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Rolex Air King

The Air-King collection was created by Rolex founder Hans Wildorf to honor World War II pilots. A highly functional and practical watch, the current 40mm Oyster Perpetual Air-King is only available in Oystersteel and with a black dial. 2019 update: suggested retail prices start at $6,200. Shop our entire selection of certified pre-owned Rolex Watches for sale page.

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Rolex Air-King

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About Rolex Air-King Watches

The Rolex Air-King, known for it's iconic and sleek design are some of the most popular luxury watches in the world. Some vintage Rolex Air-King models date back to the 1930’s and have been highly sought after ever since its early introductions. Pre-Owned Rolex Air-Kings can be seen on both men and women and are often seen with bright and colorful dials. If there is one truly class luxury watch, it would named the used Rolex Air-King.

The history behind this collection dates back to the British Royal Air Force ( British RAF ).  Although the Air-King was in existence before the war, the brand began producing larger watches that gain traction with names such as the "Rolex Air Tiger," "Rolex Air Lion," "Rolex Air Giant," and of course the "Rolex Air King."  While these models might not seem large by today's standards, people at the time felt that they were large watches.  Eventually Rolex decided to continue with a single line that we know as the Air-King.

Although the collection boosts simplistic features, the line provided RAF pilots with a timepiece that could withstand a dogfight at high altitudes.  Since then the collection continues to be one of the brand's most popular and longest continually manufactured models.  Coveted by a number of collectors due to the lines style, collectability, and nostalgia.

Frequently Asked Rolex Air-King Questions:

  1. Is the Rolex Air-King Discontinued?

    1. No. Although the Air-King was absent from the Rolex catalog for two years between 2014 and 2016, Rolex re-introduced the collection at Baselworld 2016 with the release of the reference 116900. A significant departure from the previous 34mm Air-King watches with traditional styling, the current Air-King 116900 is 40mm in diameter and comes equipped with the same anti-magnetic capabilities as the Milgauss and a dial with bright green and yellow accents.  

  2. How Much is an Air-King Rolex?

    1. The retail price for the most recent version of the Rolex Air-King (reference 116900) is $6,200. However, due to overwhelming demand and limited supply, most examples trade hands above their retail price on the secondary market. For previous generations of Air-King watches, significant savings can be found, with most models selling for anywhere between $3,000 and $4,000 depending on the specific reference and overall condition.  If you're looking to sell your watch be sure to visit our sell my Rolex watch page.

  3. What Does Rolex Air-King Mean?

    1. The ‘Air-King’ name was first used by Rolex in the 1940s. After hearing that many of Britain’s RAF pilots discarded their standard-issue timepieces in favor of Oyster Perpetual watches, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf created a number of “Air” themed watch collections to honor them. Among these was the Air-King, which is the only one of these original collections from the 1940s that still remains in the Rolex catalog today.

  4. What is the cheapest Rolex?

    1. For many years, the Air-King was the cheapest model in the Rolex catalog; however, this was back when the Air-King was a 34mm watch with a non-chronometer certified movement. Today, the Air-King has magnetic resistant capabilities and a chronometer-rated movement, and it is now the Oyster Perpetual collection that occupies the least expensive spot in the Rolex catalog.

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