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A13313 Breitling Heritate II $2,500Sell
A13320 Breitling Super Ocean Heritage $2,200Sell
A13363 Call For QuoteSell
A13370 Breitling $1,800Sell
A13371 Breitling $2,200Sell
A17331 Breitling $2,000Sell
A17360 Breitling SuperOcean $1,400Sell
A17365 Breitling Superocean $1,700Sell
A23360 Breitling Chronospace $2,400Sell
A24322 Breitling $2,400Sell
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About Breitling

Breitling is one of the few independent Swiss watch brands that have a strong global presence. One of the reasons for their strength and popularity is their ability to reinvent themselves. You see this in the variety of offerings available. They do this while maintaining the highest chronometer certification for time-keeping accuracy.

If you want to learn more about where to sell Breitling watches, read on.

The first Breitling watches made their way to the market in 1884, competing with many brands. Their exploration of numerous ways to innovate their watches was their edge in the crowd. In 1914, they made the first watch with a chronograph activation button situated away from the crown. They improved this further by adding a second button that could reset the chronograph, making its way into markets by 1932.

In less than a decade, Breitling introduced the first rotating bezel with a circular slide rule called the Chronomat. They became a watch known for quality and functionality. Following World War II, air travel became more common. Breitling released the Navitimer, becoming a hit among pilots worldwide. The ability to use a complex slide rule with a chronograph was unheard of before this release.

Breitling became a household name when NASA astronaut Scott Carpenter flew on a mission with it. He wore a Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute. From then on, more celebrities appeared with the Swiss watch brand. Some of the people that carried it include:

  • Miles Davis
  • Sean Connery
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • James Brown

One of the latest innovations from Breitling watches is the three-hand movement. They partnered with Tudor to adopt their MT5612 technology into newer models. It was one of the first major partnerships from watch brands. The partnership was beneficial, as both companies began using technology from each other.

As a result, Breitling elevated itself to become one of the most refined luxury Swiss brands. Not only that, but their ability to produce watches of different makes caters to many enthusiasts and collectors.

Why Choose Bob's Watches to Sell Breitling Watch?

Bob's Watches is one of the world's first pre-owned watch exchanges that allow users to sell, buy, and trade. Our experienced team has the knowledge to identify and authenticate watches from luxury brands. Not only that, but we pride ourselves in being able to offer watches at their fair market value. We are the place to go when selling your Breitling watch at the best possible price.

We know all about Breitling, whether it’s pre-owned or vintage pieces. One of our business philosophies is offering integrity and trust with each transaction we make. We are one of the leading Breitling watch marketplaces, and you’ll find information about each in-demand piece in our catalog.

We created Bob’s Watches to establish a marketplace where everyone could get their desired luxury watches. The pieces in our catalog undergo rigorous testing, and we also maintain, and protect them to ensure they stay in mint condition.

Our team of customer service representatives is ready to answer any questions you may have. We want your selling experience to be one of the best.

Does Breitling Have Resale Value?

Breitling watches are considered investment pieces because of their ability to hold and increase in value over time. Their price changes depending on demand, rarity, and condition. Many collectors and enthusiasts desire Breitling because they have some of the most stylish designs on the market. There’s often a Breitling that matches your taste well because of the variety offered.

Apart from that, Swiss watches tend to use the best materials possible. This ensures durability and longevity. A properly maintained Breitling watch can service you for decades without an issue. As such, you’ll often find Breitling watches with the resale value, especially in online marketplaces like Bob’s Watches.

What Is the Most Sought After Breitling?

Breitling's most expensive watch isn't a wristwatch but a pocket watch. The Grande Complication features a modern take on an old design. According to its specifications, it has over 700 moving parts inside. You’ll get various features with it, such as:

  • Moon phase tracker
  • Minute striker
  • Perpetual calendar

In 2021, it had a price tag of $280,700, and may have increased slightly since then. You’ll find the watch with a beautiful 18-karat gold finish.

The next most expensive watch goes back to a more classic design, though it’s highly extravagant. It's called the Bentley Flying B J28362, valued at over $255,000 in the market. It comes with an 18-karat white gold finish, surrounded by diamonds. There were only 50 watches made, which is why it demands such a high value.

Next in value has a similar design style with the Bentley Collection Model R4436563/E516 fetching a price of over $232,000. Unlike the Flying B, it has an 18-karat gold finish featuring diamonds throughout the watch.

Are Old Breitling Watches Valuable?

Breitling watches are some of the most well-known luxury timepieces. Many of them retain value, provided you care for them well. Some can even increase in value, depending on their demand and rarity. Some models can last for decades, with others well out of the reach of the average collector.

One reason they have high value is that Breitlings are very stylish. There will likely be a design that matches you well. The brand also uses the best materials possible and does not shy away from using expensive gems or metals when necessary. Because of their reliability, many people see them as investments to buy and hold. They can be alternate commodities with different markets from stocks.

Remember that value is always closely tied to its condition. Some collections have higher prices than others. For example, the expensive Bentley and the Avenger collection come to mind.

Which Breitling Has the Best Resale Value?

You may be looking for a Breitling watch to add to your collection that maintains a good resale value. This depends on popularity and demand. Some would argue that limited edition Breitlings will have the best resale value over time, but they’re not easy to come by. Some recent models are catching people’s attention and have even increased their value over short periods. Here are some you need to look out for:

Premier Heritage Duograph

While it is a watch you can buy today, the Premier Heritage Duograph has a unique feature that rarely appears in Breitling watches. It has a rattrapante which allows you to read two elapsed times simultaneously. The duograph also features a beautiful design with three chronographs in different colors.

Premier Bo1 Norton

The Norton is a limited-edition collaboration piece endorsed by Steve McQueen. It promoted the Birmingham motorbike brand, a supplier of vehicles during World War II. Finding one in good condition may fetch you a high price, and the design has a military feel that makes it stand out.

Endurance Pro

The Endurance Pro is Breitling’s take on sporty designs with its lightweight chronograph, intended for athletes. The watch is available in vibrant colors, like bright orange, and the material is one of the first of its kind, developed by Breitling to be significantly lighter than stainless steel.

How Long Does a Breitling Watch Last?

Experts maintain that a Breitling can last indefinitely as long as you keep it well-maintained. Breitling watches are durable but require service from the brand every five years. Breitling has parts for older models stored for around 25 years. Beyond that, they may have alternatives, but changing some aspects of the timepiece can affect its value, for better or worse.

Breitling watches are often handed down to the next generation, which is a testament to their durability. Maintenance is necessary because they will keep your watch in the best condition possible. Here are some things you can do to maintain it before bringing it to service:

  • Cleaning: Removing excess dust and grime.
  • Rinsing: Breitlings can last underneath salt or chlorinated water, but they experience more wear. It's best to rinse them under a gentle stream of water and dry them quickly.
  • Use a care kit: Breitling has a care kit that helps maintain its leather straps.
  • Have several straps: Rubber straps or metal bracelets can last longer than leather ones. It’s good to have alternates to keep everything in good condition.

Breitling's are beautiful watches that last forever with proper care. You can add it to your collection and resell it later if needed. Whatever your need, you can easily sell or trade them at Bob’s Watches.

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