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Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner

Paul Altieri

When it comes to diver watches, the pre-owned Omega Seamaster 300m and Rolex Submariner are notable mentions. They are not only the two well-known and most recognizable Swiss watches but both are committed to bringing premium value to their customers.

But which watch comes at the top when it comes to the battle of dive watches? As a watch enthusiast, you have to compare these two timepieces before making a purchase. Our team of experts offers a detailed comparison guide of these two big diver watches – Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner to help you determine which watch belongs on your wrist.

A Brief History

Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner Black Wave Dial

Omega Seamaster 300m

First launched in 1993, the Omega Seamaster 300m was a replacement for the Seamaster 200. It received immediate success from divers, athletes, and movie stars. Some of the watch’s milestones throughout history include:

  • 1993: Frenchman Roland Specker wore the Seamaster 300m as he dove 80m underwater, attaining a world record for freshwater free dive. This effectively put the watch through its paces in a deep-water environment.
  • 1994: Seamaster Diver 300M was credited with the first “Watch of the Year” award by readers of the Armbanduhren – a German magazine.
  • 1995: Sir Peter Blake and other sailors of Team New Zealand wore the Seamaster 300M as they made sailing history by winning America’s Cup. During the same year, James Bond wore the watch in the film GoldenEye. This made the Seamaster 300m a pop culture staple.
  • 1996: The instructors of the Ice Rock Club of Zermatt effectively tested the Seamaster 300M in freezing waters at Lake Theodule. It proved the watch’s ability to perform in tough conditions.
  • 1997: The Seamaster 300M was a preferred choice for an athlete like swimmer Alexander Popov and tennis champion Martina Hingis.
  • 2000: Sir Peter Blake formed the famous Blakexpeditions foundation, which was committed to researching ecological and marine issues globally. The Seamaster 300M was worn during the research.
  • 2006 and Beyond: Daniel Craig wore the Seamaster 300M in the film Casino Royale, where he played James Bond. To date, the Seamaster 300m and other Omega timepieces have featured in about 9 James Bond movies.
Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner No-Date 124060

Rolex Submariner

In 1953, Rolex launched the Submariner watch ref. 6204 to a wide and appreciative audience, and as expected, it was a notiable and historic day for Rolex. The brand continued releasing different references of the watch, making some type of alteration intended to perfect the overall watch design. Here is a timeline of some notable Rolex Submariner iteration releases:

  • 1954: Compared to the ref. 6204, the ref. 6205 has a slightly thicker case and a larger crown.
  • 1955-1956: The ref. 6200 features an 8mm crown with a thicker case. It is also water resistant to 200m.
  • 1955-1959: Featuring a small crown and thinner case, Ref. 6536 has the Cal. 1030 movement.
  • 1957-1960: The ref. 6536/1 looks identical to the ref. 6536 but it features a chronometer-rated model.
  • 1956-1959: The ref. 6538 has a bigger crown with a chronometer-rated caliber. It was featured on the big screen when Sean Connery wore it in the first James Bond film – Dr. No – in 1962.
  • 1958: The ref. 5510 was the first Rolex Submariner to feature the Cal. 1530. It’s the rarest timepiece among the big crown vintage Submariner watches.
  • 1958-1962: With a small crown, the ref. 5508 is the first Submariner with a Superlative Chronometer designation.
Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel

Seamaster 300M vs Rolex Submariner: Heritage

When it comes to luxury watches, their legacy plays an important role for timepiece aficionados. As a watch enthusiast, you want to buy more than a timepiece. You want to be part of a legacy created by an iconic watch. The Rolex Submariner is a legendary timepiece that has been around since the 1950s while the Seamaster 300M first came on the watch scene in the 90s.

Despite their 40-year age difference, both these diver watches share a claim to fame in the pop culture scene. Sean Connery and Roger Moore wore the Rolex Submariner when playing James Bond. Additionally, Pierce Brosnan wore the Omega Seamaster 300M in the Bond film GoldenEye.

Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner Kermit 16610LV

Seamaster 300M vs Rolex Submariner: Design

From its original piece to the most recent edition, the Submariner continues to stay true to its roots. Even with a modern touch, the watch remains more traditional in its design. It has a 41-mm case and black dial that offers incredible style and design depth. The Rolex Submariner also features a ceramic diving bezel and a satin Oyster bracelet. You can also shorten or lengthen your bracelet thanks to the watch’s Glidelock clasp.

Seamaster 300M also has some resemblances to its original 1993 model. But it’s a bit bolder with the design of its current reference compared to the Rolex Submariner. The recent iteration offers a bolder, more futuristic appearance. It has a complex case design with a 42 mm diameter. Both the watch’s bezel and dial are made of ceramic. It also features hypnotic laser-engraved waves. While the design of the Rolex Submariner is more traditional and timeless, the Seamaster’s design is fresh and modern.

Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner James Bond

Seamaster 300M vs Rolex Submariner: Technology

In terms of technology, the Seamaster 300M offers more compared to the Rolex Submariner. While both watches offer 300 meters (about 984 ft.) of water resistance, there is quite a difference in testing. The Seamaster 300M is truly sent to an actual depth of 300 meters for its ranking whereas the Submariner is tested through the simulation of pressure at 300 meters below the waves.

Unlike the Submariner, the Seamaster 300M is powered by a caliber 8800 that’s METAS-certified. It also has a COSC-certified chronometer title with an impressive precision of -0/+5 seconds per day. The accurate movements can also withstand magnetic fields accumulating to about 15,000 gausses.

However, the Rolex Submariner takes the win when it comes to the power reverse. It delivers a 70-hour power reverse compared to the Seamaster’s 55 hours. As a Rolex caliber 3130, the Submariner also has a Superlative Chronometer designation, which ensures precise movement and an accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day.

Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV

Seamaster 300M vs Rolex Submariner: Quality

The Seamaster 300M has a well-manufactured dial. It offers a somewhat PC-like animated effect with its laser-etched waves.
While the quality of the Seamaster’s dial is better than the Submariner’s, no luxury watch impresses with outstanding haptics like the Rolex Submariner. It delivers a haptic experience that’s extraordinary and a feast for your senses. The watch’s smooth and soft bracelet complements the sharp, precise edges well.

It also has a clasp that closes snugly with a satisfying snap. Additionally, the unidirectional dive bezel of the Submariner offers wonderful clicks with every turn. Compared to the Submariner’s bezel, the Seamaster’s ceramic bezel can’t turn as accurately.

Seamaster 300M vs Rolex Submariner: Popularity

The Rolex Submariner is a more well-known watch compared to the Seamaster 300M. It has about 100% brand awareness. When you wear it, you can expect to be noticed almost anywhere. The Omega watch is a close second when it comes to brand recognition. It has about 70% popularity globally. With your Omega Seamaster 300M watch, you can also anticipate turning heads.

Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner Silver Wave Dial

Seamaster 300M vs Rolex Submariner: Prices and Market Performance

There is a substantial price difference between the Seamaster 300m and the Rolex Submariner. The Submariner costs more than the Seamaster 300m. You can expect to pay double the Seamaster’s price to get the Submariner model. But at just under $6,000, the Seamaster 300M gives you value for money. However, the Seamaster will most likely not increase in value over the years like the Submariner. If you are purchasing a watch as a financial investment, the Rolex Submariner is the right choice. But in case you are on a strict budget and still want a premium, luxury watch, you can never go wrong with a Seamaster 300M.

Seamaster 300M vs Rolex Submariner: Warranty

A warranty shows if a brand can stand behind its models. The warranty can help determine the highest quality watch brand when comparing the two watch brands. The warranties on both brands are rather remarkable. The Omega Seamaster 300M and Rolex Submariner watches come with a 5-year warranty.

Omega Seamaster 300m vs Rolex Submariner 41mm No-Date 124060

Which Timepiece Should You Choose: Seamaster 300M or Rolex Submariner?

Both Seamaster 300M and the Rolex Submariner are top-rated timepieces and either one will look good on your wrist. Making a choice comes down to your needs, tastes, and budget. Both watches are made of high-quality materials and have very similar capabilities If anything, the Seamaster 300m has the edge on technical ability thanks to its antimagnetic and Co-Axial-equipped movements, which provide buyers quite a lot of value in terms of performance. With costs, the Rolex Submariner comes with a pretty hefty price tag. It all boils down to whether you want to spend twice as much money on a Rolex watch. Remember the Submariner can hold or increase its value better or even appreciate.

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