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To Buy or Not to Buy: Rolex Yacht-Master 116655

Paul Altieri

Within the past few years, Rolex debuted two very distinct Yacht-Master models: the 40mm men’s reference 116655 and the 37mm ladies reference 268655.  While both watches offer unique characteristics, such as case size and type of movements used, they both feature a striking pink gold and black design.  Today we will focus our attention on the bold men’s reference 116655.

Yacht-Master 116655
The Yacht-Master 116655 is an Everose gold watch produced by Rolex with an Oysterflex strap.

Yacht-Master 116655: One of a Kind 

The Yacht-Master ref. 116655 seems to break every rule when it comes to classic Rolex sports watches.  While the case measures a traditional 40mm, it features a finish crafted entirely from precious 18 karat rose gold.  Ask any Rolex collector-in-the-know, and they will confirm that the majority of sports references in the Rolex catalog are featured in either solid stainless steel or a blend of stainless steel and Rolex gold.  In general, the Yacht-Master’s intended use is geared more towards a luxury sports lifestyle, as compared to professional series Rolex watches that require a more durable case, so a precious metal finish is quite appropriate.

Speaking of Everose, this striking finish is crafted entirely in-house by Rolex using only the finest metals the world has to offer.  The result is an impeccable rose gold Rolex that won’t dull or fade over time.  The mens Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 pairs the Everose finish with contemporary elements, including a matte black dial with a Chromalight display and a matching matte black, sand-blasted Cerachrom bezel.  Developed for use while sailing, the bezel features a resilient ceramic insert and a bidirectional design that can be set to sync with regatta start times as well as measure distances while sailing.

Yacht-Master 116655
The Yacht-Master 116655 is a watch that is very comfortable to wear.

While the Rolex Everose Yacht-Master strays away from the design of traditional Rolex sports watches, it offers the same reliable construction via a triple-sealed Triplock screw-down crown and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.  While most sports references are accompanied by a metal bracelet, such as the three-link Oyster bracelet, this men’s ref. 116655 utilizes Rolex’s patented Oysterflex bracelet.  High-performance elastomer encases titanium and nickel metal for a flexible and secure hold.  The elastomer casing is resistant to sun and exposure to salt water, making it the perfect pairing to this contemporary sailing watch.  The thoughtful design of both the case and bracelet ensures that the Yacht-Master 116655 won’t slide around the wrist, offering a sublime fit for both leisure activities and sport.

The reference 116655 seems to go out of its way to distance itself from classic Rolex style, that’s why it’s particularly nice to see a few familiar features, including the calibre 3135 movement.  A tried and true movement, the calibre 3135 is shock resistant thanks to the addition of a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring.  The impressive 3135 movement has also passed the rigorous testing of the Swiss Chronometer institute, resulting in a timepiece that Rolex prides itself in being “singularly reliable”.

Yacht-Master 116655
What are your thoughts on the Yacht-Master 116655? Comment below.

Crafted from precious metals as opposed to other steel or two-tone sports watches, the mens Rolex Yacht-Master reference 116655 carries with it a heftier price tag.  However, if you’re serious about adding a sizeable investment to your Rolex collection, a preowned ref. 116655 may be the perfect watch for you.

Paul Altieri
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