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Meet Our Rolex Specialist

Based out of Orange County, California, Paul Altieri has become a well-known pre-owned Rolex expert serving the luxury watch community at Bob's Watches. Bob's opened in mid-2010 providing the first-ever platform for buyers, sellers, and collectors of pre-owned Rolex watches, promising the lowest possible pricing and highest possible purchase offers. Without Paul's expertise, Bob's Watches would not be where it is today: a leading Rolex consignment destination.

How Did Paul Become a Rolex Specialist?

For years, Paul had operated a business buying and selling precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, silverware, bouillon, diamonds, gems, coins and (of course) watches. Most of the items were sent to be melted and turned over for cash.

Every so often, a customer would bring in a diamond or a luxury watch that they were willing to sell for an extremely low amount. Having a love for these items, Paul started to collect his favorites, including Rolex watches.

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To insure that the items he was purchasing were genuine, he reached out to other Rolex collectors, he studied Rolex materials, he put individual parts under the microscope. After several years of repetition, Paul had become a true Rolex expert, and had developed the ability to identify authenticity of each individual model (Rolex Submariner, President, Daytona, etc.) and its corresponding parts, such as the bezel, dial, hands, and so forth.

When Should Someone Hire a Rolex Consultant?

Whether you were bequeathed your Rolex or purchased it outright, due diligence of your buyer should be considered a fundamental part of the selling process if you expect to get the maximum value for your timepiece. For vintage Rolex watches, values can fluctuate to unparalleled heights. You might not know the history of your watch and sell it for substantially less than it's worth. Imagine for a moment that a prominent member of your family passed away and left you their vintage Rolex. You take the watch to Paul Altieri, your Rolex consultant, and ask for a quote only to learn that the watch was the exact one worn by a famous celebrity in the 1940's and given to your descendant as a gift.

Paul's knowledge or Rolex and ability to trace the roots of a particular model are uncanny. As an avid collector of Rolex himself, if there's history with your Rolex, he'll know about it or dig it up before making you an offer; where many others in the consignment industry would take advantage of your situation and show you a standard Rolex pricing chart. The price difference of that particular model could be $2,500 to $100,000 (or more). You can see why talking to a Rolex expert before selling to the first willing buyer can be so important.

Talk with an Authority on Rolex Watches Now

Got a question about your Rolex? Give us a call at 800-494-3708. There are no sales associates at Bob's Watches, only consultants and Rolex experts who buy, sell, and collect luxury timepieces. We'll take our time to evaluate your watch either by images (if you have them) or if you're willing to share, by having you ship us your watch to examine. With an "A" Better Business Bureau rating, we take pride in having the expertise we have and have worked hard to earn the trust of the Rolex collector community. Call us today at 800-494-3708. We look forward to talking with you.