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John Mayer Seen On Stage With A Rolex GMT II

Paul Altieri

A grammy award winning, multi-platinum singer-songwriter who’s sold more than 20+ million albums to date — John Mayer is one of the most talented acoustic rock singer-songwriters of the 21st century thus far. Mayer has topped the charts with albums like Continuum — to which you’ve probably hummed along to songs like, ‘Waiting on the World To Change’ or ‘I Don’t Trust Myself.’

John Mayer
The GMT-Master II is made of white gold, a true beauty on any wrist.

Despite making quite a name for himself in pop culture, Mayer is also famous for transcending genres and working with blues legends like B. B. King, Buddy Guy, and Eric Clapton — or being inspired by 70’s pop or country.

Most recently, Mayer has joined the ranks of the famous band the Grateful Dead. He’s banded with the three surviving members to make Dead & Company, and this month they kicked off their latest tour. Recently, we spotted Mayer wearing a White Gold Rolex GMT II, reference-116719BLRO, while playing. And not to say anything against Mayers talents here, but that GMT stole the show for a minute up there.

John Mayer
Here is John Mayer “rocking” his GMT-Master II.

What’s on Mayer’s wrist?

We recently noticed Mayer wearing a White Gold Rolex GMT II, reference 116719 BLRO. They call this GMT the ‘Pepsi’ because of its signature and eye-catching red and blue bezel. The Pepsi is one of the most iconic watches amongst Rolex’s — having graced the wrists of the rich and famous since its introduction back in the 1950’s. Since, we’ve seen this classic design carried over into an array of GMT-Master and GMT-Master II models.

On this GMT II 116719 BLRO, the most modern Pepsi Rolex today, you’ll notice the classic luminescent hour markers and red hour marker alongside the new 18k gold Oyster bracelet and matching clasp. By replacing the original stainless steel frame and bracelet, Rolex made this watch feel much more luxurious.

John Mayer
Here is a close up of what you would see on his wrist: White Gold GMT-Master ref. 116719BLRO


They also upgraded this model by crafting the Pepsi bezel in a scratch and fade resistant Cerachrom ceramic, compared to the old acrylic. The 116719BLRO also features an original 40mm case, but is instead outfitted with wide lugs which gives it an even more masculine and sturdy feel. Of course, we can’t gloss over the automatic 3186 movement, a face that features the date, a sapphire crystal and a sturdy waterproof screw-down crown here either.

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Paul Altieri