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We hope you enjoyed our Rolex watches quiz.  The correct answers for each question are in green below.

  1. What soda-themed nickname corresponds with the original bezel color of the Rolex GMT-Master?

    1. Pepsi

    2. Coke

    3. Rootbeer

    4. Sprite

  2. This Rolex watch was released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Submariner collection and it shares its nickname with a cartoon character from Sesame Street.

    1. Elmo

    2. Kermit

    3. Big Bird

    4. Grover

  3. What Rolex sports watch is nicknamed after Hollywood filmmaker and director, James Cameron?

    1. Submariner

    2. Daytona

    3. Deepsea

    4. Explorer

  4. This Rolex watch first appeared during the 1980s and shares its nickname with a famous soda manufacturer.

    1. Pepsi

    2. Coke

    3. Root Beer

    4. Sprite

  5. Rolex Explorer II watches that are fitted with white dials are known by this nickname.

    1. Albino

    2. Arctic

    3. Polar

    4. Whiteout

  6. With a bright blue dial, blue ceramic bezel, and a solid 18k white gold case and bracelet, the Rolex Submariner ref. 116619LB is also known by what nickname?

    1. Smurf

    2. Batman

    3. Bluesy

    4. James Cameron

  7. The ‘Wimbledon’ belongs to what Rolex watch collection?

    1. Submariner

    2. Datejust

    3. Day-Date

    4. Yacht-Master

  8. What Rolex model is known as the ‘Steve McQueen’ – despite the fact that the famous Hollywood actor never wore one, either on-screen or in his personal life?

    1. Daytona 6263

    2. Submariner 5512

    3. Explorer II 1655

    4. Sea-Dweller 1665

  9. While the all-green Submariner is known as the ‘Hulk’ among collectors, this Rolex GMT-Master II shares its nickname with a character from DC Comics.

    1. Batman

    2. Superman

    3. Aquaman

    4. Green Lantern

  10. Rolex GMT-Master watches with brown bezel inserts are often known by this nickname.

    1. Cola

    2. Root Beer

    3. Cream Soda

    4. Dr. Pepper

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