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How to Set Your Rolex Milgauss

Launched in 1956 as an antimagnetic watch for scientists, the Rolex Milgauss was designed specifically for individuals working in environments such as laboratories and power plants, where strong electromagnetic fields would disrupt the timekeeping of traditional wristwatches.

The defining feature of the Rolex Milgauss is its internal antimagnetic shield, which is always active and enables the watch to withstand magnetic forces in excess of 1,000 gauss. Additionally, all models in this collection have the same core set of features, consisting of a waterproof Oyster case and a time-only display with three centrally-mounted hands for displaying the hours, minutes, and seconds of the day.

How to Set Your Rolex Milgauss:

  1. First, unscrew the winding crown until it is completely free from the threads that secure it to the case.
  2. Then, pull the crown out until you feel a faint click.
  3. Rotate the crown in either direction until the correct time is displayed by the hands.
  4. Once the time has been set, push in the winding crown and screw it back down to the case.

* The winding crown on your Rolex Milgauss must be fully screwed down to ensure that it stays protected against moisture and dirt.

The Rolex Milgauss represents the iconic Swiss watch manufacturer's ongoing commitment to producing high-performing wristwatches that are capable of thriving in some of the most demanding conditions on this planet.