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    At Bob's Watches, your trust is very important to us. We believe that buying a pre-owned Rolex watch online should be simple, honest, and straightforward. To that end, we guarantee that every Rolex watch on our site is 100% authentic, comprised entirely of Rolex parts. Our mission is to be the leading trusted online source for selling and buying authentic pre-owned Rolex watches. We stand behind this authenticity guarantee with a full money back refund on any watch not found to be completely genuine.

100% Certified Authentic

Bob's Watches
100% Certified Authentic

At Bob's Watches, your trust is very important to us. We believe that buying a pre-owned Rolex watch online should be simple, honest, and straightforward. To that end, we guarantee that every Rolex watch on our site is 100% authentic, comprised entirely of Rolex parts. Our mission is to be the leading trusted online source for selling and buying authentic pre-owned Rolex watches. We stand behind this authenticity guarantee with a full money back refund on any watch not found to be completely genuine.

Rolex GMT Master II

Originally designed in collaboration with Pan Am Airlines, Rolex introduced the first GMT-Master watch for pilots to simultaneously track two time zones. By the 1980s, the collection had evolved into the GMT-Master II and gained the ability to track a third time zone. 2020 update: suggested retail prices start at $9,700 and increase depending on the metal used. Click here to view our entire selection of pre-owned Rolex watches for sale.

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Rolex GMT-Master II
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Rolex GMT-Master 116713
Two Tone Oyster, 40MM Model
Black Dial, B&P (2014)

Used GMT-Master II 16710
"Coke", 40MM Model
SS Oyster, Black Dial (1994)

Men's GMT-Master 16710
SS Oyster Bracelet, 40MM
"Pepsi" Model, B&P (2001)

Used GMT-Master 116710
Ceramic Bezel, 40MM Model
Stainless Steel Oyster (2009)

Rolex GMT-Master 126710
Steel Jubilee, B&P (2020)

Used GMT Master II 116710
40MM Black and Blue "Batman"
Steel Oyster, B&P (2017)

Used GMT-Master 16718
18k Gold, "Rootbeer"
Bronze Dial, Oyster (1991)

Men's GMT-Master 126710
IN STOCK!, 40MM "Pepsi"
Steel Jubilee, B&P (2019)

Pre-Owned Rolex 126711
Men's "Root Beer", 40MM
Everose, B&P (2019)

Vintage GMT-Master 1675
Nipple Dial, Root Beer
Steel & Gold, Circa 1972

Pre-Owned Rolex Coke 16710
Black & Red Bezel, 40MM
SS Oyster Band (1991)

Pre-Owned GMT-Master II
"Batman" 116710 Model
SS Oyster, B&P (2017)

Rolex GMT-Master II 16710
Black Dial & Bezel, 40MM
Steel Oyster, B&P (2000)

Pre-Owned Rolex 116710
Black 40MM Ceramic Bezel
Steel, B&P (2009)

Rolex GMT-Master II 126719
Meteorite Dial, 18k Gold
Factory Stickers, B&P (2020)

Rolex GMT-Master II 116718
18k Yellow Gold, Green Dial
Men's Oyster Bracelet (2006)

Rolex GMT-Master II 16710
Used Men's "Coke", 40MM
Stainless Steel, B&P (2000)

Used GMT Master II 16710
Black Dial, GMT Bezel
Stainless Steel (2000)

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710
Black, Stainless Steel
Rolex Box & Warranty Card

Rolex GMT-Master II 126719
Rolex Box & Warranty (2020)

Rolex GMT-Master 116710
"Batman, 40MM
Rolex Box & Warranty (2016)

Rolex GMT-Master II 126710
"Batman", Ceramic
Rolex Box & Booklet

Used GMT-Master 126710
"Batman", 40MM
Rolex Box, Random Serial

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710
"Batman", Steel Oyster
Rolex Box, Random Serial

Rolex GMT-Master II 126719
NEW MODEL, White Gold
Rolex Box & Warranty (2019)

Rolex GMT Master II 16710
Coke Bezel, B&P, 40MM
SS Oyster (1989)

Used GMT-Master II 16710
Black, Stainless Steel
Oyster (1989)

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710
Batman, Oyster Bracelet
Ceramic, Random Serial

Rolex GMT-Master II 116718
18K Yellow Gold, Black Dial
Ceramic Bezel (2007)

Rolex GMT-Master II 16710
Faded Pepsi Bezel, 40MM
Black Luminous Dial (2002)


Recently Sold Rolex GMT-Master II Watches

GMT-Master II 126711
"Root Beer, Factory Stickers
Black Dial, B&P (2020)

Men's GMT-Master 126711
"Root Beer" Model, 40MM
Two Tone Oyster, B&P (2020)

Pre-Owned GMT-Master II
16710 "Pepsi" Model, Men's
SS Oyster, B&P (2001)

Used GMT-Master 16710
"Coke" Bezel, 40MM Model
Steel Oyster Band (2006)

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About The Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master II is the evolution of the original GMT-Master that Rolex first introduced during the 1950s. The GMT-Master II was first released in 1983 and offered additional functionality over the original GMT-Master, ultimately replacing its predecessor within the Rolex catalog. Today, all of the watches in Rolex's GMT lineup are GMT-Master II models; however certain other collections such as the Sky-Dweller and Explorer II also possess similar multi-timezone GMT functionality.

Where the Rolex GMT-Master II differs most from the original GMT-Master is in regards to its movement. While the 12-hour and 24-hour hands are permanently synchronized on the original model, the Rolex GMT-Master II allows users to set the two hands, independently from each other, allowing the display of two timezones strictly on the dial, freeing up the rotating 24-hour bezel to reference a third as needed.

History of the Rolex GMT-Master II

A simple and elegant solution to simultaneously tracking multiple time zones, the original Rolex GMT-Master added a fourth arrow-tipped 24-hour and and a rotating bezel, enabling pilots to reference a secondary time zone without disturbing reference time by simply turning the bidirectional rotatable bezel. Several variations were produced during this era as Rolex worked to refine and improve upon their original design.

While virtually all aspects of the watch changed or evolved at some point or another - from the case size, to the bezel material, to the style of dial - the core functionality of these GMT watches remained unchanged. On these references, the 12-hour hand is linked to the 24-hour hand, meaning that with the watch is capable of displaying a maximum of two time zones. That all changed when Rolex released the GMT-Master II in 1983.

True GMT Functionality 

Rolex had already updated their GMT pilots watch several times by the 1980s; however, in 1983, they introduced a mechanically enhanced version of the original GMT-Master model, where the 24-hour hand could now be set independently from the 12-hour hand. Named the GMT-Master 2, the additional functionality enabled wearers of Rolex GMT-Master II watches to set two different time zones with just the hands, while leaving the rotating bezel in its neutral position, and then turn the bezel to read a third time zone.

Retaining many of the same design elements as the original, the first Rolex GMT-Master II was the reference 16760, which was then replaced by the GMT-Master II 16710 in 1989, which features a slightly slimmer case and a new movement. In 2005, Rolex announced a revamped GMT-Master II collection with 1167xx reference numbers that feature a significantly redesigned case and Cerachrom bezels. Finally in 2018, Rolex launched the most recent GMT-Master II models with 1267xx reference numbers, complete with new-generation movements, material options, bracelets, and bezel colors.

Although the very first Rolex GMT-Master was developed as an airline pilot watch for professional use, a much wider audience has since adopted it over the last six decades, thanks to its striking design and highly practical functionality. Originally designed for professional pilots, but now enjoyed by a remarkably wide variety of world travelers and fans of versatile luxury watches, the Rolex GMT-Master II has become one of Rolex's most iconic sport watch models.

rolex gmt-master ii


Retail prices for Rolex GMT-Master II watches start out at $9,700 for the current-production models in all stainless steel, and then increase from there depending on materials. However, due to a demand for Rolex GMT-Master II watches that far exceeds the supply, used GMT-Master II models often sell for significantly more than their original retail prices on the open market.

Model Retail Price Second-Hand Price Materials Bezel
Ref. 126710BLRO
9,700 USD
from $17,995  Stainless Steel Ceramic - Red/Blue
Ref. 126710BLNR
9,700 USD
from $15,595
Stainless Steel
Ceramic - Blue/Black
Ref. 126711CHNR
14,800 USD
from $16,695
Steel + Everose Gold Ceramic - Brown/Black
Ref. 126715CHNR
38,250 USD
from $34,750
Everose Gold
Ceramic - Brown/Black
Ref. 126719BLRO
38,250 USD
from $43,495
White Gold
Ceramic - Red/Blue

Rolex GMT-Master II Price Information

As is the case with many Rolex sports watches, the average Rolex GMT-Master II price has significantly increased on the secondary market in recent years due to surging demand. This is particularly true of the stainless steel GMT-Maser II models, which are some of the most sought after timepieces in the world right now. The Rolex GMT-Master II 2019 editions are currently sold out at every single boutique worldwide, with waitlists stretching several years in length. Many retailers have even stopped taking down additional names for Rolex GMT-Master II waitlists simply due to how unlikely it is that supply will ever catch up.

Depending on the specific model and its overall condition, examples of the stainless Rolex GMT-Master II for sale on the secondary market can range anywhere from $10,000 to $22,000 and precious metal versions can reach up to $35,000, with the ultra-luxurious gem-set editions selling for anywhere between two and four times more than that. Additionally, rare and collectable vintage references routinely sell for tens of thousands of dollars, and well-preserved examples of the very first reference can fetch over a quarter of a million dollars when they surface at auction.


  • The price of a Rolex GMT-Master II depends on the specific model and the materials of its construction. Used Rolex GMT-Master II price start out at approximately $9,000 for older models crafted from stainless steel and yellow gold. Although the current retail price for the stainless steel GMT-Master II is $9,700, retailers around the world have long waitings lists and used GMT-Master II watches often sell for quite a bit more than their original retail prices on the secondary market.

Rolex GMT Master II References

The Rolex GMT-Master collection has existed since 1955; however the GMT-Master II did not make its first appearance until 1983, when Rolex added an independently adjustable hour hand, and thus the ability to simultaneously display a third time zone. While the Rolex GMT-Master II was offered alongside the standard GMT-Master until the end of the 1990s, it has now replaced it completely, and the only GMT watches that Rolex sells today are GMT-Master II references.

rolex gmt-master ii

Below is a list of all the different Rolex GMT-Master II references that have been produced throughout history. Additionally, it is also worth noting that the majority of these references have only existed since 2007, when Rolex completely redesigned the watch and started expanding their GMT-Master II collection.

  • Ref. 16760 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, stainless steel, aluminum bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 16710 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, stainless steel, aluminum bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 16713 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, Yellow Rolesor, aluminum bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 16718 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, yellow gold, aluminum bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 116710 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, stainless steel, Cerachrom bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 116713 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, Yellow Rolesor, Cerachrom bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 116718 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, yellow gold, Cerachrom bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 116719 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, white gold, Cerachrom bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 116758 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, yellow gold, gem-set bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 116759 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, white gold, gem-set bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 126710 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, stainless steel, Cerachrom bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 126711 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, Everose Rolesor, Cerachrom bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 126715 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, Everose gold, Cerachrom bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)
  • Ref. 126719 GMT-Master II - 40mm case, white gold, Cerachrom bezel, sapphire crystal (independent hours)

Rolex GMT-Master II Timeline

While the Rolex GMT-Master has been an absolute legend in the watch world since the mid 1950s, the GMT-Master II has only existed since 1983, when Rolex redesigned their iconic pilot's watch to offer additional capabilities.

  • 1983 - Rolex releases the first GMT-Master II, the reference 16760 "Fat Lady"
  • 1999 - Rolex discontinues the standard GMT-Master; the GMT-Master II takes over entirely
  • 2005 - Cerachrom ceramic bezel inserts are introduced to the GMT-Master II collection
  • 2013 - Rolex releases the first bi-colored Cerachrom ceramic bezel (blue/black) with the GMT-Master II 116710BLNR "Batman"
  • 2014 - First "Pepsi" Cerachrom ceramic bezel (red/blue) with GMT-Master II 116719BLRO
  • 2018 - First Everose GMT-Master versions featuring “Root Beer” ceramic bezels with GMT-Master II 126715 and two-tone GMT-Master II 126711
  • 2019 - Rolex discontinues yellow gold across the GMT-Master II line, and makes Jubilee bracelets the only option for stainless steel GMT-Master II watches

Rolex GMT-MAster II Features

Rolex GMT-Master II Bezels

Without a doubt, the bidirectional rotating 24-hour marked bezel of the GMT-Master II is the most recognizable design trait of this iconic Rolex Professional watch collection. Many GMT-Master II bezels feature a split-color design - a feature that is not just for aesthetics, but also to serve as a rough approximation of daylight and nighttime hours on the 24-hour scale. The very first GMT-Master came equipped with a blue and red "Pepsi" bezel, where the red portion represented the daylight hours while the blue contains the hours during which it would be dark.

The striking blue and red combo is a classic Rolex look, and still remains an option on the modern GMT-Master II watches that Rolex produces today. Throughout the years GMT-Master II bezels have been produced in a number of different colors and materials. There is the black and red "Coke" bezel, the monochromatic all-black bezel, the black and blue "Batman" bezel, and the black and brown "Root Beer" bezel, plus several additional gem-set GMT-Master II bezels.

Rolex GMT-Master II Bezel Materials

Along with the colors, the material used for the GMT-Master II bezel inserts has also evolved over the decades. By the time the GMT-Master II first appeared in 1983, Rolex was no longer using the Bakelite plastic that they were on the original reference 6542, so when the ref. 16760 made its debut as the very first Rolex GMT-Master II, it was fitted with a black and red bezel insert made from anodized aluminum. Rolex continued to use aluminum for their bezels until 2005, when the company turned to high-tech Cerachrom - a proprietary ceramic alloy that is virtually impossible to scratch and highly resistant to fading, offering unparalleled robustness and longevity.

When the first ceramic bezel was unveiled on the GMT-Master II, Rolex claimed that it would be impossible to create a bi-colored bezel in Cerachrom, and only offered their new ceramic GMT-Master II with an all black Cerachrom insert. However, thanks to Rolex innovation and technology, two color Cerachrom editions eventually joined the collection in the form of the GMT-Master II Pepsi, the GMT-Master II Batman, and the GMT-Master II Root Beer. The two-color combination on a single piece ceramic component was a world first, and restored the classic bi-color bezel aesthetic of the Rolex GMT-Master II.

Rolex GMT-Master II Materials

The Rolex GMT-Master II collection is among the brand’s most diverse in terms of material options. When Rolex first unveiled the GMT-Master II with the reference 16760 in 1983, it was only offered in stainless steel; however, starting with the subsequent generation, the GMT-Master II collection has expanded to become one of the most varied in the entire Rolex lineup.

Rolex has made stainless steel (known as Oystersteel since 2018), two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel (yellow Rolesor), two-tone Everose gold and stainless steel (Everose Rolesor), and solid 18k yellow gold, white gold, and Everose gold versions of the GMT-Master II. There are even some incredibly rare Rolex GMT-Master II gold versions that are fitted with gem-set bezels and adorned with diamonds and other precious gemstones such as sapphires and rubies.

Rolex GMT-Master II Dials

The dial layout of the GMT-Master II is very similar to other Rolex professional watch models, and has remained largely unchanged since its initial introduction in the mid 1950s. It features a mix of circular, triangular, and rectangular hour markers with Mercedes-style hands and an arrow-tipped 24-hour hand, all coated with luminescence for maximum legibility in low light conditions. Additionally, all GMT-Master II dials also include a date window at the 3 o'clock location, accompanied by a Cyclops lens affixed to the surface of crystal to magnify the date display.

Although most GMT-Master II dials are black, Rolex has made a few other special dial designs such as the champagne and silver "Serti" dials set with diamonds and ruby hour markers, full diamond pavé dials, blue dials, bright green anniversary-edition dials, and even dials made from slices of an ancient meteorite. However, it should be noted that the majority of these more exotic dial options are only available on precious metal versions of the GMT-Master II; virtually all stainless steel Rolex GMT-Master II watches are fitted with standard black dials.

Rolex GMT-Master II Bracelets

While certain Rolex watch collections like the Submariner and Explorer have only ever been fitted on the standard Oyster bracelet, Both the three-link Oyster bracelet and the five-link Jubilee bracelet have been available on the GMT-Master II collection (at one point or another) over the years. Additionally, depending on the specific GMT-Master II model, there are stainless steel, two-tone, and solid gold variations of both styles of bracelets.

As of 2019, Rolex has streamlined the bracelet options for the GMT-Master II collection. Currently, the Oystersteel versions are exclusively fitted with Jubilee bracelets, while the 18k white gold, 18k Everose gold, and two-tone Everose Rolesor versions are only offered with matching Oyster bracelets.

Rolex GMT-Master II Movements

There have been several automatic mechanical movements that have powered the Rolex GMT-Master II throughout its history. While all GMT-Master II watches will offer the same functionality as far as having a date display and an independently adjustable hour hand, there are a few differences that exist between the following list of GMT-Master II calibers.

  • GMT-Master II ref. 16760: Calibre 3085
  • GMT-Master II ref. 16710, 16718, 16713: Caliber 3185, Calibre 3186
  • GMT-Master II ref. 116710, 116718, 116713, 116719: Calibre 3186
  • GMT-Master II ref. 126710, 126719, 126715, 126711: Calibre 3285

The latest Rolex GMT-Master II movement is the Caliber 3285, which was introduced in 2018 as an all new generation of Rolex multi-time zone movements. Protected by 10 patents, the Rolex Caliber 3285 not only offers enhanced precision, reliability, and shock resistance but also boasts an increased power reserve of 70 hours, compared to the 48-hour power reserve offered by the previous generation.

rolex gmt-master ii

Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT-Master 2 Watches

Given that the original collection from the 1950s was initially intended to be the ultimate multi time zone cosmopolitan watch for professional pilots and jet-setters, it makes perfect sense why the modern Rolex GMT-Master II has found such a strong following among many of today's most famous athletes, celebrities, and businessmen. The list of noteworthy names that own GMT-Master II watches is almost endless, but it includes the following names:

  • Trevor Noah
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Brad Pitt
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Daniel Craig
  • Orlando Bloom
  • James Spader
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Ben Affleck
  • Keanu Reeves
  • John Mayer
  • Roger Federer
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Jason Bateman
  • Steve Carell
  • Adam Levine

Trending Rolex GMT-Master 2 Models - Fall 2020

The GMT-Master II is a grail watch of many. It continues production today under series 1267xx. Among the countless variations are the Everose Rolesor ref. 126711, Oystersteel ref. 126710, white gold ref. 126719, and Everose ref. 126715. The ceramic bezel - aka Cerachrom - is produced in two-tone, including red and blue (Pepsi), blue and black (Batman), and black and brown (Root Beer). Long-gone is the all-black ceramic ref. 116710, which is only available on the pre-owned market.

Perhaps one of the most iconic editions of the Rolex GMT-Master II ever produced is the ref. 16710. Its feature set includes a classic stainless-steel finish, an older-style case and bracelet, a high-beat movement, and an aluminum bezel insert topped with 24-hour graduations. It's available with either a black or two-tone (Coke or Pepsi) bezel insert and it commands an average price of around $10k pre-owned.


rolex gmt-master ii


  • On all genuine Rolex GMT-Master II watches the two hour hands will be independently adjustable, and the 12-hour hand can be jumped forwards or backwards in 1-hour increments. One of the best ways to tell if a GMT-Master II is real is to look for this jump-hour feature. Other things you should always look out for are overall quality of the details. Rolex GMT-Master II watches are some of the finest timepieces available and they should look like it.


  • The Rolex GMT-Master II makes a great investment. Not only do they retain their value extremely well despite receiving daily wear and use, but certain models sell for significantly more than their original retail prices, regardless of the fact that they are used watches. Rolex GMT-Master II models are the type of watches you can buy and wear every day for 20 years, and then sell for more than what you originally paid for them.


  • The GMT-Master II text on Rolex watches denotes that the model is a GMT-Master II rather than an older GMT-Master. The GMT-Master II first made an appearance in 1983, and the key difference between these two GMT models is that the hour hands are permanently linked together on the older GMT-Master, while they are independently adjustable on the newer GMT-Master II.

How to Set The Date on A Rolex GMT-Master II

  • Unlike most of Rolex's date-displaying watches, where the date can be advanced independently from the time with what Rolex calls a 'Quickset' feature, this date-adjustment feature is swapped out for a jump-hour feature on the GMT-Master II. To set the date on a Rolex GMT-Master II, rotate the crown to jump the 12-hour hand forwards or backwards. Every other time that it passes 12 o'clock, the date will change over forwards or backwards accordingly. 

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