless steel Oyster watches, Rolex began building the Cellini collection in the mid-1960s. 

Slim gold dress watches were not new to Rolex by any means (vintage references like 4364 from the 1940s or the 9659 from the 1950s are great examples) but what was new was the “Cellini” name, taken after the famous Florentine sculptor and goldsmith, Benvenuto Cellini. The name began appearing on dials of select Rolex watches in the mid-1960s and the Cellini collection grew over the ensuing decades. Along with classic round cases, watches in the collection come with all sorts of non-round case shapes too including oval, rectangular, cushion, tonneau, octagonal, and asymmetrical. Regardless of the shape, Rolex Cellini watches are always craft in gold or platinum. Not only are there models for men and women, but Rolex has also used quartz, manual-wind, and automatic movements to power them.

Some notable Cellini models that Rolex has since discontinued include the Midas, Prince, Danaos, Cestello, and Cellinium. In 2014, Rolex revamped the Cellini collection to be more aligned with classical watchmaking design codes and traditional decorative techniques. The current-production Cellini collection includes Time, Date, Dual Time, and Moonphase models

Rolex Cellini Price Information

Current-production Cellini watches are exclusively available in 18k Everose gold or 18k white gold. As such, retail prices for the simplest models start at over $15,000 and almost double for a Moonphase model. However, contemporary Cellini watches can be found for substantially less on the pre-owned market. And discontinued pre-owned models offer fantastic value (when taking into consideration the use of precious metals and high-grade mechanical movements) in the secondary market since not as many people are aware of this particular Rolex collection.


The base model starts at $15,200. See table below for approximate retail prices.

Model Reference  Materials Retail Price (MSRP)
Cellini Time 50505 18k Everose gold
Cellini Time
18k White gold
Cellini Date
18k Everose gold
Cellini Date
18k White gold
Cellini Dual Time
18k Everose gold
Cellini Dual Time
18k White gold
Cellini Moonphase
18k Everose gold

Rolex Cellini vs. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 

Today, Rolex segments all of its watches into two main ranges: Cellini and Oyster Perpetual (not to be confused with the Oyster Perpetual watches, which is Rolex’s entry-level collection). So what exactly is the difference between a Rolex Cellini watch and a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch?


  • Air-King
  • Explorer
  • Explorer II
  • Datejust
  • Day-Date
  • Daytona
  • Deepsea
  • GMT-Master II
  • Lady-Datejust
  • Milgauss
  • Oyster Perpetual
  • Pearlmaster
  • Sea-Dweller
  • Sky-Dweller
  • Submariner
  • Yacht-Master
  • Yacht-Master II


  • Cellini Time
  • Cellini Date
  • Cellini Dual Time
  • Cellini Moonphase

As its name implies, Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches sport Oyster cases and run on Perpetual movements. An Oyster case (invented in 1926) is the name Rolex gives to its water-resistant cases, characterized by screw-down winding crowns and screw-down casebacks. Modern Oyster cases have a minimum water-resistance rating of 100 meters and can go up to 300 meters for Submariner watches, 1,220 meters for Sea-Dweller watches, and 3,900 meters for Deepsea watches.

On the other hand, Cellini watches do not have Oyster cases. Since the collection is more focused on aesthetics than durability, water-resistance is not a priority, and modern models are only rated to 50 meters. The main difference between Oyster Perpetual watches and Cellini watches is that the former includes water-resistant Oyster cases while the latter does not. 

Additionally, except for some of the earliest Rolex Oyster watches from the 1920s and 1930s, all Oyster watches have round cases while Cellini watches have donned a bevy of different case shapes over the years. Also, unlike Oyster Perpetual watches, there are no Cellini watches in stainless steel. 

A Perpetual movement (invented in 1931) is the name Rolex gives to its automatic calibers, characterized by a bidirectional self-winding rotor. Modern Cellini watches do run on Rolex Perpetual movements; in fact, the contemporary time-only models run on the Caliber 3132, which is the same movement found inside the current Rolex Explorer and the Oyster Perpetual 39 models. However, vintage and discontinued Cellini references were equipped with manual-winding movements and quartz movements, rather than self-winding Perpetual movements

If you look closely at a Cellini dial, you’ll notice that it almost always says “Rolex Geneve” under the crown logo while ones from the OP range will typically have “Rolex Oyster Perpetual.” Finally, another difference between Cellini watches and Oyster Perpetual watches is the types of bracelets used. Oyster Perpetual watches frequently use metal bracelets like the Oyster, Jubilee, President, or Pearlmaster (there are select OP models with rubber Oysterflex bracelets or leather straps) while current Cellini watches only come fitted with leather straps. Within the assortment of vintage and discontinued references, you will also find ornate full gold bracelets in various styles including mesh, weave, brick-links, and integrated. 

Notable Rolex Cellini Models


In the mid-1960s, Rolex unveiled an unusual asymmetrical pentagon-shaped watch fitted with an integrated bracelet called the King Midas. Rumored to be designed by Gerald Genta (of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus fame), the King Midas (ref. 9630) was at the time the heaviest and most expensive gold watch on the market. Despite its heft, the watch is quite slim thanks to its manually-wound movement. In an unconventional move for Rolex, the King Midas was a limited-edition model of only 1,000 pieces with each example engraved with its unique production number (Elvis Presley owned No. 343 and John Wayne owned No. 557). In the 1970s, Rolex released another limited King Midas model (ref. 3580) and a limited Queen Midas (ref. 3581) model for the ladies. 

These watches were not part of the Cellini collection originally, however (also in the seventies) Rolex launched non-limited Midas watches featuring cases and unique designs inspired by the original model. These were also powered by manual-winding movements. 


The Cellini Classic models are those with round gold cases, time-only dials, leather straps, and manual-wind movements. This style has been around since the late 1960s/early 1970s, but it’s likely that the “Cellini Classic” name was only officially introduced in the 1990s with references like the men’s manual-winding 5112, 5115, and 5116, and the ladies’ quartz-powered 6110 and 6111. 


In the 1990s, Rolex introduced the vintage-inspired Danaos collection, featuring rounded cushion-shaped cases and leather straps. Dial options within the Danaos collection were varied and one of the most popular was the bull’s-eye style dials - also sometimes referred to as tuxedo style dial if in black and silver. 


Around 1999, Rolex launched the Cestello, with ultra-thin 36mm cases topped with flat bezels and fitted with hinged lugs to hold leather straps. Available in yellow gold (ref. 5330/8), white gold (ref. 5330/9) or rose gold (ref. 5330/5), the men’s versions of the Cestello are powered by manual-wound movements. 

The women’s Cellini Cestello watches included similarly styled cases with the hinged lugs but smaller in diameter at 26mm. Furthermore, the women’s Cestello collection offered the option of manual-wind versions (ref. 5310) or quartz-powered versions (ref. 6311, 6321). Additionally, some of the ladies’ models came fitted with leather straps while others were sold with solid gold brick-link bracelets. 

Cellissima & Orchid

The ladies’ Cellissima quartz watches are characterized by their ornate hooded lugs, and Rolex offered two types of case silhouettes: round or oblong. The watches come with either leather straps or brick-link bracelets, and many of them are further adorned with diamonds. 

The quartz Cellini Orchid range was a particularly lavish series of ladies’ watches with bubble-like cases embellished with diamonds and other precious gems on the bezel. Some versions even came with diamond-set bracelets.


In 2005, Rolex introduced the Cellini Prince as a faithful reissue of the vintage Rolex Prince from 1928. Perhaps the most un-Rolex of all modern Rolex watches, the Prince sports an Art Deco rectangular case, two subdials on the dial (one for hour and minutes and one for the running seconds, a leather strap, and a sapphire caseback for a view of the manual-wind movement inside. Made in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum, the Cellini Prince references include ref. 5440 ,5441, 5442, and 5443. 


Launched in the early 2000s and only remaining in production for around five years, the manual-wound Cellini Cellinium features a round case made from 950 platinum. Rolex made two sizes of the platinum Cellinium, one with a 35mm case (ref. 5240) and one with a larger 38mm case (ref. 5241/6) - both ultra-slim due to the manual-wind movement powering the watches. While Rolex fitted the Cellinium with a few different dial colors, the glacier blue dial is the most coveted since this is a color exclusively reserved for platinum Rolex watches 

Modern Rolex Cellini Collection

In 2014, Rolex unveiled the brand new Cellini line featuring 39mm cases, guilloché dials, and leather straps. The first three models that kicked off the revamped collection line were the Cellini Time, Cellini Date, and Cellini Dual Time. All three of these models are available in either 18k white gold or 18k Everose gold. 

In 2017, the Cellini Moonphase (only available in Everose gold) joined the collection, which was the first time since the 1950s that Rolex added a moon phase complication to one of its watch models. 

Aside from the new sizes, the new Cellini case features a completely new style with a double bezel that combines both smooth and fluted finishes. The guilloché dials are home to slim hand-applied stick indexes, which are cut through by a circular minute scale. 

A significant difference between the new Cellini watches and the older ones are the movements. While vintage and discontinued models ran on either manually-wound or quartz movements, all four new models are automatic watches. 

Frequently Asked Rolex Cellini Questions:

  1. What is a Rolex Cellini?

    1. The Cellini collection is Rolex’s line of dress watches. Crafted from precious metals and often set with various gemstones, the Rolex Cellini collection features elegant designs and often omits the Oyster cases that are characteristic of many Rolex watches in favor of thinner and more refined case shapes.

  2. Does Rolex Cellini Hold Its Value?

    1. Virtually all Rolex watches hold their value incredibly well, and this includes timepieces from the Cellini collection. In addition to the inherent desirability that accompanies the Rolex brand, all Cellini watches are crafted from either solid gold or platinum, giving them an additional level of intrinsic value due to their precious metal construction.

  3. How Much is the Rolex Cellini Moonphase?

    1. The Rolex Cellini Moonphase ref. 50535 retails for $26,750. Crafted from solid 18k Everose gold and featuring a moonphase display that is adorned with a slice of genuine meteorite, the reference 50535 is the most expensive Rolex Cellini watch currently available.

  4. Is the Rolex Cellini Waterproof?

    1. While Rolex Cellini watches are water-resistant, it is not advisable to get them wet. Most Cellini models do not have Rolex’s waterproof Oyster cases and are fitted with leather straps. Although modern Rolex Cellini watches are water-resistant to 50 meters (165 feet), this resistance is really intended to be just a safeguard against incidental contact with moisture.

Celebrities Who Wear Rolex Cellini Watches

The Cellini may not be as well known as other Rolex models but it is still a watch we’ve spotted on the wrists of celebrities, professional athletes, and other notable figures. 

In the 1974 James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun, actor Christopher Lee had on a yellow gold King Midas whilst playing the villain, Francisco Scaramanga

Lefty golf champ (and Rolex ambassador), Phil Mickelson is one of the few pro golfers that keeps his watch on during play and his Rolex of choice is more often than not a Danaos. Fellow Rolex ambassador and opera star Plácido Domingo also wears a Cellini, but opts for the new Cellini Time in Everose gold. 

Actor Russell Crowe famously auctioned off many of his belongings post-divorce, including a platinum Cellinium he bought himself during the shooting of American Gangster in 2007. Both Kevin Hart and Nicolas Cage have been seen wearing the new Moonphase model in Everose gold. President Barack Obama wears the new Cellini Time in white gold and the watch is even included in his official portrait that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery's Hall of Presidents.

Trending Models - Spring 2020

Rolex named the Cellini watch after Italian artist Benvenuto Cellini, who was known for his exquisite masterpieces. The Rolex Cellini exudes class and opulence. It's a popular choice among anyone who seeks a Rolex dress watch with exceptional style and striking materials. The Rolex Cellini collection initially included intricate and unusual designs and has since evolved into a much more sophisticated offering of reliable dress watches.

Trending on the used Rolex market right now is the ref. 50509 in white gold, which includes a sleek, round case and an elegant dial. The ref. 50509 and is powered by a cal. 3132 self-winding movement, which adds even further to its appeal among used Rolex collectors. It also wears on a leather bracelet, allowing it to maintain a much more affordable price than a gold watch with a matching gold bracelet.

Another edition that seems to be trending is the discontinued Rolex Cellini Danaos ref. 4223, which is characterized by a manual-winding movement, a cushion-shaped case, and a stunning 18k white gold finish. Like the 50509, this edition of the Danaos also wears on a leather bracelet is competitively priced.

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