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What Exactly Is the Rolex Jubilee Dial?

Paul Altieri

In the Rolex lexicon, the “Jubilee” name is typically used to describe a specific style of bracelet (Rolex Jubilee bracelet).  The bracelet can be found on certain Rolex watches, which is characterized by its five-piece, semicircular link construction. However, there is also something called a Rolex Jubilee dial, but what exactly is a Jubilee dial?

Read on to find out more about these special “Jubilee” dials, including pricing, availability, and which Rolex watches are fitted with them.

Rolex Jubilee Dial Silver Diamond Hour Markers

The Monogrammed Rolex Jubilee Dial

As many of you may already know, Rolex released the Rolex Datejust watch in 1945 to celebrate the company’s 40th-anniversary jubilee celebration (the term, “jubilee” literally means “a special anniversary of an event”). Along with the innovative date window on the dial, the watch also came with a brand-new style of Rolex bracelet after the oyster bracelet. And to emphasize the big ‘four-zero’ occasion, Rolex named the new bracelet the Jubilee after the celebration itself. Fast-forward to 1985, and Rolex took a similar route by releasing the Jubilee dial to celebrate the Datejust collection’s 40th anniversary.  This is, of course, also the Rolex SA 80th anniversary.

The Rolex Jubilee dial, also known as the anniversary dial, features a repetitive ‘ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX’ pattern engraved on its entire surface. This is similar to the type of all-over pattern that can be seen on something like a monogram Louis Vuitton bag. Remember, this was the 1980s – the decade of decadence and flaunting one’s wealth, and logo-mania was all the rage across the luxury goods industry. Consequently, the Jubilee dial style fits right into the trend to proudly announce that the watch was indeed a Rolex – in case onlookers had any doubts.

Rolex Jubilee Dial Gold Diamond Hour Indexes
Rolex Diamand Dial

Which Rolex Watches Have The Jubilee Dial?

Although the Rolex Jubilee dial made its debut on the Datejust, it is also available on a number of Rolex models.  These include Lady-Datejust watches, Rolex Datjust II, as well as Day-Date or Rolex President watches, and even certain Cellini references. Additionally, Rolex pairs the Jubilee dial with watches in an assortment of metals including stainless steel, yellow gold, rose gold, and two-tone (Stainless steel and gold).

Over the years, the logo motif has appeared in a wide range of colors, from understated black and white to classic champagne and silver, to vibrant blue and pink. Individuals who wear the Jubilee dial will tell you that it continuously changes its look depending on how the light hits it – the pattern can transform from obvious to subtle.

Aside from colors, the Jubilee dial is also available with a variety of index styles.  These styles can include diamonds, batons, Roman numerals, and Arabic hour markers in white gold. There are some examples of the Jubilee dial with the “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” text on it.  Other examples might have a little “Datejust” nameplate engraved on the surface and forgo the COSC writing all together. Needless to say, it isn’t hard to find the perfect Jubilee dial Rolex to suit your wrist and your lifestyle.

Although the Jubilee dial style is not for everyone, it is a popular choice for those who love to be a little extra. Whether on the Datejust, the Lady-Datejust, or the Day-Date, the Jubilee dial makes any Rolex watch pop.

Rolex Jubilee Dial Lady Datejust Two-Tone

Does Rolex Still Produce the Jubilee Dial?

At the time of writing this article, Rolex no longer produces watches outfitted with the Jubilee dial. After being retired for a number of years, it appears that the unique machined dial has been replaced by a new collection of motif dials.  The new collection of dials was introduced alongside the Datejust in 2021. These include the palm dial decorated with fronds and the fluted dial with a design that mimics the Datejust’s famous fluted bezel. Both are available in a handful of different colors depending on the design you choose.  Some of the options include green, champagne, blue, and silver, and they can be found both with or without diamonds.

While they in no way replace the classic Rolex Jubilee dial, the palm and fluted dials on this luxury watch appear to echo the same sentiment of playful and adventurous design elements. They add incredible dimension and character to the Rolex m catalog. For now, these decorated dials are only available to the Datejust 36 and Datejust 41 collections.

Rolex Jubilee Dial Gold Champagne Diamond Hour Markers

Rolex Jubilee Dial Prices

Due to the fact that the Rolex Jubilee dial was offered in a variety of different models, the price of a Jubilee dial watch can range dramatically.  Price is determined by a number of factors such as the model, the materials of the watch, the color of the dial, the style of its hour markers, the year of production, and (of course) its overall condition. One of the most affordable options on the market is the Datejust, which costs anywhere between around $6k for stainless steel models to $10k for those in two-tone. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the all-gold ladies Rolex Presidential Datejust glittering with diamonds commands closer to $20k. The men’s Rolex Day-Date with a similar gold and diamond design set will set you back anywhere between $35k and $40k.

Now that the Rolex Jubilee dial has acquired the “discontinued” status, what will that do to its value? Only time will tell, of course. It already boasts something of a cult status among collectors in the know, so that it could affect its value long-term. If you’ve always wanted to add one to your collection, there’s no better time than now to invest.

Paul Altieri
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