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How to Use the Tudor Black Bay GMT

Paul Altieri

Among the wide range of watch complications available, the GMT is one of the most useful – particularly for frequent travelers. Modern GMT movements can keep track of two time zones simultaneously (and a third with just a few clicks of the bezel). A few years back, Tudor followed in the footsteps of its parent company Rolex by introducing their own GMT watch, complete with a red and blue bi-colored bezel. The Tudor Black Bay GMT was well received by watch enthusiasts, admired for its handsome looks, topnotch quality, value for money, and real-life practicality.

If you’re the lucky owner of one of these Tudor watches or have plans to add one to your collection in the near future, here is a complete guide on how to use the Tudor Black Bay GMT to get the most out of it.

How to Use Tudor Black Bay GMT

Reading the Tudor Black Bay GMT

One of the basics of knowing how to use a GMT watch is first understanding how to read it. On the dial of the Tudor Black Bay GMT, there are four hands: a red 24-hour hand, a white 12-hour hand, a white minute hand, and a white seconds hand. The white hour hand makes one complete rotation every 12 hours, while the red hour hand makes one complete rotation every 24 hours.

Tudor Black Bay GMT Instructions

The three white hands indicate local time while the red hand indicates reference time by pointing to the 24-hour marked bezel. The two colors of the bezel are intended to help users differentiate between night hours and day hours, where the numbers in the red section represent daylight while the numbers in the blue section represent darkness. There is also a date window at three o’clock, which indicates the local date.

If you’ve set the Tudor Black Bay GMT accordingly while traveling, the red hand and the minute hand will tell you what time it is at home (reference time), while the white hour hand and minute hand will tell you the local time at your present location.

How to Set Tudor Black Bay GMT Bezel

Crown Positions of the Tudor Black Bay GMT

To ensure optimal water resistance, the Tudor Black Bay GMT is equipped with a screw-down winding crown. The position of the crown determines which function of the watch can be set.

  • Position A: Crown is securely screwed into the case.
  • Position B: Unscrewing the crown now places it in Position B for manual winding. Although the watch is automatic, it also can be manually wound. If the watch has stopped running, you can manually wind it by turning the crown clockwise to get the movement running again.
  • Position C: Pulling the crown out one notch now places it in Position C to adjust the local hour hand and date window. The local hour hand moves in one-hour increments, while the date display changes when the local hour hand passes midnight.
  • Position D: Pulling the crown all the way now places it in Position D to adjust to set the reference time. In this position, the seconds hand stops running and turning the crown will move three hands simultaneously (12-hour hand, 24-hour hand, and minute hand).
How to Use Tudor Black Bay GMT Instructions

Setting the Tudor Black Bay GMT

Before setting the Black Bay GMT, make sure the watch is fully wound and the bezel is in the neutral position (inverted arrow at the 12 o’clock).

To set the time on the watch, first unscrew the winding crown and pull it all the way out to Position D to adjust reference time. Turning the crown in either direction, set your reference time by aligning the red 24-hour hand with the correct numeral on the bezel and the minute hand against the correct marking on the dial.

Tudor Black Bay GMT Directions

Once the reference time is set, push the winding crown in one notch to Position C to adjust the local time and date. Turning the crown in either direction moves the white 12-hour hand in one-hour increments without disturbing the 24-hour hand or minute hand. Keep turning the hand past midnight until the correct date shows up in the window. When you have reached the correct date, keep turning the crown to set the local hour (taking into consideration AM and PM hours). Once reference time and local time have been set, push the crown all the way back in, screw it securely down, and your Tudor Black Bay GMT is ready to use.

Rotating the bezel can indicate an additional third time zone, which is based on the reference time. Turn the bezel clockwise for a negative time difference or counterclockwise for a positive time difference according to the number of hours between the reference time and the desired third time zone. The 24-hour hand now displays the time in the third time zone against the 24-hour scale on the bezel.

Paul Altieri
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