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How to Set Your Rolex Air-King

Originally created during the 1940s as a way to honor World War II fighter pilots, the Rolex Air-King became its own collection in 1958, and the model now pays tribute to the pioneers of flight and the brand's role in early aviation.

Although the Air-King has grown in size, gained some antimagnetic capabilities, and undergone a number of different aesthetic updates over the years, all Rolex Air-King watches are united by their simple and straightforward functionality that includes three centrally-mounted hands for displaying the hours, minutes, and seconds.

How to Set Your Rolex Air-King:

  1. First, unscrew the winding crown until it is completely free from the threads that secure it to the case.
  2. Then, pull the crown out until you feel a faint click.
  3. Rotate the crown in either direction until the correct time is displayed by the hands.
  4. Once the time has been set, push in the winding crown and screw it back down to the case.

*The winding crown on your Rolex Air-King must be fully screwed down to ensure that it stays protected against moisture and dirt.

Celebrating the story of aviation and the early pioneers of flight, the Rolex Air-King offers a clean and highly legible display that is wrapped up in a tough and reliable package.