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If you're wondering how to sell Breguet watches and maximize their resale value, look no further than Bob's Watches. As the leading online marketplace for pre-owned luxury watches, buyers and sellers alike will surely find something to love about our services.

Whether you have a vintage or contemporary Breguet watch, count on us to provide the full market value for your timepiece regardless of its condition. As your trusted destination for selling a Breguet watch, count on us to be transparent with all our methods.

Our experts are standing by to assess your Breguet watch. Once we determine its worth and you are happy with the price it holds, we can add it to our collection of the finest pre-owned luxury watches for the next owner to enjoy. Get a quote for your Breguet watch today!

About Breguet Watches

Abraham-Louis Breguet founded his namesake Swiss-French watchmaking brand in 1775. Having been around for more than 200 years, Breguet watches have maintained their reputation as one of the oldest and most revered names in haute horlogerie, or high-end watchmaking.

Breguet is a pioneer in the world of watchmaking. One of its most notable inventions is the tourbillon, which balances watches to increase their time-telling accuracy. Breguet is also responsible for inventing the Perpétuelle,or the first self-winding watch of the world.

Patrons of the brand include royal figures, such as Queen Victoria and King George III. Artists like Arthur Rubinstein and Gioachino Rossini are also some notable Breguet timepiece owners. Associating the brand with these high-profile individuals makes any model valuable.

Whether or not you knew about the history of Breguet watches, Bob’s Watches is here to help you get the best price for yours. If you have a Breguet watch that you’re looking to sell, our experts are ready to provide you with a hassle-free experience. Get more information about our services today!

Breguet Through the Years: A Quick Look at the Brand’s History

Take a look at how Breguet has evolved through the years and how it has become a major name in luxury watchmaking.

  • 1775: Abraham-Louis Breguet founded the brand in Paris and made a name for himself as an inventor.
  • 1780: Breguet invented the Perpétuelle, the world’s first self-winding watch.
  • 1801: Breguet invented tourbillon technology as an improvement to watch escapement mechanics.
  • 1812: Breguet invented the Breguet No.2639, the world’s first wristwatch for Caroline Bonaparte, Queen of Naples.
  • 1999: The brand became and has since been a subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group.

Breguet Watch Collections

Throughout history, Breguet invented numerous collections that pushed the boundaries of watchmaking. The brand’s designs pushed boundaries in the world of luxury watchmaking, many of them being the first of their kind.

Here is a look at the different Breguet watch collections that your timepiece might be a part of. Regardless of which one it belongs to, you are surely going to get luxury prices if you want to sell yours.

Breguet Tradition

Watches in the Breguet Tradition collection pay tribute to the brand’s vibrant history. It utilizes the manufacturing methods that brought Breguet its luxury status and combines them with modern and updated mechanical features.

Breguet Tradition watches include the Automatic 7097BR/G1/9WU. This model has an open-worked dial, giving wearers a peek into the device’s inner workings. It also features sapphire crystal glass, for an elegant finish.

Breguet Classique

Watches in this collection feature gold cases and platinum houses, making them effortlessly stylish accessories. They come with leather straps that match the brand’s iconic style while being comfortable for wearers.

Breguet Classique models are ideal wristwatches for new luxury watch owners. If you have a watch from this collection and want to sell it, its buyer is likely going to be a person who is just starting their luxury watch journey.

Breguet Marine

The Breguet Marine is a collection of contemporary, diving-inspired watches. They all have varying complications or features that go beyond traditional time-telling. Specific models include the Marine Big Date, which tells users the date.

Most models in this collection come with 100m water resistance, perfect for luxury watch enthusiasts who also love swimming. You also don’t have to worry about water damage if you like taking showers with your watch on.

Breguet Type XX, XXI, and XXII

Many luxury watch enthusiasts associate the brand with its roots in aviation. The Type XX chronograph is among the brand’s most renowned models that the French Armed Forces used in 1935. These watches then underwent redesigning for civilian use.

The XXI and XXII came later as well, featuring stainless steel bracelets and leather straps. Not only are they stylish, but they also come with three chronograph functions on the dials and have self-winding movements, guaranteeing their functionality.

Breguet Reine de Naples

This collection of ladies’ watches came from the first wristwatch that Breguet created for the Queen of Naples. Reine de Naples wristwatches feature ovoid faces, white gold, and sapphire case backs.

The combination of jewels symbolizes feminine refinement and stands as a contemporary jewelry watch. Whether you have the Reine de Naples 8918 or 8967, it is likely to fetch a good price on the secondhand luxury watch market.

Breguet Héritage

Breguet Héritage watch models feature a curved tonneau or barrel-shaped case. Many luxury watch connoisseurs mistakenly overlook this design but will likely change their minds when they realize it’s from the Héritage collection.

These sporty watches come in rose gold cases and leather straps, featuring Roman numerals stretching across the dial. Each watch also comes with unique dial patterns that other watches simply cannot replicate.

Does a Breguet Watch Have Resale Value?

Like most watch brands, Breguet watches do not maintain their value when they are up for sale on the pre-owned market. After all, they are products, not investments. Moreover, ever since the brand began mass-producing its watches, there may even be fewer chances of a pre-owned Breguet watch reselling well.

However, vintage Breguet watches still exist. Collectors are always on the lookout for them in auctions or from private sellers. If you are one of the lucky few who own a vintage Breguet watch, perhaps as a family heirloom or you just happen to have one on hand, consider selling your timepiece. Bob’s Watches is the perfect place to sell your Breguet watch.

How Much Are Breguet Watches Worth?

On the pre-owned luxury watch market, Breguet watches may sell between $5,800 and $156,000. Median prices are typically around $19,350. However, your Breguet watch may exceed these figures if it is the right model. Allow our experts at Bob’s Watches to assess your watch to determine its true value. We are eager to be your channel for selling luxury watches.

Are Old Breguet Watches Valuable?

Although old Breguet watches may not hold value any more than the average luxury watch brand, they are still valuable on the secondhand watch market. All you need is an established luxury watch supplier to authenticate your Breguet watch and get its maximum value. If you're selling an old Breguet watch, call our experts at Bob’s Watches to assess your timepiece today!

Which Breguet Has the Best Resale Value?

Some of the most popular Breguet watch models are from the brand’s Marine, Type XXII, and Tradition collections. If your Breguet watch belongs in any of them, expect them to sell high on the secondhand watch market. Let our experts at Bob’s Watches authenticate your Breguet watch and determine its resale value. Count on us to give you the maximum amount for your treasure.

Are Breguet Watches Considered High-end?

Yes, Breguet watches are high-end luxury watches. The brand takes pride in its craftsmanship and designs unique timepieces that appeal to high-end watch collectors and luxury watch connoisseurs alike. From its Marine collection to its Classique line, Breguet produces timepieces that are nothing short of excellence.

Why Choose Bob's Watches To Sell a Breguet Watch?

At Bob's Watches, we value authenticity. We have been in business since 1999, serving as the most trusted pre-owned luxury watch marketplace. Whether it’s about providing a luxury watch for a buyer or giving the best price to a seller, we take our time to make sure you receive top-notch services.

Our team also aims to give you a hassle-free process when selling your Breguet watch. We will not put you through complex and time-consuming procedures just to get the best monetary value for your pre-owned Breguet watch. We will simply assess your timepiece, as we have with many luxury watches for over two decades, and give you the best price.

We are thrilled to be your channel for selling a luxury watch and finding a new owner to take care of it. Since Breguet has decorated the wrists of royalty and renowned artists around the world, rest assured that we will give you a price that matches its colorful history.

Sell My Breguet Watch at Bob’s Watches

Bob's Watches is the best place to sell luxury timepieces if you’re wondering how to sell Breguet watches. As a luxury watch distributor, we ensure that sellers get the best value for their treasure while buyers find the watch of their dreams. Let us appraise your Breguet for an approximation. Get a quote today!

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