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Is the Rolex Explorer II a GMT Watch? 

February 26, 2020

BY Paul Altieri


The Rolex GMT-Master line is, of course, the brand’s most famous GMT watch collection. However, it is not the only GMT model from the Swiss watchmaking giant; the other option is the Explorer II. Have you ever wondered whether or not the Rolex Explorer II is a GMT watch? Well, yes it is, and here’s why.

Is the Rolex Explorer II a GMT Watch? 

What Is A GMT Watch?

To avoid confusion about A.M. and P.M. hours, daylight savings, and different time zones, pilots follow one standard time based on a 24-hour scale. The accepted standard aviation time was once called Greenwich Mean Time (aka GMT), which is the local time at Prime Meridian (0° Line of Longitude), which runs through Greenwich, England. The term GMT has since been replaced by Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). It is sometimes also referred to as Zulu Time because the letter “Z” (phonetically “Zulu”) represents a “zero” offset (UTC +0).

Is the Rolex Explorer II a GMT 16570

As commercial airlines were flying faster and further distances in the 1950s, it became necessary for pilots to continuously track multiple time zones. Consequently, Pan Am Airlines asked Rolex to come up with a solution and the watchmaker officially presented the GMT-Master watch in 1955. The watch’s clever design allowed pilots to simultaneously read both reference time (GMT) and local time (depending on where they were landing), thanks to a fourth hand which pointed to a 24-hour bezel. Because the two-hour hands were synced, the bezel could be rotated to align the correct hour with the 24-hour hand to display GMT. Although simple in execution, the Rolex GMT-Master set the blueprint for the GMT watch genre.

The Rolex GMT-Master eventually graduated to become the GMT-Master II in the 1980s, where the two-hour hands of the Caliber 3085 movement could be set independently from one another. This now meant that the GMT-Master II could indicate three time zones at once: local time, reference time, and a third time zone by simply turning the bezel.

Using the Rolex Explorer II as GMT Watch White Dial Polar

The Rolex Explorer II Did Not Begin As A GMT Watch

When Rolex introduced the Explorer II in 1971 as the ref. 1655, it too had an additional 24-hour hand and a 24-hour marked bezel. However, its bezel was fixed and the two-hour hands were synced. Therefore, it could not indicate another time zone. Instead, the Rolex Explorer II was a watch that offered a prominent day/night indicator, specifically intended for those who spent time in places like dark caves or polar regions, where looking to the sky for guidance was simply not possible.

However, Rolex eventually replaced the ref. 1655 with ref. 16550 in the mid-1980s, and by this time, Rolex had already developed the Caliber 3085. And since the Explorer II 16550 was fitted with the Caliber 3085, which featured decoupled hour hands, the watch now became another GMT watch option in Rolex’s catalog.

Can you use the Rolex Explorer II as a GMT- Watch? black dial

Rolex Explorer II As A GMT

From the mid-eighties onwards, the Rolex Explorer II line evolved from the 16550 to the 16570 to the 216570 and each of these references are indeed GMT watches, often referred to as dual time watches. The Mercedes-style hour hand serves to indicate local time while the arrow-tipped hand pointing to the 24-hour fixed bezel displays reference time (which can be GMT, home time, or any other time zone that the wearer chooses). There’s also the date window, which shows the date in the current local time zone

Additionally, the Rolex Explorer II offers what is now known as “true” GMT functionality because the local hour hand can jump ahead or behind in one-hour increments without disturbing the other hands. This is especially practical for frequent travelers who often find themselves in different time zones – changing the watch’s time is just a matter of moving the 12-hour hand backward or forward in one-hour increments, depending on the direction of travel.

White Rolex Explorer II ref 16570 Polar Dial travel watch

How to Set the Rolex Explorer II to Display Two Time Zones

Note that there are four positions of the winding crown:

  • Position 0: Screwed-down position
  • Position 1: Manual winding position; crown is unscrewed from case
  • Position 2: Local hour hand and date setting; crown is pulled out one notch, seconds hand is still running
  • Position 3: Reference hour hand and minute hand setting; crown is pulled out all the way to the second notch, seconds hand stops running

Step 1: Unscrew the winding crown and turn the crown clockwise approximately 30-40 times to wind it

Step 2: Pull out the crown two notches to Position 3 to set the reference time.

Step 3: Turn the crown in either direction to set the reference time. Align the arrow-tipped hand against to the correct hour on the bezel and the minute hand to the correct minute on the dial. (During this step, all hands move together, therefore the reference time has to be set first).

Step 4: Push the crown one notch to Position 2 to set the local date and time.

Step 5: Turn the crown in either direction to move the local hour hand (which jumps in one-hour increments) past midnight to set the correct date and then correct local hour. (Make sure you consider A.M. and P.M. when adjusting local time so that the date will correctly change at midnight).

Step 6: Push in and then screw down the winding crown to ensure water resistance.

Stainless Steel Rolex Explorer II 216570 as GMT watch Black Dial dual time watch

Now your Rolex Explorer II displays both reference time and local time. If you travel, simply adjust the local time by unscrewing the crown and pulling it out to Position 2. Then turn the crown in either direction to jump the 12-hour hand to the correct local hour. Once set, push the winding crown back and screw it into the case.

So, if you’re in the market for a Rolex GMT watch, remember that the Explorer II (except for the ref. 1655) is another option to consider. Sporty in design, fashioned from stainless steel, equipped with dual time functionality, and less expensive than GMT-Master models, the Explorer II is a Rolex GMT watch with plenty to offer.

Stainless Steel Rolex Explorer II 216570 Polar Dial Use as GMT watch



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