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Rolex Timeline Models Features

Rolex Timeline Introductions For Models & Features

When examining a traditional Swiss made timepiece it is easy to see why these beautiful wristwatches gained popularity. The transitional design and style of older vintage models has been a big drawl for a number of collectors.

As a privately owned company the brand has always had a long term vision. Rolex doesn't have to answer to share holders which has been one of their strong points. Over the years you can find the various features and model introductions by the brand.

Rolex Introductions of Models and Features by Year

  • 1926 : Water resistant oyster case
  • 1927 : Engraved serial numbers on case
  • 1931 : Automatic movement (Oyster Perpetual)
  • 1938 : Bubble Back
  • 1938: Steel Oyster bracelet
  • 1945: Datejust model introduced
  • 1945: Jubilee bracelet
  • 1947: Oyster bracelet
  • 1950: Mercedes hands
  • 1953: Submariner model introduced
  • 1953: Explorer model introduced
  • 1954: GMT-Master model introduced
  • 1954: Cyclops on Date crystal added
  • 1954: Introduction of the Ladies Oyster Perpetual
  • 1956: President / Day-Date model introduction
  • 1959: Crown guards