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01 733 7730 7153-07 8 24 Oris Aquis Titanium Date Call For Quote
01 733 7747 4354-07 5 17 30 Divers Sixty-Five stainless steel 36mm Call For Quote
01 751 7761 4164-07 8 20 08 Oris Big Crown ProPilot Big Date Black Call For Quote
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About Oris Watches

Bob's Watches lets you sell your Oris watch for its maximum resale value. We are the leading pre-owned luxury watch marketplace online. Luxury watch enthusiasts can either buy pieces for their collection or sell some of theirs for the best price.

You can sell Oris watches of any kind and in any condition. We aim to be your trusted destination for selling vintage or contemporary luxury watches. You can expect transparent methods in maximizing your watch’s value.

We have a team of luxury watch experts standing by to evaluate your Oris watch. Since we only include the finest pre-owned watches in our collection, you can count on us to authenticate yours correctly. We want you and the next owner to be happy with the watch. Get a quote today!

Oris watches have a rich history and undeniable value. They are neither too plain nor too extravagant. Instead, they deliver a level of luxury in every model, featuring a unique balance that any watch enthusiast recognizes.

As a brand, people associate Oris with its clever and thoughtful designs. Whether you look at their coin-edged bezels or chunky integrated bracelets, you will notice how these luxury watches combine the best parts of being unorthodox and conventional.

Any Oris watch that you plan to sell features a well-executed Swiss caliber. This way, whoever gets the watch in the future can rely on the timepiece even if it is pre-owned. Trust Bob's Watches for all your luxury watch-selling needs!

Oris Watches Through the Years: An Overview of the Brand’s History

Here is a timeline of some of the most significant events in the history of Oris as a brand:

  • 1904: Paul Cattin and George Christian founded Oris in Hölstein, Switzerland.
  • 1925: Oris grew into a company with six factory facilities and over 300 people.
  • 1927: Jacques-David LeCoultre became the President of the Oris Board of Directors after George Christian passed away.
  • 1938: Oris conceived the Big Crown for pilots to operate watches easily while wearing leather gloves.
  • 1952: Oris launched the Caliber 601 as the first automatic watch that displays hours, minutes, and small seconds. Its 12 o’clock position features a prominent power reserve indication.
  • 1965: Oris released its first dive watch featuring Arabic numerals.
  • 1970: ASUAG (later knowns as the Swatch Group) acquired the Oris brand.
  • 1982: Past proprietors Dr. Rolf Portmann and Ulrich W. Herzog had a management buyout to reestablish Oris as we know it today.

Oris Watch Collections

Oris has a diverse catalog of luxury watches. Each collection has well-rounded models. At the same time, every model may feature design variations that separate them from the different eras of Oris without taking away from the brand’s signature luxury stamp. Any Oris watch you own categorically falls into one of four key groups. Here’s a glance at each one.

Oris Diving Collection

Oris watches in the Diving Series are functional timepieces with waterproof features. As the name suggests, manufacturers created them with divers in mind. Luminescent hour marks and clock hands make it easy to tell time underwater.

Popular models in this collection include the Diver’s 65 and the Aquis. The former utilizes the design of the brand’s original diver watch from the 1960s and features retro-style Arabic numerals. Meanwhile, the latter is a contemporary dive watch with modern innovations, including a depth gauge and a chronograph.

Oris Culture Collection

Oris offers a range of dress watches under its Culture Collection. You will find traditional round cases and stylish rectangular models. Clever designs with skeletonized calibers also exist for watch enthusiasts who like seeing the inner machinations of their timepieces at work.

The Artelier and the Rectangular are under the Oris Culture Collection. The Artelier features multiple complications or functions beyond telling time, including a 10-day power reserve. The Rectangular has vibrant, decorative, and functional watches featuring stainless steel and leather.

Oris Aviation Collection

The Aviation Collection is Oris’s take on the ideal pilot watch. Models in this collection give wearers everything they need to tell time correctly wherever they are in the world. Oris Aviation watches have a signature oversized crown, which historically made it easy for pilots to handle their watch while wearing gloves.

This collection includes the ProPilot and ProPilotX, which are contemporary iterations of the Big Crown. Neo-vintage collectors will appreciate the Big Crown as it features Oris’s signature style and design. Meanwhile, modern collectors who fancy innovative luxury watch designs may find ProPilot and ProPilotX appealing for their collections.

Oris Motorsport Collection

The Motorsport is no longer on the official list of Oris collections. However, it remains a valuable contribution to watchmaking and exists in the pre-owned luxury watch market. As such, yours may be valuable if you decide to sell.

This collection includes Chronoris models, which feature vintage-style timepieces that pay homage to Oris’s 1970s tonneau-shaped case design. Another series of models emerged from the Williams F1 team sponsorship of the brand.

Does Oris Have Resale Value?

Oris has about the same resale value as the average luxury brand on the pre-owned watch market. Remember, watches are products, not investments. They may lose a percentage of their value as soon as you use them.

Only a few exceptions can hold their original value or even appreciate in rare cases. However, they will still depend on how exclusive the watch model is. Oris also has a few vintage pieces that are no longer in production.

These pieces are likely to generate some kind of income if you sell your Oris. Be sure to let a luxury watch expert assess your watch if you plan to capitalize on your timepiece. Get a quote today!

What Is the Most Sought-after Oris?

Luxury watch collectors may seek the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Calibre 403. Oris has constantly produced this watch model for over 80 years and remains completely captures the brand’s design.

Another is the Oris Divers 65, a stunning Swiss automatic watch that can withstand up to 100M of water resistance. Although this model is a contemporary one (first released in 2015), it remains faithful to the brand’s diver watch roots.

Are Old Oris Watches Valuable?

Yes, old Oris watches are valuable if you plan to sell yours. However — like many luxury watch brands — they might not appreciate or maintain the value as a used item. Regardless, they are still valuable because of their high-quality materials, durability, functionality, and overall reliability as luxury wristwatches.

In addition, specific Oris watches are likely to be extremely valuable to someone who collects luxury timepieces. Discontinued Oris watches sell for thousands of dollars on the secondhand market. Our experts at Bob’s Watches can assess yours and confirm whether it is a retired model. Get a quote to determine your Oris’s value today!

Which Oris Has the Best Resale Value?

The Oris watches that might offer the most value on the secondhand market are the limited edition or retired models. Still, other watches from other collections are likely to fetch a good price among luxury watch enthusiasts. If you want to sell your Oris watch but are unsure about its resale value, let our experts assess it for you!

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How Long Does an Oris Watch Last?

Oris builds its watches to last a lifetime. Any authentic Oris watch is sure to function efficiently. You can bet that any timepiece you find in the secondhand market maintains good performance.

If you plan to sell your Oris watch but are concerned about its performance, let our experts appraise it for you. As a luxury timepiece, it is still valuable, and you can count on us to put the best price on it. Get in touch with our luxury watch experts today.

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Why Choose Bob’s Watches To Sell an Oris Watch?

You would expect luxury prices for your luxury timepiece. Even if it is pre-owned, your Oris watch carries value, and we intend to give you the maximum amount. At Bob’s Watches, we strive to be authentic at every stage of buying and selling luxury watches. We make sure that you get the best price for your watch, and the next person to buy it is getting a certified luxury timepiece.

Bob’s Watches has been in business since 1999. With over two decades in the industry, we proudly serve as an established and reliable marketplace for pre-owned luxury watches. If you have an Oris watch that you want to exchange for its highest monetary value, let us assess your piece with our hassle-free and time-tested method. We are glad to be the bridge between luxury watch enthusiasts. Contact us today for a quote.

Where Can I Sell Oris Watches?

Bob’s Watches is the most trusted marketplace for luxury watches. If you are wondering how to sell Oris watches, look no further than our established services. We understand how you only want the best value for your watch, and we intend to give it to you. You can also trust that whoever will end up buying your watch in the future is a reliable owner. Allow us to appraise your Oris watch today!

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