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Apollo 14 Ocean Recovery GMT

Proudly showcased in our auction is a Rolex GMT-Master 1675, an exquisite piece from the collection of Retired Navy Captain, Thomas Francis Finley Jr. Beyond its inherent value as a vintage Rolex, this watch tells the story of an American hero. It's a narrative woven with significant moments in history, such as the Apollo 14 recovery mission where Tom played an integral role. To enhance the lot's richness, accompanying the Rolex are personal items from Tom's storied Navy career. Imagine holding photos of him proudly wearing the GMT Master, or leafing through his flight log book earmarked with the details of the Apollo 14 mission. Be sure to browse items offered in Apollo 14 Ocean Recovery GMT auction below.

But that's not all. This Rolex GMT Master collection also houses Apollo 14 souvenirs, including a piece of skin from the Kitty Hawk spacecraft. A framed NASA photograph that captures Finley’s helicopter above the Kitty Hawk during that iconic recovery. Dive further into the lot, and you'll discover a signed Underwater Demolition Team II pamphlet and Tom's cherished G1 flight jacket, issued in 1967. This jacket, worn frequently by Tom, carries traces of the past with swapped patches - a testament to its history. Every item in this lot not only adds monetary value but deepens the sentimental journey that the new owner will undoubtedly cherish.

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