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Watches For Kids: Learn To Tell Time

By Kingsley Walcott

Telling the time helps us to organize our day and avoid being late. Before clocks were invented, people had many other ways of measuring time. They used hourglasses, sundials, and even water clocks! These tools were used for a very long time, but sometimes they weren’t very reliable.

Imagine that you lived in an ancient village with a sundial. What would you do on a cloudy day if there was no sun to create a shadow on the dial? Today we use two kinds of clocks: analogue and digital. An analogue clock is the older type that uses hands to point to the hours and minutes. A digital clock is one that displays the time in numbers instead. Digital clocks are naturally easier to read; however, since analogue clocks are still widely used all over the world, it is very helpful to be able to read them. There many games, interactive clocks, worksheets, quizzes, and challenges that you can try online. To get started, explore the fun resources collected below.