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Breitling vs. Omega – Full Brand Comparison

Paul Altieri

When it comes to Swiss watches, it’s only natural to compare Breitling and Omega. Both watches have played an integral role in sports, aviation, and space travel history and have contributed essential innovations to the watch industry. 

While both brands offer an extensive line of watches in all styles, Breitling and Omega are known for their advanced chronographs, including the Breitling Navitimer and the Omega Speedster. Chronographs are multifunctional watches with a stopwatch feature and may include other functions like a date-time function, navigational tools, and more. 

These multifunctional masterpieces have been used by pilots, sea captains, and astronauts. They have also been used at the Olympics and other sporting events due to their precision and accuracy. 

With so much in common and so many iconic styles, it can be next to impossible to determine which one is the winner. However, there are some differences. Let’s look at what sets these watches apart from each other. 

Breitling vs Omega Chronographs

Breitling VS Omega: Which is Best?

Both brands hailed from family-owned watch operations in Switzerland and came from modest beginnings before taking the world by storm. See how it all started. 


Breitling was founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. While the operation started small, by the beginning of the 20th century, athletes and aviators wore these timepieces. Among other innovations, Breitling is credited with creating the wrist-worn chronograph in 1915. It was essentially a watch that could be used as a stopwatch, and it quickly became coveted by sportsmen. 

Popular models: Breitling has had its fair share of popular watches over the last century, including the Navitimer, the brand’s signature navigational chronograph with its unique slide rule that allows you to calculate average speeds. They also have many entry-level watches to choose from and their popular ​​Superocean and Chronmat watches. 

Breitling vs Omega Watches


Louis Brandt founded Omega in 1848 in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Like Breitling, it quickly grew in esteem due to its unparalleled attention to detail and commitment to innovation. By 1892, the company created the first-minute repeating watch, and by 1900, Omega received the Grand Prize award in Paris at the 1900 Universal Exposition- the highest honor at the time. 

Popular Models: Omega also has an excellent selection of popular watches, but none as famous as the Omega Speedmaster. In 2021, an Omega Speedmaster dethroned Elvis Presley’s Tiffany Omega watch as the most expensive Omega ever sold. This 1957 Speedster was purchased for $3.4 million in November 2021. Omega is also known for its Seamaster line and the Constellation line. 

Breitling vs Omega Timepieces

A History of Swiss Watchmaking Innovation

Omega and Breitling have been pushing the boundaries of innovation for more than 100 years, turning wristwatches into multifunctional tools that guided men through the air, sea, and later in space. Breitling is credited with creating the first wrist-worn chronograph, whereas Omega later became the official timekeeper of the Olympic games and NASA. 

Swiss Watches in Space  

While Omega is currently the official watch of NASA, the first Swiss watch in space was the Breitling that Scott Carpenter wore as he circled the earth in 1962. However, Omega’s place in space history was cemented when Buzz Aldrin wore his in 1969 during the first moon landing.

Breitling vs Omega Dive Watches

Breitling vs. Omega Compared

Both watches were integral to history, but what about today’s watches? Which one comes out ahead? 

Which Movement Types Are Best?

When it comes to what sets these watches apart, one key difference has become the movement types. While both brands offer several different movement types depending on the lineup, Omega produces its movements entirely in-house, while Breitling outsources many components. Omega’s movements are also inherently more complex, which allows it to support all the functions of these watches and provides the unparalleled accuracy Omega is known for.  

Which Brand Has The Best Style?

When it comes to brand recognition, Breitling and Omega are neck and neck, and while each watch’s brand has its own style, both brands produce stunning watches for any occasion. It’s worth noting that chronographs, especially those with many functions, tend to be larger, which applies to both brands.  

What Are The New Features?

While Omega is known for its superior movement, Breitling has always had a history of innovation. From the creation of the self-winding chronograph movement in 1969 to their newly released smartwatch, Breitling always has something new up its sleeve. However, Omega has also had its fair share of innovation, creating the master co-axial anti-magnetic movement type that offers seamless movement. 

Which Brand Has The Best Exclusivity & Pricing?

When it comes to exclusivity, both watches are considered high-end luxury watches. However, Omega watches tend to cost a bit more, partially due to their movement types and partially due to their limited editions and marketing efforts. However, both watches make a statement wherever you go. 

Breitling vs Omega Tool Watches

Choosing the Right Swiss Watch

When it comes to purchasing one of these Swiss watches, there are several things that you will want to consider. Keep reading to learn more. 

  • Style: Breitlings and Omegas tend to be substantial watches, especially those with advanced features. This allows the user to make calculations easier. However, both brands carry smaller watches as well as women’s lines.
  • Functionality: Many Breitling and Omega models are designed to be tools, as well as premium wristwear, and several models come with navigational features, calendar features, and more. You’ll want to consider which functions you can’t live without.
  • New or Used: There are several factors to consider when choosing between a new or a used one. While it’s always nice to have a brand-new watch, purchasing a preowned watch allows you to access older models or models that are no longer in production. It also allows you to see how well that watch’s value has increased over time.
  • Long-Term Investment: The aftermarket value of luxury watches varies wildly, and the market is constantly changing. If you are buying the watch as an investment or may wish to sell it, do extensive research on which styles have held their value.
  • Authenticity: When buying Swiss watches, especially high-end or rare models, it’s essential to purchase your watch from a reputable party. At Bob’s Watches, we offer to provide you with a certificate of authenticity with every purchase.

Breitling vs Omega Comparison Guide

 Omega vs. Breitling: You Don’t Have to Choose

When it comes down to it, you really can’t go wrong with either a Breitling or an Omega watch. They are sturdy and robust, and both are designed for people who live bold, adventurous lives. It all comes down to preference and budget.  When it comes to fine Swiss watchmakers, it would be unfair to choose just one. Fortunately, at Bob’s Watches, you don’t have to. We carry an excellent selection of certified-pre-owned Rolexes, Breitlings, Omegas, and more.

Have a luxury watch you no longer want? We might be able to help. We buy vintage and preowned watches and can offer you a fair value for your watch. Contact us today to learn more.   

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